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Collaborate 10

April, 2010
Ah, Collaborate. We always spend months preparing for it, and this year is no exception. This year, just in time for the conference, we've completed two books and a detailed project plan to help with upgrading to Release 12 of the E-Business Suite. We're partnering with OAUG on our deep dive into the technical details, the little r12.1.2 upgrade guide, and we're selling the DVD and the softcover edition of the book at a very special price - just $12.00 for the DVD or $34.99 for the softcover book. And, just in case you'd like to own the entire trilogy, consisting of the little r12.1.2 project plan,the little r12.1.2 upgrade guide for managers and team members, and the little r12.1.2 upgrade guide, we're offering a specially priced $80 DVD collection of all three. 
But enough about the books; let's also talk training. It's springtime, a time of renewal. You must be thinking about enhancing your skillsets, so take a look at our training schedule to see what we've got planned.
Confio is sponsoring two one day seminars in Boston in May, Writing Optimal SQL and Troubleshooting and Tuning Oracle by Jonathan Lewis. We sold out Jonathan's seminars the last time we offered them, so don't miss your chance to attend! And for those of you in a developer frame of mind, consider spending the dogs days of summer with us in Salt Lake City in August taking Scott Spendolini's APEX classes. If there's anybody who knows APEX, it's Scott.
Don't miss out on this terrific lineup of classes with the best trainers in their fields!


Mike Swing

What We Do
The R12.1.2 Upgrade Trio
Look For Us at Collaborate 10
Your Claim to Fame!
Upcoming Oracle Training
What We Do
TruTekTruTek is a national leader in technical and functional Oracle training and consulting. We also offer permanent placement services for part-time and full-time employees. We offer Oracle database and E-Business Suite consulting, training and remote services. We have a state of the art training facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
If you have 5 or more people interested in a class, we can also bring classes to your company if you would like onsite training. And if you've wanted to take a training class, but were intimidated by the crowds, we also offer "Personal Training" for certain classes, as well as online training. 
We Call Them the Oracle Upgrade Trio
"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."   -- Dr. Seuss
"Unfortunately, that is not the case with upgrading to R12." -- Mike Swing 
Toad Handbook by Dan Hotka      Toad Handbook by Dan Hotka     the little r12.1.2 upgrade guide 
                              PLAN                                                   PREPARE                                                  PERFORM
Are you the Mighty Oracle Foot Soldier, ready to tackle the upgrade to Release 12.1.2 for your company? We recommend you start here, with TruTek's 3-part guided tour.
One of the first steps you should take in preparing to upgrade is to actually try the upgrade. If you haven't already installed the Release Vision Instance on a test environment, go ahead and do it. And then use Mike's guides to upgrade that instance to Release 12.1.2. Surprisingly, even the Vision Instance doesn't upgrade flawlessly. Mike includes pointers to additional patches and steps that you'll need to take to make your upgrade a success.
Mike's comprehensive trilogy consists of:
the little r12.1.2 project plan - this is the project plan that Mike's students use when they step through an upgrade.
the little r12.1.2 upgrade essentials for managers and team members - this book describes why you need to upgrade, and includes a discussion of how it should be done.
the little r12.1.2 upgrade guide - at 414 pages (so far), this book provides the detailed steps to upgrading your Vision instance from R11i to R12.1.2. It includes the steps for upgrading your database to Version 11gR2. It includes pointers to more than 175 patches and 150 My Oracle Support notes. That's right, just because you've got this book doesn't mean you get out of downloading patches and reading the Readmes and assorted other explanations. But we tell you, all in one place, which documents to read, how to apply the patches, and "gotchas" that we've discovered along the way.
This edition is bigger and better than the last, as Mike continues to add information about patches and bugs and features that you need to understand to upgrade to E-Business Suite Release 12.1.
Are you looking for a guided tour? Don't worry, Mike uses this book as the basis for  TruTek's Oracle E-Business Suite R11i to R12.1 Technical Upgrade class.  He's also available to chat if you'd like to discuss your upcoming upgrade plans - just give him a call at 801 486-6655 or send him an email at [email protected].   Best of all, Mike has the hands-on experience that you'll need for an upgrade, so consider TruTek for meeting your consulting needs.  
Look For Us at Collaborate 10!
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
Dr. Seuss
Oasis Invitation1 
Schedule of TruTek Events for Monday, April 19
Please RSVP by clicking on the events that you desire to attend*


10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

R12.1 Upgrade is Easy.  This is primarily a technical discussion about the upgrade for DBAs.

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

R12.1 Upgrade Essentials.  This is a discussion for managers and team members about the big picture of what you need to consider before the upgrade.

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Ask the Experts.  Meet and Greet Q & A with Mike Swing, Debra Lilley, and other Oracle experts.

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Confio Presentation

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Release 12.1 - Reimplement vs. Upgrade Panel - Functional and Technical.  This panel will examine the question of Reimplementation vs Upgrade.  The location will be South Seas F.

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

R12.1 Upgrade Oasis Party.  Come to socialize and relax after spending the day at Collaborate 10.  See details of the party above, it's sponsored by:

Confio 2

Tuesday from 11:30-12:00 PM

Mike will be in the OAUG Bookstore signing copies of his new books and DVDs.



Confio Igniter Suite

Confio builds performance management software that improves the effectiveness of IT systems and the people who run them. The Confio Igniter Suite currently includes products that help Oracle DBAs, managers, and developers continuously monitor the performance of databases and the applications that depend on them, isolate specific problems, and identify solutions in production systems.

Confio Ignite

Your Claim to Fame...
AmazonYou might argue that our newsletter staff weighs in more on the technical side than the functional side. Yes, we admit it, we're geeks. But that doesn't mean we don't want to include articles about the functional side of the E-Business Suite. Really, we do. So here's your chance to help us keep a balanced perspective in our newsletter. If you've got a good functional topic, please, let us know. Enter our writing contest!  If you'd like to enter, just write an article about Oracle or the Oracle E-Business Suite. Tell us about a technique that you've used that made your life easier at work. Or describe something you've learned from all those books on your bookshelf, and how it applied to your environment. If you're not sure if you've got a good topic, send us a note, and we'll help you figure it out. Go ahead, you know you want to!

Submissions should be sent to [email protected]by April 25th. We'll include the winning article in our next newsletter. And the winning author will win a very cool prize, a $50 Gift Certificate from Amazon!
Upcoming TruTek Training 
We're always open to adding new classes, so let us know your interests! We add new classes regularly, so be sure to check the latest version of the schedule on our website. 

*** Class Dates and Locations are Subject to Change
Time Zone for Online Classes is MST 


                                            Oracle Apps Technical Classes                                              

May 17-21     Oracle E-Business Suite R11i-R12.1 Technical Upgrade           Boston, MA

May 18-20     Oracle Release R12 Applications System Administration          Boston, MA

May 17-21     Oracle 11i/R12 Applications DBA Concepts and Administration    Boston, MA

Jun 7-11      Oracle E-Business Suite R11i-R12.1 Technical Upgrade           Florida

Jun 14-18     Oracle E-Business Suite R11i-R12.1 Technical Upgrade           SLC, UT

Jun 21-25     Oracle Release R12 Applications System Administration          SLC, UT



                                          BI & Reporting Classes

Jul 12-13     Oracle Discoverer for End Users Training                       SLC, UT

Jul 14-16     Oracle Discoverer for Administrators                           SLC, UT

Aug 2-4       Introduction to Oracle APEX I with Scott Spendolini            SLC, UT

Aug 5-6       Introduction to Oracle APEX II with Scott Spendolini           SLC, UT

Aug 9-11      Intermediate Oracle APEX with Scott Spendolini                 SLC, UT

Aug 12        Troubleshooting & Debugging APEX with Scott Spendolini         SLC, UT

Aug 13        APEX Installation and Administration with Scott Spendolini     SLC, UT

Aug 23-26     Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence EE (OBIEE)        SLC, UT



                                          Oracle Database Classes                                                            

May 17-21     Oracle 11g DBA Boot Camp I                                     Boston, MA

May 17-20     Backup and Recovery using Oracle 11g RMAN                      Boston, MA

May 17-21     Oracle 11g DBA Boot Camp II                                    Boston, MA

May 3-7       Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips and Techniques              ONLINE

May 17        Writing Optimal SQL Seminar with Jonathan Lewis                Boston, MA

May 18        Troubleshooting and Tuning Oracle Seminar with Jonathan Lewis  Boston, MA



                                          Developer Classes                                                                        

May 3-7       Oracle SQL Performance Tuning Tips and Techniques              ONLINE

May 17        Writing Optimal SQL Seminar with Jonathan Lewis                Boston, MA

May 18        Troubleshooting and Tuning Oracle Seminar with Jonathan Lewis  Boston, MA

Jun 8-9       21st Century PL/SQL with Steven Feuerstein                      SLC, UT



                                            Functional Classes                                                                    

Jun 7-11      R12 AME                                                        SLC, UT

Jun 14-17     Oracle Release 11i/R12 Procure to Pay                          SLC, UT

Jun 14-15     Oracle Release 11i/R12 Accounts Payable                        SLC, UT

Jun 16-17     Oracle Release 11i/R12 Purchasing                              SLC, UT

Jul 19-20     Oracle Release 11i/R12 Fixed Assets                            SLC, UT

Jul 19-23     R12 AME                                                        Mesa, AZ

Aug 9-11      Oracle Release 12 New Features (Functional)                    SLC, UT 


                                            Conferences and User Group Meetings - We'll Be There!                                               

Apr 18-22     Collaborate 10                                                 Las Vegas, NV

May 5-6       UTOUG Training Days                                            SLC, UT

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