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August 17, 2010
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Meet Our Staff
Michelle has been working A/R and entering charges for IPC since September 2009. She  is a native of the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. She moved to Grand Rapids from Buffalo, NY, when her husband was offered a professorship at GVSU. In Buffalo, she worked as a medical secretary for a retina surgery practice. She has a BA in Anthropology from Empire State University. When not working, she enjoys spending time exploring the Grand Rapids area with her 3 year old son.


Please take a moment to read the following articles.

Updated Guidelines for Collecting Copay and Deductible Amounts
BCBSM has previously published recommendations regarding the collection of copayments and deductibles from their members. Due to an increase in the number of members who have coverage with high deductibles, they've updated the guidelines for the collection of applicable cost-sharing amounts as follows:

Collecting cost-sharing amounts, such as copayments and deductibles, at the time of service, registration or admission does not violate Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's participation agreements as long as the amount collected is not more than the member's liability.
-For elective or routine services, health care providers may insist on payment of known member liabilities at the time of service, registration or admission.
If it is later determined that there was an overpayment, providers must promptly refund the overpayment to the member.

Providers are not permitted to mandate that members provide credit card information in order to secure any future balances. However, members may voluntarily choose to do so.
Our participation agreements prohibit waiving member cost-sharing. This includes offering discounts on member cost-sharing for prompt payment or other reasons that reduce member liability. The only permitted exceptions, as stated in our participation agreements, are for hardship cases that are documented in the
member's records or when reasonable collection efforts have failed.

The Record, July 2010
Auto Insurance Reminder
Specific information is required before an auto insurance claim can be filed. Please verify the claim is active, obtain a claim number, date of injury and adjuster name. It is also important to know if the auto insurance carrier is primary or coordinated with the patient's health insurance. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Healthpac Scheduler Hints
There are a few settings that are essential to Healthpac scheduler functioning properly. Please refer to the following if you are experiencing any problems:

Compatibility View must be turned OFF
-In Internet Explorer 8 select the
Tools drop-down menu
-You should see a broken image next to the option 'compatibility view'

If you feel like scheduler is running slowly check the following:
-Is your internet connection slow or problematic? If so, this can cause scheduler to run slowly as well. Can you load webpages that you have never been to before?
-Try rebooting the workstation just in case there is a problem causing it to run slowly. Even if the computer in general does not seem slow, Internet Explorer may be "clogged."
-Toolbars like Google Toolbar and Yahoo Toolbar really slow down scheduler.To uninstall a toolbar click the down arrow next to the toolbar's wrench icon. Select Uninstall from the drop-down menu. Click Uninstall.
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