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     Volume 6 Number 2, February 6, 2012

Special International Development Week Issue


Talk it up, Canada!


It's International Development Week (IDW) in Canada, a time each year to shine a light on the work Canadians are doing to end global poverty, and, in particular, empower women and girls to be full and equal members of their families and communities.


Co-operatives, credit unions and their members are at the vanguard of this effort. They share their skills, time and money to help local co-operatives in developing countries build inclusive, lasting prosperity.


Most of all, International Development Week is about Canadians talking to Canadians about the role we as individuals can play in this important endeavour.


This week, International Dispatch puts a human face to the remarkable headway co-operatives are gaining every day of the year  ̶  her name is Gladys Adamu. We offer up some exciting ways you can share your own stories with others, and with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), which leads the Government of Canada's fight against world poverty. Plus, we're sending our Twitter followers daily tweets about cool videos to watch.


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All week long (February 5-11) we'll be sharing videos and stories about co-operatives and their role in developing countries. Stay connected. Follow the Canadian Co-operative Association on Twitter and share your stories on Facebook.


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Use the hashtag #idw2012 to spread the word.


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Share your stories and lend your support by making International Development Week the star of your status updates. Use the text below to encourage others to learn more about International Development Week and the role co-operatives play in reducing poverty.


It's International Development Week in Canada. Share the message! Co-operatives alleviate poverty in the developing world. Visit www.coopscanada.coop/id and re-post if you support international co-operative development. 

This publication is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Cette publication est réalisée avec l'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada accordé par l'entremise de l'Agence canadienne de développement international (ACDI).