2009 Volume 1 Issue 6
August 31, 2009
Issue No. 1
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Billing System Training
Security Tip 2: Firewalls
HealthPac Pro Training
Our conversion is complete!  Thank you for being patient with us throughout the process.  We will be holding on-line training courses for both HPro and the Scheduler.
HPro: Wed. 09/02/09 9:00am EST and Thurs. 09/03/09 1:00pm EST
Scheduler Q&A: Thurs. 09/03/09 9:00am EST
Contact rachel@ipcbilling.com with any questions and to RSVP
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In this issue we highlight recent changes to HIPAA
and continue our computer security tips with information on firewalls.  Don't miss the important updates in the side bar at left including information on how you can learn to use our new billing system.
FeatureHI-TECH Act Changes HIPAA
Every six months, we clean out our store room and all paper files are shredded or returned to you. We also make two digital backup copies of all client files. One copy of each CD is stored off site and the others are given to you. This year we have increased security and password encrypted all files before burning them to CD.
Later this week you will receive backup CDs of your charges and receipts for July 2008 through December.  Those will be sent by courier or mail. To view the CDs you will need a password, which will be e-mailed to either you or your office manager. Instructions for viewing these files will accompany the password.
Click here to read how the HI-TECH Act changed HIPAA!
HIPAA Security regulations require organizations with Protected Health Information (PHI) on their network to protect this information from unauthorized access via the Internet. Firewalls assist in fulfilling this requirement by acting as a network's security fence against hacker attacks and unnecessary Internet traffic. Firewalls can be actual hardware appliances, software or a combination of both, that are configured to block data from certain locations while allowing relevant and necessary data through. Your IT provider should be periodically checking your network's firewall to ensure that it is active and providing the level of security needed for your organization. You also have the option of activating the Windows Firewall on your PC (found in the Control Panel option of Windows). This may give you an additional layer of protection for your home PC as well.
IPC's firewall is only one piece of our security arsenal. Firewalls offer little protection against email-borne viruses and spyware. In the next issue, we will discuss free software available to assist with blocking spyware and malware.
HITECHAct HI-TECH Act continued
Why the increased security you ask? The new HITECH Act, part of The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), includes significant changes to HIPAA. One of these changes requires that in the case of a breach of "unsecured" Protected Health Information (PHI) the individual patients and the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services must be notified. If more than 500 patients' information is leaked - which would be the case if your backup CD got into the wrong hands - the local media must be notified. By encrypting these files they are considered "secured" and these notification requirements do not apply.
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