Kelleys Custom Creams News, July  2009
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Antique Pink rose
Hello again!  Here we are with our end of the month meanderings.......
One Thing At A Time
Concept of the Month
One Thing At A Time

grape leaf

I have a wonderful book TITANIA'S ORAQLE, which I consulted recently.  I asked it what I could do to make my life happier, and it said: Learn to focus on one thing at a time.  This of course seemed like an impossiblity, after all, I've got a zillion things to do! Right?

But:  This is, in fact, really good advice.  Pay attention to what you are doing, prioritize your tasks and then forget about what is next until you are done with what is here.  Even in Summer, when theoretically we are playing and enjoying ourselves, the truth is we are still working and "multi-tasking" (UGH) and looking into the future.  This can lead to a state of overwhelm.  It is really important to take time to look at the good things around us, take in the beauty, breathe the air.  A few moments of that and you can go back to completing a concrete task.  A good herb to help us with this (besides the obvious ultimate grape application, first stages indicated above) is dill.  Dill is not only wonderful in food as a fresh herb- think potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad, grilled salmon, just to name a very few.  The seeds are terrific too: In tea to soothe digestive issues such as gas and discomfort, as well as in curries and other preparations where they can serve the same purpose.  Dill flower essence is also very wonderful.  It helps with mental overwhelm, is good for allergies and skin issues such as rashes and eczema.  Dill flower essence combined with Nasturtium flower essence and a little Peppermint essential oil in a spritzer can be just the thing for a summer afternoon's doldrums.   It really is amazing what can be done with such humble but magnificent ingredients.  Cucumbers are another wonderful thing that springs to mind.  Good with dill, they are delicious and helpful cut into the shape of your choosing, and put in water with a slice of lemon.  Add some ice and you have a refreshing pick me up that also boosts potassium.

In the meantime,  we can all think about the one thing at a time business.  This may be what Pablo Casals meant when he said, If we do small things every day eventually we will see miracles. 

nasturtium and oregano flowers
CONCEPT OF THE MONTH..... white clover
Food for the soul, dear readers, is this month's concept.  Any product with rose essence or rosewater in it is 10% off through August.  In fact, it is this very rose which is in the creams!  An antique rose, originally from the gardens of Versailles- apparently an enterprising gardener made off with a slip and here we have it, today.  To take advantage of this offer, just order using a Gift Certificate.  We have neither time, space, nor are you interested to hear the harrowing and lengthy  Tales of Shopping Cart Buttons at Kelleys Custom Creams, and how They Were Made To Work.  We do know the Gift Certificate Button works though! So give it a try, and we thank you.

Thank you for reading.   I hope you are all receiving the goodness and seeing the beauty this world has to offer, and that they sustain you during all the...other parts.  See you next month!
Best wishes and blessings
Kelley Rico
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