2010 Volume 2 Issue 7

September 29, 2010
Issue No. 1
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Important Reminder
Selecting Departments
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You may have noticed that you are no longer able to change patient demographics. This will in no way interfere with entering new patient information (name, DOB, address, and phone number). However, if patient information needs to be updated or corrected please contact IPC with the new information. We document all account changes and the smallest alteration can have an effect on billing and collections. Please contact us with any questions.
Important Reminder
Please remember to search by at least two criteria before adding a new patient. You can search by

Name: last, first
SS#: 123-45-6789

Duplicate accounts are often created when a person searches by only one criteria. This may occur from a mispelled name, a typo, an incorrect DOB, etc. Therefore it is best to double check the accounts before adding a new patient.

Healthpac releases regular scheduler updates to add new features, fix "bugs" in the system and improve current functions. IPC meets regularly with Healthpac to let them know what is working well for our clients and what isn't. Consequently, your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to learn about a few of the changes completed in the last update.

Selecting Departments in Appointment Book
This was the "big feature" for this update - a new way to select individual departments, and the ability to re-order departments that are selected. When you only see the "Daily" and "Multi-Day" options, it means you are currently in a Linked view mode. If you look at the department selection box toward the bottom left of the window, you should see each department that is selected in bold. If you double-click a bold department, it will change to normal non-bold text and will be deselected. If you only have one department selected it will give you all of the regular single-department options (Daily, Detailed, Multi-day) and as soon as you select a second department (the old drag-and-drop still works, or double-click any unselected department) it will change to linked view.

The other functionality remains the same - you can still click a department's name in the header of the appointment book grid to select just that one department. You can still drag-and-drop departments from the selection box to the grid. You gain the ability to select and de-select departments at your will and the ability to re-order departments that are selected in the linked view (drag-and-drop within the selection box, you'll see them re-order in the grid). The only negative I've found is that if you want to jump from one department to another, rather than just double-clicking the department you want to jump to, you have to also double-click the one you're on to de-select it.


David Runnion
Programmer Analyst
Healthpac Computer Systms Inc
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