Kelleys Custom Creams News, November 2009
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Antique Pink rose
Hey! It's still November for a few more hours.  Myself, I'm getting a bit sleepy so, without
further ado........
Hearing Yourself Think
Concept of the Month
Hearing Yourself Think


We moving toward the Winter Solstice, but the hummingbirds are still out in force in our backyard.  This one was sharing Thanksgiving with us!

Winter is a time, theoretically, to slow down and move within.  A time when seeds are quietly at rest and waiting for the warmth of Spring and Summer to unfold and grow.  It is a good time for us to do the same, even though during this holiday season it may seem impossible to even catch your breath.  However, we do ourselves and our world a disservice when we do not respect the rhythms of nature.  Even a few moments each day to let your mind and spirit communicate with each other can be incredibly helpful and restorative.

Herbs that can help us do this can appear in teas, for example peppermint, lemon balm, pineapple sage, as well as other more medicinally oriented herbs such as skullcap and valerian.  Flower essences are masters of allowing inner harmony and balance to be restored, and although each person has an individual flower that will be most helpful to them, essences such as angelica, dill, lavender, and rose, can be of assistance to all seeking a moment of inner calm.  My favorites at this time of year are always essential oil diffused combinations.  Frankincense and ylang ylang is calming and reorienting.  Rosemary, peppermint and thyme is invigorating and will wipe out sinus problems on top of that.  Holy basil is another favorite for this time of year, being cleansing to the system as well as adrenally restorative.  Sage oil, while it should be used sparingly, is also an excellent oil for this time of lessening light.  It helps "clear the air", so to speak.  Sage and spruce together make a wonderful wintertime combination.  These are all simple things you can do to help yourself and those around you feel happier and calmer!

CONCEPT OF THE MONTH..... heart of the avocado tree
I'm glad I took this picture when I did- the tree has since been trimmed.  Anyway, it's an appropriate image, and conveys my thankfulness to you who read my newsletters and use my products!   Cosmic Cream helps us feel the spirit of that thankfulness and what it is really about- please give it a try this season.  Don't forget to use the discount coupon on the bottom of this newsletter, either! And: THANKYOU.
Be well, safe, peaceful and happy.
Kelley Rico
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