March 10, 2010
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Beech Street Corporation

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Meet Our Staff: Julie
Julie is a Certified Professional Coder who has more than 8 years of medical billing experience and has been an IPC employee for more than 2 years. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and taking in the occasional hockey game.

Curious about EMRs?
There are several Electronic Medical Record systems available for use these days. Because each system offers something different, we have researched and compared a few of the most popular EMRs. Stay tuned for a newsletter highlighting what we have found!


Some of our clients have seen patients with insurance cards that say Beech Street or Multiplan (and possibly other networks) as well as the name of one of the companies listed below.The companies below are not licensed to sell insurance in Michigan and providers who accept these patients may not be paid. Look closely at the patient's insurance card. If you see one of these carriers listed on the card, advise the patient that this is an unlicensed insurer and tell them to contact the Michigan Attorney General's office. Beech Street and Multiplan are legitimate networks but the plans below are fraudulently using their logos on the ID cards. We encourage our clients to carefully examine each card and contact IPC if you have questions.



Beech Street Advisory 

Beech Street Corporation is not contracted, is not affiliated with, and does not otherwise have any business relationship with the following entities. Any solicitations by these companies involving Beech Street are unauthorized.


* Access Health Now Affinity Health Plans  

* AIM Alliance Association  

* Health American Consumer and Business Association  

* American Trade Association (ATA)  

* Americans for Affordable Healthcare  

* AmeriCare Health Best Benefits Now  

* CEO Clubs Congressional Health Plans  

* Consolidated Workers Association (CWA)  

* Health Care America (HCA)  

* National Alliance of Associations (NAA)  

* National Alliance of Benefit Services Association (NABSA)  

* National Alliance Healthcare  

* National Association of Business Leadership (NABL)  

* National Healthcare Association  

* National Trade Business Alliance of America (NTBAA)  

* National Trade Business Association  

* Pinnacle Health Savings/ Pinnacle Health Solutions  

* Professional Benefits Consultants (PBC)  

* Real Benefits Association 

* Smart Data Solutions, LLC (SDS) of Tennessee 

* Star UK  

* United Benefits of America, LLC (UBA)  

* United Health Alliance (UHA)  

* US Contractors Trust (USCT)  

* Viking Administrators, LLC   

MultiPlan Advisory

MultiPlan, Inc. is not contracted, affiliated with or engaged in any business relationship with the following companies. Any solicitations by these companies or others like them involving MutliPlan are unauthorized.

* AmeriCare Health 
American Trade Association, LLC (ATA)
* CEO Club Benefits
* CEO Clubs, Inc.
* Healthcare America
* HealthFirst Plans/Health Enroll
* Pinnacle Health Solutions/ Pinnacle Health Savings
* Real Beneftis Association
* Serve American Assurance, Ltd
* Smart Data Solutions, LLC (SDS) of Tennessee
* Viking Administrators, LLC
* WebSmart Health 


A TRICARE Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a limited network of providers who are approved to treat PPO patients. Very few physicians are eligible for TRICARE PPO participation. If a patient is part of the PPO program, other physicians will NOT be paid for their services. Before scheduling an appointment, verify the patient is NOT in the TRICARE Preferred Provider program.

TRICARE does not require authorizations for office visits. However surgeries and other procedures may require an authorization. After the patient meets their out of pocket expenses, TRICARE pays the Medicare fee schedule.

TRICARE is always a payer of last resort. Therefore if a patient has insurance, that carrier must be billed before Tricare.  

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