May 13, 2011
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Carrier Filing Limits
OIG Compliance Livecast

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OIG Livecast
Scheduler Questions?
IPC employee, Julie Cavanaugh, will now be taking calls pertaining to the scheduler. Julie has been training with Kristen, as Kristen has been presented with a new career opportunity. Julie looks forward to becoming more involved with the Scheduler program.  



E-Prescribing Reminder
Remember - the deadline is June 30, 2011 to report your 10 e-prescribing encounters that will allow you to avoid the 1% penalty in Medicare payments in 2012.   




As we head into summer, we have been notified of a few small changes being implemented by third party payers and we've listed those below.  But we also want to alert you to a change that IPC Billing will be dealing with for the remainder of 2011.   Every health care provider, supplier and insurance carrier in the nation must convert their  software to the 5010 HIPAA transaction standards.  This affects every type of transaction the practice would engage in - eligibility checks, demographics, charges, claims filing, payment receipt and posting  - in other words, everything IPC does for you.  The implementation of 5010 standards is in preparation for the even bigger transition to the new ICD10 coding system that will go into effect in 2013.


Another Carrier Shortens Filing Limit
Commercial carriers have been shortening their filing limits. The latest is CIGNA which has reduced the number of days between date of service and claims filing to 90 days. At least one payer has a 60 day filing limit. Please submit your charges to IPC as soon as possible after the service is rendered - especially if you're a surgeon. Don't give away your services because you put off your coding. Payers deny for "late filing" and, unless there's a good excuse (dispute over which payer may be primary), they will NOT approve them retroactively.
Compliance Plan for OIG Information
OIG is offering a free livecast on May 18th at 8:30 A.M. to 1:00 PM.

Hear from the Office of Inspector General and other government experts as they educate local health care providers, compliance officers, and their legal counsel about the realities of Medicare fraud and the importance of implimenting an effective compliance program.
  • Get the Facts. Understand the law and the consequences of violating it.  
  • Make a plan. Cultivate a culture of compliance within your health care organization.
  • Know where to go. Learn what to do when a compliance issue arises.    

If you are unable to view this livecast, a recorded video will be available for you online. Don't wait too long, as this will only be available until May 31st.   


Here's the link: http://www.oig.hhs.gov/heat/ 

BCN Transitions to EFT

BCN and BCN Medicare Advantage payments will be deposited directly into your bank account beginning June 10, 2011.  Please alert your accountant that an entry will appear on the bank statement.  It will be delivered to the same account that was designated for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan electronic funds transfer.

Professional Training

IPC Employee, Jen Stauffer, surgical coder, attended the following:
  • 5/10/11 MSMS Surgical Orthopedic Coding and Billing Seminar in Novi 
Please let us know if there are any upcoming events your office is interested in attending with IPC.
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