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Senator Bennett at Rural Business Conference and Extension Webcast
Extension Seeks Content for Web Sites
USU Extension Sponsors Water Users Workshop
Financial Security During Economic Woe
Extension Marketing Offers Writing Tip
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April 7-9
AZ/UT Range Livestock Workshop and Tour
Kanab & Hurricane, Utah

April 10-11
4-H Southeast Region Teen Retreat
Heber Valley Girls Camp

April 14-16
Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Preparedness
Logan, Utah

April 14
Rural Business Conference hosted by Senator Bennett
Heber City, Utah
Roosevelt, Utah
Brigham City, Utah

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Extension News
March 2009
Senator Bennett at Rural Business Conference and Extension Webcast
       Utah Sen. Bob Bennett and the Utah Rural Development Council hosted the 8th annual Rural Business Conference on Feb. 18 in Blanding and Feb. 19 in Moab. The conference was co-sponsored by USU Extension and included several experts from Utah State University. 
      While in Moab, Bennett also discussed national and economic events through a live Webcast co-hosted by the Governor's Office of Economic Development and USU Extension.  To view the Webcast, visit

Extension Seeks Content for Web Sites
       A lot of inaccurate information exists on the Web, and the best way to combat bad information is with good information. Extension has a wealth of information on our Web sites, but we must compete with YouTube and blogs. Please help us compile more content for these sites:
       If you have ideas for video or blogging content, please contact Dennis Hinkamp at or 435-760-0926
USU Extension Sponsors Water Users Workshop
      Utah State University Extension co-sponsors the Utah Water Users Workshop March 9 to 11 at the Dixie Center in St. George.
     The conference is designed for anyone who has interest or involvement in water-related issues in Utah.
     Keynote addresses will be given by John T. Andrew of the California Division of Water Resources and Larry Walkoviak of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Andrew's topic is "Implications of Climate Change and Water Resources Management," and Walkoviac will discuss Colorado River issues. Workshop topics include water rights and legal issues, water conservation and technology, water resources and supply, water quality and others. 
      For further information, visit or contact Hill at 435-797-2791 or Shelley Comendant at 435-797-2802.
Logan Resident Mentioned for Saving
      Utah Saver Isabel Dominguez was highlighted in the America Saves e-newsletter for her savings story.
      According to American Saves, Dominguez, a Logan native, decided to attend free financial workshops after seeing a flyer. After joining the Utah Saves program, she began saving regularly and learned to control her finances. To read her story, visit

Financial Security During Economic Woe
     Utah State University Extension is teaming up with other land-grant university experts through the eXtension program ( to help people manage money during difficult economic times. The eXtension web site entitled "Financial Security: Managing Money in Tough Times" serves as a portal to articles on all facets of personal finance as well as providing a form to ask experts specific questions.  The program was featured on the March 7 NBC Weekend Today Show.
      Utah State University Extension and its affiliates also offer timely financial tools, such as PowerPay debt reduction calculation software, home buyer education, bankruptcy prevention education and agribusiness decision-making tools.  This information is available at all of the 28 USU Extension county offices.  There are also face-to-face classes on financial management currently scheduled in 16 counties.

Extension Marketing Offers Writing Tip: The Uses of an Apostrophe

      From Donna Falkenborg and Julene Reese in Extension Marketing and Communications.

Use #1: Forming possessives of nouns
       The possessive case of singular nouns is formed by the addition of an apostrophe and an s, and the possessive of plural nouns by the addition of an apostrophe only (i.e.,  the horse's mouth, the puppies' tails, the workers' tools, James's hat, Scott's Harley).
       Add 's to the plural forms that do not end in s (i.e. ,the children's game, the geese's honking).
       The apostrophe is never used to denote the plural of a personal name. Plurals of proper names are formed in the usual way by adding s or es (i.e. , five Toms, keeping up with the Joneses, two cold Januarys).

Use #2: Forming Contractions
       The apostrophe is needed if you want to take a shortcut and contract two words, such as do not into don't and I am into I'm, or to leave off the first two numerals on a year, such as a May '08 graduation date.
       Do not use apostrophes for mine, ours, your, yours, his, hers, its, theirs, and whose. However, these words should have an apostrophe if they are used as a contraction such as you're, it's, there's and who's.

Use #3: Forming Plurals of Lower Case Letters
       This is less common simply because we don't often toss around lowercase letters by themselves, and even less frequently need to make them plural (i.e. , lots of c's on the report card, mind your p's and q's).

       For more details on apostrophe usage, see The Chicago Manual of Style, the Associated Press Stylebook and Purdue's Online Writing lab:

Recent Extension Publications
    Extension Publications are completed frequently. Please take a look at these posted recently.

Iron Chlorosis in Berries
Blueberries in Utah? Difficult, but Maybe Not Impossible
Youth City Councils
Avoiding Common (Major and Minor) Canning Mistakes
Guide for Agricultural Extension Agents in Determining the Egg Production Status of Laying Hens

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Extension Career Opportunities
    Professional positions within Utah State Extension are currently open and we would like your help in spreading the word. Below is a list of open positions. Please forward this list to anyone you know who might be interested in applying.

Northern Region
Weber County Camp Director - 4-H Aggie Adventures for Kids
Student Researcher - Salt Lake County

Southeast Region
Middle School Afterschool Mentoring Coordinator

Southwest Region

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