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 a weekly e-mail of interesting articles, funding resources, professional development opportunities and other areas that Cuidiu has come across the previous week related to the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.  Each day we receive hundreds of e-mails, RSS feeds and blog postings and this is our attempt to synthesize all of this into the most useful information for you. We look forward to sharing this information with those who we know closely and those whom we have shared only a relationship through e-mail. 

Please let us know what information you find most useful and please forward this information to your colleagues, board members and friends.  The reason for the name Red Beans & Rice originates from Louie Armstrong and how he signed his letters.  According to some he meant it as a kind gesture to grow stronger.

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Mind Food
Articles and Ideas Advancing Our Work

A New Generation of Social Change, from Ford Foundation
Outlines the foundation's strategies for addressing social justice issues for the next generation, including access to education, economic fairness and opportunity, freedom of expression, natural resources and sustainable development, and human rights.

Recruiting New Teachers to Urban School Districts: What Incentives Will Work
Explores the effectiveness of financial incentives in attracting qualified teachers to low-performing and hard-to-staff schools. Surveys teachers in training on factors in job choices and considers the size of an effective pay incentive and alternatives.

Two Alternative Yet Complementary Conceptual Frameworks for Financing American Education
Outlines strategies to integrate systemic performance-based reform, which assumes that improving the school system will help all students meet standards, and out-of-school interventions, which attempts to mitigate the effects of poverty and other factors.

Katrina: A Forgotten Crisis?
As we embark on the anniversary of Katrina, this article revistis how far we have or have not come.

A Story of Privilege
Overcoming the odds is difficult for victims of domestic violence; this wife and mother is making headway with the help of

What Does Financial Capital Owe Society?
Corporate social responsibility is a worthy goal, but it's no substitute for regulation, subsidy, and government sponsorship of social institutions.

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Resource Nuggets
Funding and Resource Information to Fill Your Tank

20 Funder Networks That Tweet

New Contest Seeks Best Fund-Raising Video
Charities worldwide are invited to compete in a new competition to find the best online fund-raising video.

During Ramadan, Muslim Charities Seek to Build Donor Confidence
Charities are trying to restore donor confidence in Muslim organizations and encourage giving this Ramadan, which began on Friday.

Giving by the Wealthy Drops Sharply in 2009

What are Fundraising Widgets and How Can Non-Profits Use Them?

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Field Stuff
Templates, Books, Tools and Products from the Field
Civic Health Index Finds America in the Midst of Civic Foreclosure

Innovating Toward Excellence: Education Entrepreneurs and the Transformation of Public Education

Rural Children Are More Likely to Live in Cohabiting-Couple Households
Examines the rise in the percentage of rural children living with cohabiting parents and explores the economic factors behind the trend. Compares the poverty rates, education, and employment of rural and urban co-habiters and considers policy implications.

Inspirational Nonprofit Ad Campaign: Rock Beats Paper
Twenty thousand South African women of various ethnicities marched on Pretoria's Union Buildings to protest the Urban Area Act in 1956.

Creating a Technology Team/Advisory Committee

The Stories of Nonprofits Dying

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Checking the Boxes
Information to Help You Look Under The Hood
Share to Win for Causes

"Online engagement is not only for Millennials. In fact, this type of civic engagement opportunity might be especially important during a recession."
Check out

Online Dating Site Promotes 'Flirting in the Name of Philanthropy'

TED on Sunday: Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity
In this funny and inspirational talk, writer Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray Love) considers the creative act and wonders why it is logical or okay "that anyone should be afraid to do the work they were put on this earth to do?"

Interview: Richard Barth, CEO, KIPP Foundation
"The Obama administration has thrown down the gauntlet to educators and legislators to fix an education system that used to be "the best in the world, and no longer is."

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Ted Kennedy

Edward M. Kennedy (1932-2009)

A lion of the Senate, Kennedy died  at age 77. However the stories in the media brush past the details of his death to the magnitude of his life's work--a voice for the those who couldn't speak for themselves or weren't listened to when they spoke. He had his detractors and critics and his fair share of mistakes but the sum of his life was service and no one can deny that.

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