Beautiful Gardens Start with Good Soil

A successful growing season begins with knowing your soil. Regular soil testing helps diagnose potential problems before you've invested time and money in seeds and plants that will struggle because of the lack or excess of nutrients and salt, high pH or too little organic matter. It also means you don't waste time and money applying chemicals your soil doesn't need, and helps protect groundwater from excess nutrient runoff and leaching. Early spring is a great time to test your soil.

The Utah State University Analytical Laboratories offer soil testing and provide information to help interpret test results. More information about how to test your soil is available at:
Popular Plant Propagation Classes

There are just two spots left for students in our 2012 Plant Propagation Series, so if you're interested don't delay registering. The series of five classes covers propagation of garden and landscape plants from seed, hardwood cuttings, grafting, softwood cuttings, layering, and budding. The classes feature hands-on demonstrations of various techniques, and you take home the plants you propagate for your own garden.


Cost for the entire program is $200 for the general public and $169 for OBG/USUBC members (see for information on becoming a member). Registration fees include a Felco #2 hand shear, a Victorinox grafting knife, handouts, seeds, cuttings, containers, rooting media and other supplies.


More details about dates and topics for each of the classes, and a link to online registration, are available at 

Events & Classes 

Explore the Garden Family Night

Date: February 27

Location: USU Botanical Center

Time: 6-8 pm
Cost: $3 per person 


Step in out of the cold and tour the USU Botanical Center greenhouse with greenhouse manager Richard Anderson. Learn and practice techniques of planting seeds and go home with seeds you planted so you can watch them grow.


Extending the Garden Harvest Season

Date: March 10

Location: USU Botanical Center

Time: 9 am - noon
Cost: $37 Public/$29 Members of the Garden  

Discover simple ways to protect veggies from the cold and harvest fresh produce year round. The class explores hobby greenhouse designs. Participants will get hands-on experience building a cold frame and will take home a vegetable transplant and Wall o Water.



Fruit Pruning Demonstration

Date: March 17

Location: Boyd Hansen's orchard, 112 S. 3000 W., West Point

Time: 9 - 11 am 

Instructors: USU Extension Staff

Cost: Free


Prune with confidence after learning the art and science of proper pruning practices. The focus will be on apples, peaches, grapes and raspberries. This outdoor event is one of our most popular workshops. Dress for the occasion and come ready to learn.



Propagation Class #2: Hardwood Cuttings

Date: March 22

Location: USU Botanical Center

See story in this issue about the Plant Propagation Series


The second workshop of the series teaches propagating plants such as willows, cottonwoods, grapes, and others by hardwood cuttings. It also covers caring for propagation tools, including sharpening grafting knives.



Fruit Pruning Demonstration

Date: March 24

Location: USU Botanical Center

Time: 9 -11 am
Cost: Free  

Prune with confidence after learning the art and science of proper pruning practices. The focus will be on apples, peaches, grapes and raspberries. 



Basic Pruning 101 -- Waking Up the Landscape

Date: March 31

Location: Ogden Botanical Garden

Time: 9 am - noon  

Instructors: OBG Staff & Master Gardeners

Cost: Free


Our experts are ready to teach you how to choose the correct tools to prune fruit trees, deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, and roses and the proper techniques for pruning. Instruction also includes how to clean up perennials and ornamental grasses for spring. Pruning tools will be available to purchase.

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