March 31, 2011
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Practice Fusion 




Surescripts: Certified eRx Software  


ONC-ATCB Certified Product List  


EHR Incentive Program Registration  


OWCP Developments 

Practice Fusion
PFPractice Fusion is a free, web-based module EHR certified by Drummond Group, Inc. They plan on becoming certified as a complete EHR by June 30, 2011. Medicare will not count e-prescriptions completed prior to the software's complete certification. Their "live in five" program allows providers to start using the EHR within less than 5 minutes. Training and support is included, and easily accessible. Click here to attend a live training session.


Allscripts is a free, CCHIT certified e-prescribing software. Allscripts improves patient safety and reduces time spent on documentation, transmission, billing and phone calls. The process is as simple as selecting a patient, medication, SIG & destination. Webinars are available every Tuesday at 12:00pm. Click here to get more information.


Coding Alert
The US Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) will no longer accept the use of consultation codes ranges 99241-99245 and 99251-99255 for outpatient and office settings. Any line items submitted with these codes will be denied and return stating "The requested procedure is not a covered service".




Over 3 years have passed since the $789 billion ARRA stimulus package was signed into law. If your practice is planning on purchasing an EMR (EHR) in order to receive stimulus money, IPC may be a resource to you.  


We have attended EMR demonstrations with a number of national vendors, including Epic demos at Spectrum and Metro Health hospitals. Furthermore, we are in the process of testing Practice Fusion, a free EMR, as a possible vendor for interested clients. 


If there are additional vendors your practice is interested in learning more about, and you would like IPC to attend a demonstration, please let us know. We will continue to review vendor options in future newsletters.


For questions, or for help getting started, contact IPC. 

Medicare EHR Incentive Program 

To qualify for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, the provider must attest (report) to meaningful use for 90 days during the first payment year.

Key points to know

*  Participation is voluntary

*  Penalties for not adopting begin in 2015    
*  Program does not include Medicare Advantage Plans

*  Registration opened 1/03/11; attestation opens 4/18/11
*  Payment is made annually by CMS

*  Payment amount differs depending on the year
*  Incentive payment is taxable

*  The type of system used, or how much it costs is
   irrelevant as long as the system is ONC certified
*  Providers can receive both PQRS and EHR incentive
*  Providers can't receive the eRx incentive payment if
   participating in the Medicare EHR incentive program


Webinar: Choosing between Medicare and Medicaid incentives and the registration process, Elizabeth Woodcock, 3/29/11.

E-Prescribing Penalty

A penalty has been introduced for 2011 that will affect Medicare payments in 2012 and beyond. Eligible professionals will be penalized if they do not report, via claims submission, the minimum required number of e-prescribing reporting events. A penalty of 1% will be assessed for all allowed charges for professional services covered by the Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule during 2012.  


To avoid penalties in 2012 and 2013, eligible providers must report the e-prescribing code, G8553, at least 25 times on their Medicare claim forms. To avoid penalties in 2012, at least 10 eRx must be reported by June 30, 2011. To avoid penalties in 2013, an additional 15 eRx must be reported by December 31, 2011.  


Our original memo stated Practice Fusion and Allscripts were the only known free programs available to meet the eRx requirements. After further clarification, we believe Allscripts is the only free program that completely meets Medicare requirements. Click here to read more

eRx Penalties for Not Adopting
(based on Medicare Reimbursement)

  2015             1%
  2016             2%
  2017             3%
Beyond       4% to 5%

Understanding the basics of Medicare's Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program, American Medical Association.

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