Kelleys Custom Creams News, February 2009
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Hello Everyone:

I bet you thought there wasn't going to be a newsletter this month.  But, as Yogi Berra said, It ain't over til it's over.  And hey! It's still February.  I hope you find this month's information useful and interesting. 
It Ain't Over Til It's Over
Pulses and Ginger
Elixir Cream
Keeping pace with yourself ginger flower
 I've worked on my studies of pulse reading with renewed dedication lately, and a fascinating world it reveals to be sure.  I'm going to quote from some things I've been reading lately, because they're much more clear and to the point than my miscellaneous musings.  The connective tissue here is that pulse reading is often used in conjunction with a practice in plant medicine. (In case you were wondering What The Heck I'm Talking About)
"By itself, the pulse is a remarkable diagnostic instrument, the jewel in the crown of diagnosis.  However...(it) was always meant to be used in the context of looking, listening, asking, and all of the other diagnostic modalities involving touch."
"Prevention depends entirely on an exquisitely sensitive diagnostic scheme which is capable of accessing the process of disease close to its inception.
 The reading of pulses can tell you almost everything about what is going on in a person's body and mind.  The thing is, we can be aware of our OWN pulses without too mucheffort.  You can hear your own heart beating, and feel the pulse when you hold your finger or wrist.  Which leads to my next quote, from AMULETS OF THE GODDESS, by Nancy Blair.
"Make your decisions yourself, based on your personal truth and experience.  At the heart of an inability to decide is often doubt that you have the right to make that decision as it affects your life........When you base your decisions on haste, retreat, fear or desperation, or on someone else's truth or experience, you separate your experience from your essential nature.  You'll feel out of synch with who you really are, (emphasis mine)either racing ahead of your pulse or dragging behind it."
The plant recommended in this particular section of the book is GINGER.
From AROMATHERAPY FOR HEALING THE SPIRIT, by Gabriel Mojay, comes the following:
"Therapeutically, ginger (oil) is essentially warming, invigorating, and decongesting.... Its sphere of action is very wide-- stimulating and tonifying the Yang (or male, expansive) energy of spleen, stomach, heart, lungs, and kidneys....The effect of ginger on the kidneys...also helps to account for its psychotherapeutic actions...
Ginger is the ideal catalyst of Will,...enhancing vital fire." It helps with initiative, self confidence, and accomplishment.
Lastly, from THE FRAGRANT HEAVENS by Valerie Ann Worwood:
"Ginger is a fragrance of valor and courage.  It (gives) a sense of being capable, and strong enough to carry on regardless.....we can utter that one crucial word, or think that one crucial thought, that changes or direction and starts the walk along a new and brighter road."
What this all means, I think, is this.  Especially in challenging times like these, it is easy to be carried along by the crowd, as it were.  But it is more important than ever to listen to the beating of your own heart, your own pulse, so that you keep time with it, and you stay at the beginning of harmony instead of in the middle of disharmony.  If we pay attention to our pulse, we can stay in tune with ourselves and our world.  In that space, great things can be accomplished.  Now would  be an opportune time, to quote Captain Jack Sparrow!   All the plants and flowers have something to offer us, but in this moment Ginger seems to be especially relevant, whether you use it as a flower essence, an essential oil, or in food.  So forge ahead with ginger!
ELIXIR CREAM Clematis flower
I was reunited with Elixir Cream this month and heck.  It really is great.  The cardamom and sandalwood, among other ingredients, really ground and support you.  It is very moisturing and works well in cold weather to keep paws and lips soft and uncracked.  I hadn't used it for a while and I really liked it.  If you haven't already, give it a try.
My goal continues to be to provide gentle, helpful and basic things that make you feel better!  I appreciate your support and as always, if there is something particular you would like, please let me know I'm test driving a new set of misters to help at work and home.  If anyone has a specific need (like a difficult co-worker for example) let me know and I'll see what I can come up with.
Kelley Rico
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