2010 Volume 2 Issue 2
June 24, 2010
Issue No. 1
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H+Signature Updates
Medicare Payments
BCN Revised Fee Schedule
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H+Signature Scheduler Updates
H+ Signature Scheduler releases regular updates to enhance features based on the feedback we provide. In the newest update, you may notice the following:

1.  Added upload date to card scans in Patient Demographics

2.  Balance and Copay in bold font on Detailed schedule print out

3. Added "Other" phone number option to New Patient Short Form

4.  Changed "Print Followup" option from "OK" and "Cancel" options to allow printing "Current and Future", "Future Only", or "Full History" of appointments for a patient

5.  Added Cancel and Reschedule buttons to the Appointment Maintenance window

6.  Curser now defaults to Patient Name rather than Account Number in New Patient Short Form since Account Number is auto-generated by default

7. Minor bug fixes

Please take a moment to read the following important updates.

Medicare Payments
No matter what you read on the MSMS or CMS websites or what you receive in your listserv emails, WPS Medicare - our Medicare carrier - has NOT released any June payments. That is not their "official" position but it is reality. This includes EFT payments scheduled for Friday, June 25th.

Many of our clients may soon be facing a cash flow crunch.

We will continue to keep you up to date as more information is known.

Professional fee schedule revised effective July 1
A revised BCN professional fee schedule goes into effect July 1. The BCN Behavioral Health Services Fee Schedule is not impacted at this time.

Consultation codes no longer reimbursed for commercial BCN members

As part of the revised fee schedule update that goes into effect July 1, 2010, Blue Care Network will no longer reimburse consultation codes for commercial members. Procedure codes *99241-*99245 and *99251-*99255 will be denied as not payable services effective July 1, 2010.

All consultation services should be reported with the following evaluation and management codes: *99201-*99215, *99221-*99223 and *99304-*99306, as
applicable. Follow-up visits by the physician in the facility setting should be billed as subsequent hospital care visits for hospital inpatients and subsequent nursing
facility care visits for patients in nursing facilities.

BCN Provider News, July-August 2010
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