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Extension News
August 2009
Utah Rangeland Publication Updated
      "Rangeland Resources of Utah," an overview of Utah rangelands issues, was recently revised, published and made available to the public for free by Utah State University Extension and USU department of wildland resources, in cooperation with the State of Utah Governor's Public Lands Policy Coordination Office.
       Roger Banner, USU Extension rangeland specialist and USU associate professor; Ben Baldwin, coordinator of the Tehabi internship program; and Ellie Leydsman McGinty, USU graduate student, coordinated the project to update the 1989 version of the publication.  
       Their primary objectives were to update data and trends on Utah rangelands and to provide up-to-date information in a straightforward manner, specifically using the major advancements in geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques since 1989.
      "The new, revised 'Rangeland Resources of Utah' is one of the most complete compendiums of rangeland information available," said Charles Gay, associate vice president for USU Extension. "It is a textbook of ecological, demographical and economic information that characterizes every aspect of the state of Utah, its rangelands and their management, and includes an array of spectacular color maps. Everyone engaged in the grazing livestock industry and the stewardship and management of Utah's rangelands will want a copy."
       Baldwin said the team wanted to distribute the report as widely as possible so they created a companion Web site, that allows free downloads of the document and provides additional information about Utah rangelands and how to receive a free hard copy of the publication.
4-H Gets Wal-Mart Grant
        Utah State University Extension's 4-H youth program received a $50,000 grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation to launch "Youth Voice: Youth Choice," a program created by the National 4-H Council to encourage young people to develop and maintain healthy, active lifestyles. The program will address wellness issues such as nutrition, physical fitness and safety.
      "Youth Voice: Youth Choice" participants will work with USU faculty and 4-H volunteers to encourage other young people to live healthy lifestyles, according to Deb Jones, USU Extension state 4-H youth development specialist. Youths are then empowered to create action plans to share with their local county commissioners, school boards, health caucuses and Utah state legislative offices.
      "This grant will allow us to intervene and teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle," said Jones. "Wal-Mart Foundation's support makes it possible to provide wonderful awards for the winners of our recent State 4-H Contests in the Healthy Living categories. Their foundation's support will also make it possible for incentive awards to be available in the Healthy Living categories at the county and state levels in 2010."
       State 4-H Contest award recipients for 2009 include Christie Bunnell and Nicole Packer of Utah County in the Favorite Foods Contest; Sarah Ross of Salt Lake County in the Healthy Cuisine Contest; and Christie Bunnell and Nicole Packer of Utah County in the Chef Extraordinaire contest.
Driver Training Now Available Online
      A new Utah requirement states that all who drive on University business must have driver training every two years. Here is the driver training procedure that can be completed Online:

1.    Go to

2.    View the video.

3.    Take the Online test. The test is challenging -  reference the Utah driver's handbook while taking.

4.    Print the "Certificate of Completion." Keep the certificate on file with your department, as they are responsible for ensuring compliance with the training requirement.

      If you are a new USU driver you must also complete a "Drivers Authorization" form. Send this form and a copy of your certificate of completion of driver training to the Motor Pool at UMC 9000.
Tech Tips: Big File Transfer
From Dennis Hinkamp, USU Extension Communications

       Big File Transfer,, is USU's own program, which is easy to use for emailing files up to one gigabyte. Note that you cannot send a folder of files without first "zipping" it. Most of your computers should have this application installed. Just right hand click on the folder you want to zip and select "send to," then select "Compressed (zipped) folder". The zipped folder will appear in the same location of the original folder. The zipped folder is the one you upload to BFT. You do not have to work for the university to use BFT. If you have clients who want to send you large files, you can direct them there. Note that the link to the shared file will only stay active for seven days.
       For those of you who feel your day includes too much technology, Brian Nummer suggests this video made by a colleague at Rutgers University:
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