2009 Volume 1 Issue 7 
October 8, 2009
Issue No. 1
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Card Scanners
Technology Survey
Why Not PQRI?
Computer Security
Attention Scheduler Users!
Signature Scheduler gives you the option of uploading license and insurance cards directly into IPC's billing system, saving time and paper! 
We recommend the 800DXN by MedicScan.  Contact rachel@ipcbilling.com for more information.
Survey Alert 
Look for our technology survey to be delivered via e-mail Tuesday, October 13th.

This issue is full of helpful hints to improve your office.  Don't miss out on increased revenues with PQRI and added computer safety with adware and spyware prevention.  Also Signature scheduler users can save time and trees with card scanning technology.
Why Not PQRI? 
PQRIAs physician revenue gets squeezed, why not consider participating in the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) as a potential source of revenue? Successful 2010 PQRI participants will be eligible for an incentive payment equaling 2% of their total Medicare Part B allowed reimbursement for all covered professional services furnished during the reporting period.
Read More about increasing revenue with PQRI.
Spyware & Adware
If you experience unwanted pop-ups and your internet browser opens to an unselected web page, you may be infected with spyware and/or adware. Spyware sends information from your computer to another destination on the Internet without your explicit consent. Information sent from your computer could be harmless ("cookies") or it could be very harmful if personal or financial information is sent. If you are infected, your computer could become sluggish, unstable or it may even connect to the Internet on its own accord.
Unlike viruses and trojans, you may be giving permission to install the spyware/adware but not know it! Spyware permission requests are often obscure or buried in End User Licensing Agreements - that small print that appears before you do a download but you almost never read. Once infected, you may not know when your information is being released from your computer because most firewalls won't interfere with it being sent.
The majority of adware/spyware is designed to monitor your online shopping and surfing habits. That information is then sold to advertisers who believe you are the type of person who will buy their products. Adware may trigger unwanted advertising pop-ups on your PC and is usually bundled with freeware such as Gator (a program that automatically fills in online forms) or WeatherBug.
How can you protect yourself from spyware and adware? First, before you click "OK" to download software, read the fine print of any End User Licensing Agreements or security permission pop-ups. Most adware/spyware programs install with other software and it will end up on your computer unless you read the fine print and "opt-out." Our next issue will show you how you can review your browser's add-on settings and install freeware to prevent and detect spyware/adware.
PQRI Continued
PQRIPQRI is a voluntary quality reporting program for eligible professionals who care for Medicare patients (Original Medicare only; not Medicare Advantage). For those quality measures you select, your records must document that you meet the quality standard. Here's a sample measure for ophthalmologists:

Cataracts: Comprehensive Preoperative Assessment for Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens (IOL) Placement Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with a procedure of cataract surgery with IOL placement who received a comprehensive preoperative assessment of 1) dilated fundus examination; 2) axial length, corneal keratometry measurement, and method of IOL power calculation; and 3) functional or medical indication(s) for surgery prior to the cataract surgery with IOL placement within 12 months prior to cataract surgery. 

There is no enrollment or application process for PQRI. You simply begin reporting a PQRI companion code for each encounter you bill. The companion codes are different for each quality measure. There are additional qualifying requirements for participating with PQRI but most IPC Billing clients have several measures that apply to their specialty. IPC Billing will bill the companion PQRI code along with the other CPT codes for that visit. Payment of the 2% will be made the year following the reporting period year and must be reported to IPC Billing for posting.

We strongly suggest that you review the instructions, measure specifications and complete list of PQRI measures at the following website: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/pqri/. Your specialty society may also have resources to help you make the decision whether or not to participate.
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