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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's first electronic newsletter.  We are proud to be taking this initiative to provide our members with a state of the art, cost effective, and environmentally responsible alternative to our past issues.  We hope you will find this format easy on the eyes, simple to navigate and still note our rich content you have come to expect.  Please feel free to respond with any comments, feedback or suggestion help us evolve this medium as we move forward.


2011 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE - Mickey Forness


Collaboration, The Name of the Game in Emergency Care


Collaboration is the art of cooperation to accomplish safe appropriate care. With the concern for patient centered care, the need for collaboration has become ever more important. Our interaction with our colleagues is very far reaching, beginning with our EMS partners, ED physicians and Consultants, and ED coworkers, nurses, techs and clerks. Our work could not be completed without the ancillary services of radiology, lab and cardiopulmonary. The support services of environmental services, maintenance, biomedical and dietary are also necessary to provide excellent patient care.


In this age of data driven decision making, the information systems department has become vital to our daily operations. Several other groups also interact with us on a regular basis, including transport, care managers and pastoral care. We must work with all of these providers and develop a cooperative working relationship to enable us to provide the best possible care we can for each patient we encounter. How to maintain that positive working environment is a daily challenge.


An easy way to develop and maintain relationships is to just say "Thanks" when any of these folks provide a service to us or our patients. When including our colleagues in educational offerings, it is amazing how much cooperation we can get when everyone understands the whys of what needs to be done. A brief note to the supervisor of a coworker who has done a great job will reinforce our teamwork. And never forget the positives of food; a tray of cookies to another department will assure great camaraderie.


I would like to personally recognize all our colleagues because without these other team members our job would be next to impossible. I also want to express to each and every ED nurse that you stand in the middle with the patient to coordinate all these activities.No one is more skilled at maintaining this process than an ED nurse.


During EMS week, May15th to 22nd, let us extend a special thanks to this great group of our colleagues and recognize them for all the work they do.

Setting the Pace 2011

Kathy Conboy, Conference Chair


Many thanks to all who attended the conference!! We had a record number of attendees at the conference and pre-sessions, and over 50 first time attendees. Our speaker and program evaluations indicate that we succeeded in providing you with a conference that met your educational needs AND allowed you a chance to have some fun, win some baskets, contribute to the 9/11 scholarship fund, and enjoy the Saratoga Springs area!

You can log on to NYSENA.org and enjoy pictures from the conference!!


My thanks to all of the council members who assisted the conference committee and especially those on the conference committee: Jill McLaughlin, Barbara Clasen, Mary Ellen Jennison, and our AV champion Bob Breese.


My thanks also to our speakers for providing us with important and stimulating evidence based education. In keeping with our continued "Going Green" efforts, here are their e-mails if you wish to contact them for more information.


Stroke:                        Mary Ann Teeter                      mmat217@aol.com    


Managers Forum:        Laura Giles                             lauraagiles@verizon.net 

                                    Mary Ellen Jennison               mary_ellen_jennison@uhs.org 

                                    Suzanne Pugh                        spughrn@gmail.com              

                                    Carleigh Gustafson                 cgustafson@lenoxhill.net                  

                                    Maureen Hardiman                 mhardiman@lenoxhill.net 


Legal:                          Edie Brous                              EdieBrous@aol.com 

Pediatrics:                   Stephen Gomez                     stephen_gomez@uhs.org 

Forensics:                    Carole Boutilier                      cbout612@gmail.com 

Bariatrics:                    Kathleen Carlson                    KKCARLS@aol.com 

Geriatrics:                    Linda Scheetz                        scheetzl@newpaltz.edu 

Customer Service:       Deb Delany                            debdelrn@yahoo.com 



Our exhibitors and chapter sponsors are recognized in this newsletter as well. They are incredibly important to our conference in our effort to keep the cost reasonable for those who attend.


Work is already under way for Setting the Pace 2012. We will again be in Saratoga Springs, so save the dates - April 19 and 20, 2012!!! We are extending our call for speakers to June 1. We will be providing some one hour sessions as well as our usual lectures. We need your input, and I encourage you to go to our Web site -NYSENA.org to give us your ideas for conference topics and future locations. Is there mandatory education you would like? Are we meeting your magnet status goals? Your feedback is important!


Annual Awards Presented at Conference Luncheon 

The New York State ENA annual awards were presented at a luncheon in the Bookmakers restaurant in the Holiday Inn on Friday, April 8,2011.  The presentations were made by Awards Committee Chair and President-Elect Audrey Sealey and President Mickey Forness.


Recipient of the Special Recognition Award was Michelle Ford, RN, who was not able to attend.  Receiving the award for her were Cheryl Marcel and a friend, Dave Marciniak, her nurse manager from Sister's Hospital in Buffalo, who contacted her on her cell phone so she could hear the presentation.

Special Recognition Award.


Judith Jax, Nassau Queens Chapter, Injury Prevention Chair for the NYS Council received the Education Award for excellence in the education of nurses and others in the area of Emergency Nursing.


Judy Jax, left, receives Education Award

The Ginny Hens EMS Award was presented to Coleen Vesely, Mohawk Chapter, who is EMS Chair for the NYS Council and who has been a liaison to the New York State office of EMS for many years.


Coleen Vesely, center, receives EMS Award


Ivy Budhai Henry, Brooklyn Staten Island Chapter, received the Anita Dorr Award, presented to an emergency nurse who reflects the knowledge, integrity and commitment of Anita Dorr, the co-founder of ENA.


Ivy Budhai Henry, center, receives Anita Dorr Award



Congratulations to all the award recipients!


Bring a Friend - I Did. 

Now that I have gotten your attention, let me explain. I am lucky enough to be in the best profession in the world, nursing. The icing on the cake is that I get to practice this in the Emergency Department. Unless you do what we do, you do not understand why we love it so much. Yes, I have the bladder capacity of 3 people. Yes, I look at complete strangers and think "great veins". The ER nurse makes things happen; we get things done and we make a difference.



The ability to do this efficiently was not learned overnight. Every nurse remembers the first time we had to touch a patient when we were nursing students. Remember the first day on the unit after passing the boards. That was one scary time! I know we can all look back and remember the senior nurse that made a difference for us. That nurse became a mentor. Mentors smiled when we did well, frowned when we did not, but they had a way of doing all of that in a way that made us learn. I have been a nurse since 1995 and full time in the ER since 2002. My mentor, my hero, was a nurse named Dan who worked in the CTICU at Stony Brook University Medical Center. A day does not go by that I do not treat a patient in the way that Dan taught me. When I precept, I do it the way Dan precepted me. He made such a difference.


Where am I going with this? In April I went to the "Setting the Pace" Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. These conferences are wonderful. They give you a chance to hear great speakers, socialize with nurses from other facilities, and have some well earned fun. You hear this often, "Wow, they have the same problem at their hospital."

What made this conference more exciting for me than previous ones is that I brought a friend. As an older nurse, I marvel at the talent of many of the new young nurses entering our field.  I know they are different from us. I know if they do not text someone every thirty minutes they go into withdrawal. We are lucky to have many of these talented nurses starting their careers at Stony Brook. So when I asked if anyone wanted to join me in Saratoga, I was thrilled when one of our young superstars, Lisa Prager, stated that she would love to come. This is the same nurse who borrowed my program from last year's national conference to see what a conference is all about. So off we went to Saratoga Springs and I was bringing a friend. During the three hour drive up, I just listened as Lisa spoke of all the exciting things she is learning in the ED and what her future plans are. We went to all the presentations. I introduced her to many other senior nurses from other facilities in NY.  She joined over 20 of us for dinner at Hattie's Chicken Shack and looked on with amusement as these older nurses had a tad too much wine.

During the conference, I looked around and noticed there were many experienced nurses but there did not seem to be many of these young superstars. We need these younger nurses to keep emergency nursing moving forward.

If you read the ENA Mission Objectives, number 8 states, "To encourage interaction and mentorship among emergency nurses."

I am proposing to NYS ENA and maybe even to National ENA, to start a program, "Bring a Friend". I challenge you, the next time you go a conference, seminar, or even an important meeting, "Bring a Friend".

Trust me, if you bring a friend you will learn as much as they will.

Lawrence Loewy, RN, CEN, CCRN


Conference Basket Raffle a Huge Success 

The annual basket raffle held at the Setting the Pace conference was a great success.  Fundraising for the ENA Foundation 9/11 scholarship fund totaled more than $3100.  The selection and variety of baskets reached new heights this year.   Just to mention a few of the more than 75 raffle items were wine baskets, several lovely pieces of jewelry,  the usual lovely Coach bag, an ENA membership renewal for 5 years, a lilac tree, a nano and many others.


Thanks to all those who contributed to this wonderful event and an invitation goes to all members to come and join us next year to participate in all the fun and to raise money for our scholarship.



As first time attendees of the New York State ENA Setting the Pace conference, we wish to extend our thanks to all the conference organizers, especially Mickey Forness, Mary Ellen Jennison, and Kathy Conboy. Everyone in attendance went out of their way to make us feel welcome and we certainly enjoyed meeting our fellow future coworkers from across New York State.


Nicholas Terela and Christina Yoon

We were pleasantly surprised to be included in the welcoming by Kathy "Conference" and quickly felt at home among the many new faces and personalities of the NYS ENA. With the very first lecture, Edie Brous kicked off the event by raising some critical issues that we all face in our daily practice in the emergency department. Both ethically and legally, we as nurses not only have to provide care in a caring and compassionate manner, but our documentation must be consistent with these standards. Even with newer documenting technology, taking care of our patients and providing them with warm and safe care is still and will always be our number one priority. Edie's blend of humor, nursing care, and legal background (in addition to some very entertaining PowerPoint slides) provided us with a perspective that we are not shown in the classroom. This was the first time a nurse encouraged us to think about what our documentation might appear to be in a court of law.


From pediatric toxicology to pediatric behavioral emergencies to triage of the older trauma patient, the topics caused us to perform some outside of the box thinking and briefed us on what kinds of patients to expect in the future.  As healthcare is expected to do more with less, it became increasingly obvious from these lectures that our role will become increasingly more challenging and complex.


We have had the privilege to participate in this year's ENA Conference.The NYS ENA provides a platform for nurses to communicate, network, and support one another as fellow professionals. This particular conference has been a great opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and horizons on emergency nursing practice. We look up to current nurses, and the Emergency Nurses Association as a whole, as role models of the emergency nursing specialty as they continue to lead future generations and advocate on behalf of the public and patient care.


Thank you again to all of the conference organizers and attendees for making us feel welcome.  Your support was refreshing to us as nursing students and confirmed that emergency nursing is a career that we both feel a calling to fulfill.


Nicholas Terela and Christina Yoon
Binghamton University Decker School of Nursing

Congrats Karen & Jim! 

Congratulations to Karen Taggart and Jim Breitwieser from Western Chapter, who won scholarships to attend Setting the Pace 2011 conference in a chapter raffle for  members who attended meetings regularly.


Jim Breitwieser and Karen Taggart


Vendor Thank You 



The New York State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association thanks the following for their generous support of our conference, Setting the Pace 2011.





Medical Staffing Network                                      Hill-Rom


Stanley InnerSpace                                              Genentech


Z-MEDICA                                                          vidacare


DeRoyal                                                               Stryker Medical


Zoll                                                                          Drexel University


Lions Eye Bank At Albany                                   BSN


Cumberland Pharmaceuticals                                Gebauer Company






MidHudson Chapter                                                 Bags, Speaker


Nassau Queens Chapter                                           Closing Reception


Southern Tier Chapter                                             Speaker


Lower Hudson Chapter                                           Student Nurses




Welch Allyn





It is time to submit your proposals for NYSENA Setting the Pace 2012!!!  


The event will be held April 19th and 20th in Saratoga Springs, New York.


Courses may be 50 or 75 minutes in length; keynote presentations are 90 minutes.  Topics should focus on areas of practice for emergency nurses, especially, but not limited to clinical, managerial, advanced practice, pharmacology, disaster, and professional issues. Pre-sessions are also being considered.  


The proposal should include course description, objectives, and outline, and should reflect the speakers experience and past presentations.


The deadline for proposals is June 1, 2011.


Send proposals to:    Jill McLaughlin - jillmclaughlin@optimum.net 



Joy Doser RN, BSN, CEN

Edited by Wende Tefel RN, MSN, CC, CEN


In August of 2005 I decided to follow my friend Wende Tefel into the world of the Emergency Nurses Association. We had both been emergency nurses since 2001 and felt that it was time to increase our professionalism by joining ENA. We strove to become CEN's to show our colleagues, patients, and the physicians we work with the depth of our knowledge and the commitment we have towards emergency nursing. We knew one of the best ways to do this was to join ENA.


Joy Doser,
Genesee Valley President

The next step was one of the hardest to make. In 2006, we joined forces and stepped into the local meeting arena. Each month we met giants in the local and state ENA through the forces of Sue Chalupa-Breese, Sue Knapp, Gwen Williams, and Virginia Hebda in our local chapter, the Genesee Valley Council of NYS ENA.


Although intimidated, we forged ahead and attended the meetings at restaurants, ambulance bases, and area hospitals.During these meetings we learned about the value and benefit of TNCC, ENPC and quickly conquered these courses.  


The support of the other members of ENA allowed us to learn how to contribute to the chapter, and soon we became President and President Elect.


In these roles we have been honored to attend several ENA State and National Conferences, have planned a conference in our area, and have worked with other local councils to bring educational opportunities to our fellow members and emergency co-workers. 


Ultimately we have been privileged to work with incredible nurses, physicians, and EMS providers that we would not otherwise have had the chance to know.  Because of our association with ENA, we both have been able to achieve our goal of becoming CEN's, and now we work towards helping our co-workers achieve the same.  Paying it forward is the only way we can think of to thank all of those who helped us accomplish our goals that began years ago. 


Today we are thankful for the collaboration, networking, and deep friendships that occurred within the Emergency Nursing Association.  Tomorrow we look forward to helping emergency nursing grow, and anticipate the new friendships we will make through the ENA.


Any questions related to this article or interest in ENA please contact Joydoser@rochester.rr.com or Wende.Tefel@rochestergeneral.org.


From the Chapters

Brooklyn Staten Island's conference, "Current Issues in Emergency Nursing Practice" is being planned.  Check their website b-sienachapter.com for more info.  A raffle will be held for a one-year membership and for one free admission to the national conference.  The next meeting will be held on June 16, 2011 with "Sepsis" as the topic.


Central will be hosting a dinner/educational meeting on June 30, 2011 at St. Mary's Hospital, Syracuse. "Induced Hypothermia" will be the topic presented.


Genesee Valley is holding all meetings at the Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Center on Calkins Road in Henrietta on the second Monday of the month.  A Stroke dinner/ conference is being planned.  On June 16, 2011 they will be holding a Health Fair and Child Helmet Fitting.  Seventeen chapter members attended the Setting the Pace Conference in April.


Lower Hudson's conference "All in a Day-Challenges in the ER" will be held on June 8, 2011 with a cost of $75.


Manhattan-Bronx is scheduling a CPEN Review on October 29, 2011.  Click here for the flyer or check out their website at www.nysenamb.org.  


Mark Twain is collaborating with law enforcement officials to develop strategies to decrease pediatric injuries.  A TNCC instructor course is being planned for June.

Nassau Queens held their chapter meeting on April 20.  Their education day, "Emerging Issues in ED Nursing" is being held on Wed., June 8, 2011 at the Immaculate Conception Conference Center.  Contact Mary Schmidt Roth at msr4life@gmail.com for more information.


Suffolk's May meeting was held at Peconic Bay Medical Center with "Medical Missions" as the topic.  The August 181, 2011 meeting will be held at Southampton Hospital with "12 lead EKG" as the topic.  A chapter website is in development.  The Julie Cangro award was presented to Liz Devine from Mather Hospital.  Bicycle helmet and safety classes are on going at UHSB.


Western had a membership drive, resulting in 22 new members.  A CEN Review is being held on May 16 - 17, 2011 in collaboration with Genesee Valley.  Based on attendance at local meetings, members will be eligible for a drawing for registration to the national conference.  The topic for the June 8, 2011 meeting is "Asthma" and for the August 10, 2011 meeting is "Mercy Flights."


Call for 2012 NYSCENA Council Candidates  

The State Council is looking for candidates for officers for 2012.  All of these positions provide leadership and networking opportunities that may not be available to an emergency nurse in the course of his/her regular employment.  As a member of the Board of Directors, you can help to shape the future of emergency nursing practice.  


Qualifications for all positions:  


Be a member in good standing of the New York State Emergency Nurses Association   (NYSENA).  It is recommended that the candidate be active in his/her Chapter and/or at the State Council level. 


The positions to be voted on are:


President -Elect (Three year commitment)


The President-Elect is a one-year term, with the commitment to continue on as President and then as Immediate Past President.  The responsibilities of the President-Elect include:  

  • Serve as parliamentarian for the quarterly State Council meetings.
  • Serve as Chairperson to the Awards Committee.
  • Assist the President in the day-to-day running of the organization.
  • Attend at least 75% of the State Council meetings and Board of Director meetings.
  • Be available to advise chapters and serve as liaison between chapters, committees and the State Council. 


Secretary (Two year commitment)


As Secretary, an individual would be expected to:

  • Attend State Council meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Maintain records of the meetings and the directory of officers.
  • Disseminate information to officers, chapters and members as directed by the President and the Board.
  • Serve as chapter liaison as directed by the President.


Director at Large (Two year commitment)


As Director at Large, the individual would be expected to:

  • Attend at least 75% of the State Council meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Assist the President in the day to day running of the organization.
  • Be available to advise chapters and serve as liaison between chapters, committees and the State Council.
  • May serve as Chairperson of a State Council Standing Committee.


Treasurer-Elect (Three year commitment)


The Treasurer-Elect is a one year term with the commitment to continue on as the Treasurer for 2 years.  The Treasurer-Elect will work with the Treasurer, who will mentor the individual in managing the financial records for the organization. 


In addition to managing the financial records, the Treasurer is expected to:


  • Meet with the accountant as needed.
  • Chair the Finance Committee.
  • Attend at least 75% of the State Council meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Assist the President in the day to day running of the organization.
  • Publish a financial statement for the membership.


All members are encouraged to nominate candidates. To nominate yourself or someone else, please contact Deb Taylor at ddt1027@verizon.net.   Plan to attend the October 22, 2011 meeting in Newburgh to vote for the candidate of your choice.


2012 ENA National Elections 

The New York State Council encourages all members to vote for our national officers.  All ENA members with an e-mail address on file at the ENA National Office should have received voting instructions by e-mail.  All voting will be done online this year.   


If you have not received information on voting, please contact the National Office Executive Services at 800-900-9659, extension 4095 or by email at execoffice@ena.org. 


Biographies of candidates can be found online at ena.org and are available with the electronic ballot.  Candidates can be asked questions by email by clicking on Meet the Candidates at the top of ENA's homepage.


Voting ends Friday June 10, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. Central time.


Don't forget to vote!


Congratulations to our EMS colleagues



EMS Week is May 15-21, 2011!


You are our "Everyday Heroes."


Thank you for all you do for the sick and injured in our communities.


Upcoming Courses 

Click Here for a PDF for easy printing and sharing.






May 16





May 16

Stony Brook




May 28




June 1&2





June 1





June 4&5

Montefiore, Bronx

Susan McAllen



June 6





June 6





June 10 & 17





June 11 & 12




June 21 & 28

Central Chapter



Sept. 10 & 11

Mark Twain

Mary Ann Teeter mmat217@aol.com 


Sept. 17 & 19

New York Presbyterian

Meg Barry  barryma@nyp.org 


Sept.  29 & 30





Oct. 18 & 19


Tjjmf40@aol.com  716-574-7336 


Oct. 21 & 28

Westchester Medical Center



Nov.  5 & 6

Montefiore, Bronx



Nov. 13 & 14



TNCC  Instructor


June   4


Mary Ann Teeter


TNCC Reverification Course

June  10





May 16





May20 & 21





June 15 &16

Westchester Medical Center







Sept. 12





Oct 1 & 2

Montefiore, Bronx

Susan McAllen



Oct.8 & 9




Sept. 12





Nov. 1 & 2


Tjjmf40@aol.com 716-574-7336

CEN Review

May 16 & 17

Western/Genesee Valley

C. Marcel   716-773-3292

CPEN Review

Oct. 29



CEN Review

Nov. 19-20

Central  Chapter


Trauma Conf.

June 3




Education Day

June 8

Immaculate Conception Conference Center

Mary Schmidt Roth msr4life@gmail.com 

EMS teaching day

Nov. 4






2011 New York State Officers 


President - Mickey Forness





President-Elect - Audrey D. Sealey
Brooklyn-Staten Island


Secretary - Sandi Tetler
Lower Hudson


Treasurer - Rosa T. Waldroff


Immediate Past-President - Deb Taylor


Director at Large - Virginia A. Hebda


Director at Large- Mary Ellen Jennison
Southern Tier



August 13, 2011       Doubletree Tarrytown

Call 914-631-5700 for reservations.  Rooms are $114/night.


September, 21 -24, 2011   ENA National Conference

   Tampa, FL   

                                            Check the conference brochure and/or ena.org
                                            for more information.


October 22, 2011    Hilton Garden Inn, Newburgh   Election Meeting

                                Call 845-567-9500 for reservations.  Rooms are $129/night. 


For planning purposes, please contact the NYSCENA secretary, Sandi Tetler if attending any Council meeting at enasandi@tetler.net.


All New York State members are welcome to attend the meetings.  Bring a friend!


Thank you for spending some time with us today.

Please submit any ideas, suggestions or articles to:

Editor:  Phyllis Parker at pparker39@optimum.net. 
(Please submit in MS Word format.)


via the NYS ENA Website.


Deadlines for 2011 newsletters:  August 19 and November 1


Do you have a clinical question?  Send it to us.

One of our expert clinicians will answer it in a future newsletter.




The Communications Committee
NYS Emergency Nurses Association