Kelleys Custom Creams News, November  2008
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Dear Friends:

This has been an action-packed Fall season so far!  This month's newsletter has some botanical  tips I hope you will find interesting and useful for staying happy and well through the coming Winter.  Thanks for reading! and as always, if there is something you'd like to see information about, please let me know.
Botanical Tips for Winter Health
How To Keep Your Head When All Around You Are Losing Theirs
Winter Specials
How to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs heart of the avocado tree
 Keeping my head is always a bit of a challenge,  but I received an unexpected jolt of help recently, which made me think of all the small ways we can help ourselves to stay in balance.  I was lucky enough to hear a Native Elder speak this past weekend about just this, keeping your head, and being a good human being.  He talked about the air (which is our breath), the water (which is largely our body), fire (the sun which generates our energy), and the earth (our Mother).   Respecting these elements and keeping them in balance are what keep us whole.  The first part of keeping one's head is really paying attention to who and what we are.  Luckily, the plant world is there to support us on our way.

A good, tried and true helper is Eucalyptus.  As an essential oil, it helps us to feel we can go on, we can accomplish what we intend.  It also aids the breath, and helps mucus keep moving, as well as stimulating blood flow.  In combination with Clary Sage oil, it not only smells wonderful, but adds the anti-spasmodic, gastro-intestinal tract balancing, and hormonally mediating qualities of the Clary.  This is a great combination to diffuse in your home to keep in balance.   Thyme oil is anti-bacterial and another great oil to diffuse to keep your air clean and germs at bay.  A real must-have for winter is Black Elderberry Syrup.  Studies have shown that the elderberry maintains cellular walls so that viruses cannot replicate-- which they do, basically, by poking their sharp noses into the cell's business.   These are all products you can purchase for reasonable prices at a good health food store or natural grocery, and they'll make a big difference.

(I recommend my Elixir and Foot creams during the winter, also.  The Elixir has grounding properties that help keep you less scattered, and the Foot cream contains Eucalyptus and other oils that help circulation in the body. )

Another major way to keep your head is: BREATHE.  However you want to do it, simple focus on the in and out breaths, meditative focus on one or the other, energy moving breathing where you focus on how the breath moves through the body...just do it.  Nice, deep, in breaths, and nice, deep out breaths.  You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel.

The holidays are approaching, as we all know.  I'll be sending a shopping information newsletter out before the end of the month, as I have some really terrific new things to offer.  In the meantime, to be sure any packages get where they're going, please try to remember and order before December 18.  Priority mail will still be offered at no charge, but any other method, such as Express or UPS will be an additional charge.
WINTER SPECIALSnasturtium and oregano flowers
The Monthly Special  for November is one of my personal favorites:  The Labors of Hercules Cream.  I made it up for myself one Thanksgiving and decided it was a definite keeper.  You can see the ingredients and details on the website under the Monthly Speicals section! Give it a try to keep your energy and focus during those hectic hours in the kitchen! Plus, it will keep your skin moisturized and happy too!
Remember that we ALWAYS have the lower price for any  two creams, as well, including this special.

My goal is to provide gentle, helpful and basic things that make you feel better!  I appreciate your support .  If you'd like a personalized product,  please let me know. In the meantime, don't forget we offer a fourth product free when you order three.  Priority mail shipping is at no charge to you in the continental U.S., and first class to Canada. 
Kelley Rico
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