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     Volume 6 Number 7, July 30, 2012


Taking centre stage: CCA youth initiatives

Wherever you go in the world, co-ops and credit unions are pondering issues relating to youth. Remarkably, two central issues pop up almost everywhere - how do co-operatives and credit unions attract young members and can co-operatives offer a solution to unemployment among youth?  This consistency is surprising because the circumstances from one country to another are radically different.  For example recent statistics put the percentage of the Canadian population under the age of 15 years at 16 per cent.  In Uganda it is 48 per cent, in Ghana 38 per cent and in Rwanda 42 per cent.  In this issue of Dispatch we look at two CCA initiatives where youth take centre stage.

Seeing youth through the eyes of youth 
Video technology has changed a great deal over the past few years, it is now possible to shoot excellent videos with digital still cameras.  Two of the CCA interns who have recently returned from the field did just that, offering a glimpse into the lives of young people they met during their time in Rwanda and Cambodia. To watch, just click on the links.
Amizero - Hope for Rwandan Youth 
My Co-op: Sim Chanthou - Cambodia 

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You-LEAD is an innovative pilot program which brings together the Canadian Co-operative Association,  the provincial co-operative associations across Canada, and the Credit Union Association of  Ghana (CUA).  


The program is designed specifically for graduates of co-operative youth leader programs and the 10 participants were selected by the provincial associations.  The participants will gather in Ottawa August 14 for a thorough briefing about the CCA's international work before heading to Ghana to visit co-operatives and credit unions and to participate in a  leadership training session with young people from Ghanian credit unions and co-operatives.  For more information on You-LEAD visit CCA's website coopscanada.coop


International Youth Internship Program

CCA's latest group of youth interns will leave Ottawa to spend a minimum of 6 months working with CCA's international partners around the world.  This year 15 interns will take on assignments in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Cambodia, the Philippines and Peru.  They come with a wide range of skills and education, and will work on gender issues, climate change adaptation, micro-finance and business development.  For more information on the International Youth Internship Program visit CCA's website coopscanada.coop

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