Bellevue Middle School PTO
The Teachers' Bulletin - 5th Grade                   March 11, 2012


Here you will find reminders, important information and insight into
what your child is doing in class.
Please read the information provided by the teachers of BMS so you
can stay updated as to what your child is learning in school. 
Mrs. Dozier - Math                    



The third quarter grading period ended Friday and grades are posted on Gradespeed.  If you have any questions about your child's academic progress, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

This week in Math: 
  *  Finding the volume of solid figures 
  *  decomposing irregular shapes and findiing the area 
  *  benchmark geometry unit test Friday, March 16 
Blue Ribbon Student Incentive Program: 
To earn a blue ribbon for the day, students must do the following: 
  *  bring agenda to class 
  *  bring award sheet to class 
  *  bring textbook, math binder, paper, pencils to class 
  *  have homework complete 
  *  be on time and ready to learn by the second bell 
The program is set up for ten days and students must have earned a blue ribbon 9 out of 10 days to participate in the reward program.  The first reward day will be Wednesday, March 18.  Students earning the reward will eat lunch under the picnic shelter behind the school if weather permits.  If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Mrs. Weber - Science          




Chp 4, Ls 2 Vocabulary quiz- Tuesday, March 13

Chp 4, Ls 2 Test-Friday, March 16


Students will have a Spring Break packet/ project. They will receive this the last week of March.

Check your student's agenda everyday.



Mr. Quinn - Math                    


Mrs. Spear-Johnson - Math & Science                   






Mrs. McMahan - Language Arts & Reading                




Mr. Walls - Language Arts & Reading                 


We are narrowing the gap on TCAP time!  This week will look at Author's Purpose.  We will examine how to discover author's purpose in paragraphs and in reading passages.  We will explore how to write for different purposes in our writing journals.  Lesson 10 will be our focus in our vocabulary workbook and we will continue to work on our literature circles.



Mrs. Jones - Language Arts, Reading, & Social Studies               


Language Arts/Reading - As we continue to read Tuck Everlasting, we focus on analyzing the stories' characters and responses to various situations and conflicts.  Our reading skill focus is "Author's Purpose," analyzing and determining a writer's intent based on text clues.  In language, we will revisit how to convert singular to plural nouns in our language (lots of tricky rules to remember).  We visit the library each Wednesday, so make sure students bring items to return to school on that day.

Social Studies - Our focus is the boom in industry and immigration from 1870-1910.  Students will become "virtual immigrants" upon completion of the unit.

Mrs. Tygard - Social Studies           


Students will finish reading Chapter 5, Lesson 2.


All classes will continue working on research for their projects for the Social Studies Projects Fair.  Please ask your students for all the information we have been going over in class.  Mrs. Trenary and I have sent home a timeline of due dates for students to follow...much of this research will be done in class, but some will need to be finished at home.  There is one change on the due dates.  The process paper and annotated bibliography are due March 23.


Topics are due on Monday to be finalized.  We will be sending home a parent letter to be signed on Monday that will tell you what your child has chosen to do as a topic (and has been approved).