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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!



Audrey Dupree-Sealey, PhD, FNP, RN
The NYSCENA 2012 train has left the station:

The NYSCENA met January 23, at the Albany Hotel for our first quarterly meeting of the year. The day was filled with excitement as the old members graciously embraced the numbers which enhanced the success of the meeting.

The legislative day on January 24 was equally exciting and informative. Emergency nurses met with their respective state representatives to advocate for issues which greatly concern all emergency nurses throughout the state: Safe Staffing, Workplace Violence, Traffic and Road Safety, Mental Health and the Effects of Concussion Related to Sport Injuries. I personally met with my state legislator, Senator John Sampson of the 19th Senate District, who was very attentive to the issues presented and promised to follow up on them. We have started on the right track and hope that many more will join the train ride as we seek to improve the emergency care of all New Yorkers and embellish our practice as frontline professionals in the endeavor to truly make a difference for all people.

I would like to acknowledge our immediate past President, Mickey Forness for all the hard work that she has done. Thanks for being my mentor and preparing me for my role as President. Quincy Adams describes a leader in these words: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader". Mickey you have certainly demonstrated all these qualities. Thanks for being the leader you are.

So let us endorse our organization, improve our practice, advocate for our patients, and demonstrate that we are trulystretcherside nurses.

All aboard!



Western New York Chapter of ENA needs assistance!
Joanne Fadale's home

Long time member and past President of ENA, Joanne Fadale's home burns in February.  Joanne was in Arizona for the winter months but came home after receiving the phone call regarding her home.


She is devastated but will take each day one at a time, the true emergency nurse of flexibility.  Unfortunately, the chapter's equipment that is used in TNCC and ENPC courses were stored at Joanne's home. It was lost in the fire. Western New York chapter is reaching out to all for help in replacing the disposable "stuff" especially anything that was plastic or rubber example airways, tubes, foley caths, IV's, tubing et. They need everything except mannequins as they were kept at another location.


The chapter would appreciate any extra new or used equipment that you would be willing to donate for their TNCC/ENPC course needs. They have a course agenda of May 2012 so the chapter was hoping to gather equipment at the 2012 Setting the Pace conference in April to spare cost of shipping or mailing.


Please contact Cheryl Marcel at 716-773-3292 as she has agreed to be the keeper of the  "needs and received list".


The Western New York Chapter thanks you for your support and help.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sue Chalupa Breese



Setting the Pace 2012!

How exciting to have our complete brochure online!!! Hopefully you have all been planning the sessions you wish to attend and making arrangements at the Holiday Inn, Saratoga for your stay at the conference.


The evaluations from last year indicated to us that offering another stroke education pre session that will meet your NYS stroke certification needs was a must!! Mary Ann Teeter has agreed to again provide this year's lecture and is including new materials and best practice strategies for you to take back to your hospitals.


How lucky we are to have Gail Pisarcik Lenehan as our opening speaker! She has been a friend, a resource, and an advocate for NYSENA for many years and we are proud to support her this year as our National ENA President and hear her vision of ENA today and in the future.


The clinical session topics include pediatric physical and sexual abuse, caring for the homeless, challenging trauma cases, head injury, pharmacology, and triage. Our closing speaker is Lisa Wolf, a favorite of many attendees at state and national conferences for her knowledge and lecture style (she is funny and practical)!


You will see more about the conference through the web. If you have attended in the past, bring a first time attendee with you and receive a prize. Meeting the ENA president is a great opportunity for our newer nurses and student nurses. Encourage them to come and student nurses can apply to win a free conference registration. Take advantage of the group registrations. Plan to meet our vendors and get new product information


Remember, we are going green this year, so be sure to check the web site frequently and BE SURE WE HAVE YOUR HOME E-MAIL, as some messages are blocked.


Most importantly, come to have a good time, to reenergize, to learn, to strategize, to renew your ENA friendships, and to relax in beautiful Saratoga.




Call for NYSENA Awards Nominees  

Each year, the current president elect issues a call for nominees for our various annual awards. This year we are again encouraging you to submit nominees for the awards we will present in April at Setting the Pace 2012. The criteria are listed below. We have had many qualified winners over the years. Just take a look at our Website!!! (and if you can help us fill in the blanks, please do so.)


My challenge to you is to consider nominating someone for the awards!!! You do not have to be active on the council to be nominated or to nominate a qualified recipient. Every day we work with peers who have demonstrated their skill and commitment to our patients, to our education, to our specialty. Often, they do not consider themselves special in any way, but we recognize them silently for what they have done. It is the "silent part' we need to overcome. At work, we are addressing with our patients what constitutes "outstanding care" as we encourage them to respond to our surveys. Our patients can define that care. Why can't we!!! We also know of others who have supported the mission and goals of NYSENA, through advocacy, support of time, and other activities. They also deserve that recognition. Read the awards listed below for NYSENA and send your letters of recommendation to me by March 20, 2012.




Recognizes an ENA member who has demonstrated excellence in the education of nurses or others in the area of emergency nursing.



Presented to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to NYSCENA and helps to promote the ideas of emergency nursing through various special projects.



Presented to an emergency nurse who is recognized by his/her peers for consistently being knowledgeable in emergency nursing and for presenting him/herself as a caring professional

individual, reflecting the integrity and commitment of the woman in whose memory the award is given...the co-founder of ENA, Anita Dorr.



This award is given to an ENA member who promotes collaboration between prehospital care providers and ENA through various activities and projects.



Recognizes a NYSENA member of less than 4 years who has made a significant contribution or commitment to a chapter or the NYSENA council. One letter of support must be from a chapter president or member of the NYSENA council.



Given to non members of ENA, who have assisted ENA in any variety of special activities.


And after you complete your nominations for New York State, look at the Awards Section for ENA on the national web site. There is even a section called "tips for nominations".  


Recognition of others is often overlooked. It takes a little time to write the letter. But the result is incredibly satisfying for the author and the nominee!


Kathy Conboy

162 Matthews St

Binghamton, NY 13905-3866




By Mickey Forness


Once again as our annual conference approaches, we are planning one of the most fun filled events. The basket raffle will again be held to raise funds for our contribution to the ENF for the sponsoring of the 911 scholarship.   Some of the exciting items we have had in the past include, Broadway show tickets, iPod, custom made jewelry, and the coveted coach bag. We challenge all chapters and individual members to bring a basket to the event. The prize must be picked up at the time of the event. If you can't attend, ask a person who is attending to purchase your tickets and collect your prize. Thanks to all who have supported this event in the past and we look forward to your continued support.




Be sure to get your tickets for the Quilt for our 9/11 fundraiser.




Designed by Jacquie Glendinning, the quilt entitled "American Valor" measures approximately 66" x 81"


Tickets are available for $5.00 each from:


Rosa Waldroff    
144 Dikeman Rd 
Pittsford NY 14534






You have a spectacular educational opportunity, apply for a Scholarship and attend Setting the Pace 2012- New York State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association conference!


The New York State Council Emergency Nurses Association (NYSCENA) will hold its annual conference, Setting the Pace 2012, on April 19 and 20th at the Saratoga Springs Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs, NY. The educational offerings include: Emergency care for the homeless, Understanding pediatric abuse, Critical assessments in trauma care, Concussion- more than just a bump on the head, 10 ways to get fooled in triage, Raising a red flag- high risk drugs in the ED, just to list a few. We would like to invite nursing students to attend this conference, both as an educational experience and as a means of networking and introducing students to emergency nursing. The conference brochure containing registration information can be found on our webpage.


The New York State Council provides a limited number of scholarships to students who wish to attend. (Students must be in an initial nursing program). The scholarship covers the registration fee of the conference. To apply for the scholarship, a student must send a letter indicating his/her interest in the conference and in emergency nursing. The student also needs to include a letter from a faculty member indicating that the student is a suitable candidate and would benefit from attending the conference. Both letters should be mailed to Sue Chalupa Breese - 48 Winding Brook Drive, Fairport NY 14450-2655 or emailed to sbreese@rochester.rr.com by April 5th. A committee will review all candidates and awardees will be notified by mail and/or phone.



5 WOWS' for State Leadership   

By Mickey Forness


New York State has been selected to serve as a panelist at the upcoming Leadership Conference in New Orleans. The topics under discussion are the special "WOWs" ongoing in the state. New York will be represented by State President Audrey Sealey.  


The WOW' that she will be discussing include: the annual awards luncheon at the state conference with awards: for Education, Ginny Hens EMS award, Special Recognition award, Anita Dorr award and our new award for the Rising Star; a membership renewal for each chapter awarded during Emergency Nurses week; the provision of 2 scholarships to nursing students to attend our state conference; our increased contact with our members through constant contact including our conference brochure, newsletter, membership survey, and holiday greetings; and the biannual legislative day held in January with our state legislators to discuss issues of importance to emergency nurses.  


It is an honor and privilege to present our special projects in collaboration with Past National President Diane Gurney.

Call for all 2013 Council Officer Candidates 

The State Council is looking for candidates for officers for 2013. All of these positions provide leadership and networking opportunities that may not be available to an emergency nurse at their daily employment. As a member of the Board of Directors, you can help to shape the future of emergency nursing practice both on a state and national level.


Qualifications for all positions

Be a member in good standing of the New York State Emergency Nurses Association. It is recommended that the candidate be an active member at either the Chapter or State level.


The positions to be elected are:


President-elect (Three year commitment)

The President -elect is a one year term, with the commitment to continue on as the President and then the Immediate Past President. The responsibilities of the President elect include:

  •  Serve as the Parliamentarian for the quarterly State Council meetings.
  • Serve as the Chairperson of the Awards Committee.
  • Assist the President in the day-to-day running of the organization.
  • Attend at least 75% of the State Council and Board of Directors meetings,
  • Serve as a liaison to chapters and committees; provide advice and guidance as needed.

Director at Large (Two year commitment)

As a Director-at-Large, the individual would be expected to:

  • Attend at least 75% of the State Council and Board of Director meetings.
  • Assist the President in the day-to-day running of the organization.
  • Serve as a liaison to chapters and committees; provide advice and guidance as needed.

                May serve as the Chairperson of a State Council standing committee.

Send any nomination to Mickey Forness 118 S. 19th St Olean NY 14760 or email at  mickeyforness@yahoo.com  


 Other links of interest...   

 NYS Considers Developing Advance Practice  


Upcoming TNCC Courses - Statewide Listing


Upcoming ENPC Course - Statewide Listing 


 Phyllis Parker Retires as Communication Chair. 


After serving as Editor of the Setting the Pace Newsletter for the past 5 years, Phyllis Parker has decided to retire from the position of Communications chair.
Phyllis Parker
Phyllis has set the bar high for future Editors; She has been extremely helpful and patient during this changeover, ensuring a seamless transition.

Her dedication to the importance of communication throughout the organization is evidenced by the time and effort she put into the NYSCENA publications. Phyllis will continue to work with us as an advisor and mentor.

We wish Phyllis well in her retirement.


Please submit any suggestions or articles to:


Dawn MacMullen at enadawn@gmail.com 


Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com 


                       Watch for exciting new changes with the Newsletter!


2012 New York State Officers


President - Audrey D. Sealey, Brooklyn-Staten Island dr.sealeyphdfnp@yahoo.com  


President Elect - Kathleen Conboy, Southern kconboy@verizon.net  


Secretary - Sandi Tetler, Lower Hudson  enasandi@tetler.net  


Treasurer - Rosa T. Waldroff, Genesee Valley  Pijny48@aol.com  


Treasurer Elect - Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier MaryEllenJennison@uhs.org  


Immediate Past President - Mickey Forness, CHATT  mickeyforness@yahoo.com  


Director at Large - Virginia A. Hebda, Genesee Valley  vahny46@frontiernet.net   


Director at Large - Sue Chalupa-Breese, Genesee Valley sbreese@rochester.rr.com     





April 19-20 - Setting the Pace 2012 Conference-Saratoga Springs, NY


April 21 - Council Meeting, Saratoga Springs


August 25 - Tarrytown


September 11-15 -National Annual Meeting and Conference-San Diego, CA


October 13 - Binghamton


For planning purposes, please contact the NYSCENA secretary, Sandi Tetler if attending any Council meeting at enasandi@tetler.net.


All New York State members are welcome to attend the meetings.  Bring a friend!


Thank you for spending some time with us today.