April 18, 2011
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Q: I added a patient to H+Pro, why are they not in H+Signature?

A: If a patient is added to the scheduler but does not show up in the billing system, contact IPC. Not staying synchronized between the two systems indicates an issue with the interface between the two databases and will require Healthpac's intervention to locate the problem and resolve it.



Healthpac releases regular scheduler updates to add new features, fix "bugs" in the system and improve current functions. IPC meets frequently with Healthpac to let them know what is working well for our clients and what isn't. Consequently, your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to revisit a few topics and learn about a few of the changes included in the newest update.  

New Feature: Signature Scheduler Abandon List

The Abandoned Appointments List is a list of current or future appointments that do not fit into a particular time slot on the schedule. This is either because the appointments were scheduled outside of the range of available slots, on a day the department is not open, or the department's schedule was changed. This feature is most useful for finding appointments that need to be rescheduled after a department's schedule has changed. It can also be checked on occasion to ensure no appointments were accidentally scheduled on non-available dates or times.  


Additional Version 2010.34 features:

  • Individual payment receipts now include credit card reference numbers
  • Added field to credit card manual entry to ask for card holder name, which will print on receipt if entered
  • Insurance for an appointment will no longer be set to primary automatically. It will now be set to the "default primary" which will change if the patient's primary insurance is changed. The default insurance may be overridden by using the drop-down options. 

Refresher Course: Blocking Time in Scheduler

Time can be blocked in one of two ways:


1.  As an appointment for a "fake" patient, in which case you would block out the time just by creating an appointment for a fake patient with a name such as "MEETING" or "HOLIDAY" and unblock it by canceling that appointment or set of appointments. This is usually the easiest for people to work with quickly.


2.  As a new template for that day. In this case you would create a template (in Scheduling Templates) with an "Effective Date" and "Effective Thru" of the day you want to block, and select an appointment type with description of what is happening, such as "HOLIDAY" as an appointment type for all of the slots. You can "unblock" or erase the template that is being used to block out time by going to the Scheduling Templates page, go to the "Load Template" box and select the department and date you want to unblock, and click the "Edit" button. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the slots that load are for your holiday, meeting, or vacation schedule and not your active schedule or you could risk "throwing away" the department's schedule. Now DE-select any days of the week that are selected and save the template, this effectively "erases" the template.




Offices using scheduler will begin using CardChoice once their registration is complete. CardChoice is a secure, low cost option for payment processing that adheres to credit card privacy laws. There is no installation process, and the integration is automatic.   


Offices will receive simple instructions by email and a card swiper (a ready-to-use-device that plugs into a USB port) by mail. Batches do not need to be closed, and there is no real maintenance.


Please contact IPC with any questions.  

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