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News & Events March 2012
Berkshire Grown envisions a community where healthy farms define the open landscape, where a wide diversity of fresh, seasonal food and flowers continue to be readily available to everyone, and where we celebrate our agricultural bounty by buying from our neighboring family farms and savoring their distinctive Berkshire harvest.

turnips HFM 2011 P CherneffBerkshire Grown 
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Photo of turnips from Indian Line Farm at the Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers' Market 2011
by Peter Cherneff
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MMD 2012


"Labor and the Locavore: Social Justice in the Food Movement" Margaret Gray  



Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 p.m. at Williams College

Griffin Hall, Room 7


Wms College Sustainable Food & AgMargaret Gray is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Adelphi University. She will speak on her research in the Hudson Valley, addressing consumer perspectives of local agriculture in light of the experiences of the migrant farmworker community.


This talk is sponsored by the Williams College Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program and the Williams College Latina/o Studies Program.

For more information, contact Brent Wasser, Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program Manager, at or 413.597-4422.





From Crop to Cloth: Evaluating Sustainability in Fashion and the Textile Industry with Rachel Miller

Friday, March 9th 2:00 p.m.

Williams College Weston Hall, Room 10


 cotton textile wms college talk

Rachel Miller teaches about fiber working, the origin of raw materials, and sustainability in textile design.  She will trace the movement of fiber from plants and animals to finished products. She will address the ecological, economic, and social impacts of cloth production and use, compare the impact of natural and synthetic textiles, and suggest ways in which designers and consumers can promote sustainability in fashion. For more information, contact Brent Wasser at or x4422.  


This talk is sponsored by the Williams College Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program and Williams Theater.


Gastronomica and Orion Magazines Present: An Evening of Art, Literature, and Food ~ March 16, 2012  

Williams College Museum of Art, 6-7:30 p.m.
Hosted by Darra Goldstein and Hannah Fries, with Patty Crane, Elizabeth Graver, Francine Prose, Ruth Reichl, and Ellen Doré Watson 

Fee: $10


Walker evans kitchen wall Please register in advance by e-mailing

Join renowned food writer Ruth Reichl, poets Ellen Doré Watson and Patty Crane, and fiction writers Francine Prose and Elizabeth Graver for a savory evening of words, art, and light hors d'oeuvres. The writers will read their creative responses to the same work of art: a black-and-white photograph by Walker Evans titled "Kitchen Wall, Alabama Farmstead" (1936). The reading will be followed by a reception  More details here 



Build a Backyard Chicken Coop,  Basic Carpentry Skills


March 17, 2012   9 am - 3 pm  at the Berkshire Botanical Garden 


chicken coop BBG workshopLearn basic carpentry skills and put them to use building a small mobile backyard chicken coop.  Will Conklin will lead this workshop and introduce basic hand and power tool techniques as well as wood working and project planning skills.  The instructor will focus on the simplicity and satisfaction of proper hand tool use.  Learn the basics of the back yard chicken coop and take away the skills and confidence to build your own coop at home. 
Members: $50; Nonmembers $60 

here to register, or call the Garden at 413-298-3926.



Project Native Film Festival  

Sunday, March 25, 2012  10 am to 10 pm
Triplex Cinema, Great Barrington, MA
Free Admission. Seating is limited.


American Meat 11:25 am

Directed by Graham Meriwether

85 minutes | USA  


American Meat film"American Meat," a feature documentary about a grass-roots revolution in sustainable farming -- starring Virginia's own Joel Salatin and his Polyface Farms -- explains how America arrived at its current industrial system, and shows you the feedlots and confinement houses, not through hidden cameras but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there. The story shifts to the burgeoning movement of farmers, chefs and everyday folks, influenced by Salatin's ideas, who might just change everything about the way meat reaches the American table.


Berkshire Grown is sponsoring the screening of "American Meat," Join us!  

Project Native Film Festival schedule here 


Community Cooperative Farm


Saturday, March 31st  6 PM - 10 PM

 @ Crissey Farm in Great Barrington, MA    $10

Comm Coop Farm hands 

What is CCF?  


"We're a worker-owned cooperative of 7 full-time worker-owners, all between the ages of 18 - 30.  We started from our vision of a social justice through agriculture program, working to restore the commons and create a more just and equitable world by empowering ourselves and our communities to produce healthy food in a healthy way.  Our farm produces completely organic, pesticide-free, non-fossil-fuel dependent, heirloom vegetables, eggs, meats, herbs, teas, grains, breads, and jams," says Alex Freed Man one of the CCF farmers. 


Join a local CSA FARM now!  

Buy a share in a local farm so that you can provide a farmer with the money they need now, while they are buying seeds and supplies, and then share in their harvest throughout the growing season.  Click here for a list of farms, then click on the category 'CSA' to find a local Community Supported Agriculture -- CSA -- farm. Each farm is unique, so call to find out the price of a share and when their season begins. 


VISIT MAP-O-LICIOUS and click on the category 'CSA' to find a farm near you!



What We're  Reading   


What Would Great-Grandma Eat?

by Aaron Bobrow-Strain in The Chronicle of Higher Education here  


White bread

"Thanks to an explosion of socially and environmentally aware food writing, readers in the United States now have access to a great deal of information about the shortcomings of our industrial food system as well as a growing collection of fairly simplistic ideas about how to change it. Nevertheless, very little has been written about the complex world of habits, desires, aspirations, and anxieties that define Americans' relationship to eating-the emotional investments that frustrate reformers and help keep the industrial food system as it is.


"Most foodie discourse assumes that once people have knowledge about the difference between 'good' and 'bad' food, along with improved access to the former, they will automatically change their diets-like a dammed river freed to find its natural course. But what about all the people ...who know and could change, but don't?  Keep reading here 


Aaron Bobrow-Strain is an associate professor of politics at Whitman College. This essay is adapted from his new book from Beacon Press, White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf.


Quick Bites


Berkshire Grown Online Farmers' Marketplace


HFM 11 Maggie's Round cheeseBerkshire Grown created a Facebook page called Berkshire Grown Online Farmers' Marketplace - a central place for Berkshire Grown members to congregate and talk supply and demand. 



Self-propelled by Berkshire Grown members, the page benefits those of you who choose to participate in it. Farmers and food producers can post what they have available, and chefs and community members can comment or contact suppliers directly with requests for product or more information.   

Photo of Cricket Creek Farm's Maggie's Round Cheese taken at the Holiday Farmers' Market 2011.  

Berkshire Grown offers this as a networking service and bears no responsibility for transactions.





 If you are traveling through Massachusetts check out this map, support our local farmers throughout the state!




Howden FarmListings for farms seeking employees and interns; farmers seeking land; landowners seeking farmers; and other farm-related networking needs. Berkshire Grown members can email SHORT postings to the Berkshire Grown office: buylocal(at)




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