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Specialist Inducted into SUU Hall of Honor
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April 7-9
AZ/UT Range Livestock Workshop and Tour
Kanab & Hurricane, Utah

April 10-11
4-H Southeast Region Teen Retreat
Heber Valley Girls Camp

April 14-16
Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Preparedness
Logan, Utah

April 14
Rural Business Conference hosted by Senator Bennett
Heber City, Utah
Roosevelt, Utah
Brigham City, Utah

April 21

4-H Mock Legislature
Salt Lake City, Utah

April 30-May 26; Tuesdays and Thursdays
"Business Plans Made Easy" course
Logan, Utah
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Extension News
April 2009
 E.G. Peterson Extension Recipient Announced
      Extension Professor James Barnhill has been named the 2009 E.G. Peterson Extension recipient and will be recognized at the 2009 USU Spring Commencement Ceremony on May 2.
      Barnhill serves as the Extension agriculture agent in Weber and Morgan counties and has been employed with USU Extension for 24 years. He was nominated for the prestigious award by Robert Hill, Ralph Whitesides and Steve Dewey of USU Extension.
      "Based on his many productive years of service to Extension and the exemplary way he has handled his assignments, James is very deserving of this honor," said Noelle E. Cockett, vice president for USU Extension, in the announcement on March 22. 
      Barnhill said that his nomination, alone, was an honor, and he did not expect to be chosen for the prestigious award.
      "I am truly surprised to have been selected and realize that there are many others who are deserving of recognition," Barnhill said. "Extension is filled with wonderful, hardworking people who are driven by a sincere desire to help others."
Specialist Inducted into SUU Hall of Honor
     During Southern Utah University's Founders' Day, March 12, 2009, Dr. James Bowns was inducted into the SUU Hall of Honor during Founders' Dinner.
     Bowns has had a joint appointment with Utah State University and SUU for 44 years. He is currently a professor of forestry and wildland resources at SUU and a USU Extension area rangelands specialist. His portrait now hangs in the Great Hall by the dozens of others who have been inducted into the Hall of Honor since SUU's founding in 1897.
      "I couldn't be more pleased to have that honor," Bowns said. "I have spent hours over in the Great Hall reading who the other recipients were. I have known many of them because I have been here for more than 40 years. I am pleased and honored to be in their company."
New Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet
     USU Extension provides information on energy efficiency upgrades through a fact sheet published in March 2009, written by Michael Dietz, USU Extension sustainable living specialist.
     The fact sheet, "Rebates and Credits for Energy Efficiency Upgrades," is a resource for consumers who are interested in receiving incentives for home appliances and weatherization upgrades. Dietz details many upgrade options available and explains how to get credits entitled to the consumer. To view this fact sheet and for more information on energy conservation, visit the Extension Web site at
ATV Training Scheduled in Juab County
      On April 22, 5 to 8 p.m., USU Extension, Juab County Farm Bureau and the Utah State Parks will sponsor an ATV Certification and Training workshop for youths 8 to 15 years old. The workshop will be held at the Juab County fairgrounds; the cost to attend is $12.
      All who participate in this workshop and fulfill the requirements will meet state law. Enrollment is limited to 25 youths, so each session will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Registration forms and more information are available at the Juab County Extension office: 435-623-3450, 160 N. Main, Nephi.
Extension Marketing Offers Writing Tip: Periods
From Donna Falkenborg and Julene Reese in Extension Marketing and Communications

Terminal punctuation

A period is used to indicate the end of a sentence.
The two agents faced each other in silence. Wait here.

Omit a period at the end of a sentence that is included within another sentence:
The snow (I caught a glimpse of it as I passed the window) was still falling.
Jonathon's reply, "I do not trust that man," was unexpected.


Use a period without parentheses after numerals or letters that enumerate items in a vertical list:
1. weeds                   a.  the Summer Leadermete
2. insects                  b. the July contests

Omit periods after items in a vertical list unless one or more of the items are complete sentences.
If the list completes a sentence, the final period is also omitted unless the items in the list are separated by commas or semicolons.
After careful thought , the committee was convinced that
1. Brown had consulted no one before making the decision;
2. Smith had never heard of Brown;
3. Smith was as surprised as anyone.
Periods with Quotation Marks, Parenthesis and Brackets

Always place quotation marks inside periods except when single quotation marks are used to set off special terms.
Jake replied, "There is no reason to inform the director."
Connary became increasingly annoyed by Donna's "excessive discretion."
Scott had not defined the term 'design element'.

When parentheses or brackets are used to enclose an independent sentence, the period belongs inside.  If the enclosed matter is part of an including sentence, the period should be placed outside the parentheses (or brackets).
Julene insisted on rewriting the paragraph. (I had encountered this persistence on other occasions.)
Mike glanced at his rearview mirror to observe the passenger (the latter had now removed his derby and was twirling it).

Display Lines, Headings and Legends

Omit the period after display lines, running heads, centered headlines, sideheads on separate lines, column heads in tables, one-line descriptions and legends, date line and heading combinations, and signatures.
Recent Extension Publications
    Extension publications are completed frequently. Please take a look at these posted recently.

Showing the 4-H Hunter
Showing Utah 4-H Dressage
Utah 4-H Stadium Jumping
French Tarragon in the Garden
Avoiding Common (Major and Minor) Canning Mistakes

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Extension Career Opportunities
    Professional positions within Utah State Extension are currently open and we would like your help in spreading the word. Below is a list of open positions. Please forward this list to anyone you know who might be interested in applying.

4-H Youth Programs
Intern, Utah 4-H Operation Military Kids (OMK) - Lehi, Utah

Southeast Region
Coordinator II (4-H Teen Leadership/Advisor & 4-H Assistant) - Utah County

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