Kelleys Custom Creams News, June  2009
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Hi, and Happy Summer!  While my berry picking and swimming have been Wildly Interrupted by my Editing Duties, I did finally get this organized.  We've had a few more hurt paws than usual what with racing through blackberry patches, which made us think, and not just about wearing gloves.  So, we both hope this month's newsletter is helpful just in case you've had hurt paws too.
Staying in Your Body
Concept of the Month
Staying In Your Body


Stress is a part of daily life at times.  We all know what happens: Our breathing changes, our pulse changes, our temperature changes, and we can feel pretty cruddy afterward.   At other times, big things happen to and around us and we experience what is called shock.   We actually energetically leave our bodies when this happens, in a sense.  It is a shut out response to trauma.   These experiences can happen any time, and they can have a cumulative effect.   You can be more accident prone, depressed, anxious, irritable, have a less well functioning immune system.  Your spirit, as it were, is not currently at home in your body.  A friend who had experienced a grievous loss remarked that she was aware she was still "not in her body", and wondered how she'd know when she was.  It really made me think about how it feels to be out of your body, and how it feels to be "in it".  There is, indeed, a feeling of calm and entirety when you are all in one piece.  It doesn't mean things don't affect you; it just means that you are connected to You in all the right places.  So, how to facilitate this arrangement when it has been disrupted?

Not surprisingly, plants can help-- truly, herbs can help balance the nerves.  Preparations of chamomile, lavender, rose, valerian, oats, motherwort, and ashwaganda can all help stabilize the system and make it a welcoming place for the spirit again.  Essential oils of lavender, lemon, and last month's profiled Geranium, can all be used to calm the system and unify body and spirit.  Flower essences, while best selected individually, are important helpers: Almost everyone is familiar with Five Flower, or Rescue Remedy.  A bottle of that is a must to have on hand for any stressful incident.  It can also be sprayed throughout a room to help balance the energies there.  Other calming essences, like
lavender, dill, and  angelica, and essences that balance the energies in the body between head and feet, such as some roses and lotus, are excellent aids to pulling yourself together.   Breathing is of course crucial.  Slow down.  Don't react for a minute.  Don't have an opinion.  Breathe evenly and imagine the breath going through your entire body, especially as you check for places you may be inadvertently tensing and holding tightly.

Gentle body work helps a great deal.   When your immune system is stimulated to let go of the toxic memories stored in it, your body is able to air out the living room and let the light in.  Certain kinds of music are tremendously healing and balancing as well.

Patience is key here, too.  We all live with what I believe is way too much stress, and the body gets run down before we know it.  Traumatic events happen and it takes time to recover when they do.   We have to be patient, know our limitations physically, mentally, and emotionally, and respect them.   In doing that, we are respecting others as well, which means we can all feel better!  

There's nothing new in anything I've said here, but sometimes the simple steps we might take are the first ones we "forget", and when something big happens the mind does have a tendency to go blank.  
The plants are our stout friends and helpers in this journey toward balance and wholeness, and the simple things we can do may be a bigger help for us or someone around us than we could ever imagine.

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CONCEPT OF THE MONTH..... white clover
Refreshment, is this month's concept.   Summer has actually commenced!  Your feet need some attention right about now, so may we suggest either the splendid Foot Cream, or the multi-tasking Elixir?  You know what to do!
Thank you for reading, once again.   It makes me happy to know you guys are reading my little missives!  Enjoy the summer days and take care.  And, as in  a book dedication I just read and liked:  Remember, Be Simple, Be Kind.
Best wishes!
Kelley Rico
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