Kelleys Custom Creams News, October 2009
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Antique Pink rose
This is our 12th newsletter, a whole year's worth we've done.   So, even though I'm getting sleepy, it's pretty exciting!  Read on, and we thank you.
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Ayurvedic Herbs
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Ayurvedic Herbs

Holy Basil


The pictures above and below are of my new absolute total favorite herbs! Top picture is of Tulsi, commonly known as Holy Basil.  Next down is Boswellia, commonly known as Frankincense.  The bottom picture is the resin of the Frankincense plant.  (Thank you Wiki for the pictures!)  Both of these herbs, while used extensively in Ayurvedic practice, are not much known in Western herbalism, which is a shame.

Holy basil, Tulsi, is an adaptogen, which means it is a bodily harmonizer.  It is very good for adrenal fatigue, and recuperation from arduous situations.  You can eat it, as you may know if you like Thai food., and this use aids digestion.  The essential oil is outstanding in baths and diffused for reducing stress and inflammation,  It has antioxidant and neuroprotective actions as well as being a protective agent against ionizing radiation, so this is an herb you should definitely look into.

Boswellia serata, or Frankincense is another fabulous herb.  It is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for joint pain, both osteo and rhematoid arthritis.  It is an effective anti-inflammatory, used for bronchial conditions and also for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  I can tell you that this really does work from my own practice.  It is definitely worth trying if you have IBS, for example, because it replaces Ibuprofen as a pain and inflammation reliever without stomach upset.  Frankincense is also a stress reducer when diffused or used in baths, and has long been used in many skin care fomulas, including my WRINKLE CREAM, for its nourishing and protecting actions.  This is another herb worth having in your cupboard!

This month's concept is, of course, Magic.  Batty wishes you the very best of the season, and suggests you investigate the magic in a jar that is Nourishing Night Cream.  It makes those creepy crawlies on your upper arms disappear!  We are also launching a new item on the website:  Visit the shopping page and click on TALK TO ME.  Then, maybe you will!

Blessed Be, as they say.  Enjoy the changing air and colors of the season, and we thank you, as always, for reading.
Kelley Rico
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