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New Colors of Meganite That Look Like IceStone
Caesarstone & Sustainability
2nd Annual IceStone Competition
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New Colors of Meganite That Look Like IceStone

Recently the solid surface product Meganite(r) came out with some colors that look very similar to some IceStone colors. Take a look below and tell us what you think:
IceStone Color                                  Meganite Color abc logo                    abc logo
Heirloom Grey                                      Moon River
abc logo                    abc logo
Denim Moss                                        Sea Glass
abc logo                    abc logo
Forest Fern                                         Surfin Safari
abc logo                    abc logo
White Pearl                                         Beyond the Sea
abc logo                    abc logo
Sky Pearl                                           Dancing w/ the Stars
Not convinced yet? Sometimes computer images are not the best representation. Give us a call and we can visit you with some actual samples.
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Caesarstone - Commitment to Sustainability
We wanted to take a moment to share the types of steps the products that we offer are taking towards sustainability. This month we are highlighting Caesarstone:


Environmental protection - a key company goal. Their strategies:
  • Compliance with ISO 14001: 2004 to intensify environmental protection activities both in the manufacturing facilities and the outside world.
  • Adherence to an environmental management policy defined by our management
  • Guidance and instruction of personnel, sub-contractors and suppliers concerning our policy issues

Purification and recycling installations

  • Substantial investment in equipment supports our environmental policy
  • RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidized) installations in the plants and its surroundings
  • Collection of dust from shipping, handling, production and processing
  • Water filtering and recycling systems save 97% of water used in processing
  • Industrial waste recycling

Raw materials

  • They aim to use recycled raw material
  • They avoid using hazardous substances
  • They store raw materials in a safe, clean environment to prevent seepage into the environment
  • They endeavor to work with suppliers sensitive to environmental protection practices


  • They actively work towards a clean, organized, and safe work environment
  • They continuously monitor energy usage and efficiency
  • They consistently strive to use recycled materials for developing and manufacturing our products


  • Their output protects the environment and the wellbeing of their customers
  • Non-toxic in accordance with international NSF 51 standards
  • Totally inert via a singular and controlled manufacturing process
  • Non-porous to prevent surface mold and microbes
  • Low maintenance to decrease detergent usage"



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IceStone: 2nd Annual Installation Competition
 Enter your IceStone commercial installation shot, and you could win a trip for two to Arctic Norway!

Explore with Lindblad Expeditions , the award-winning expedition travel company known for environmental stewardship and their partnership with National Geographic. Observe polar bears, walruses, foxes, and other arctic animals as you travel through the fjords and snow capped mountains of the north.

 abc logo

1. Please read! Official competition rules, entry instructions, and terms of agreement here

2. Fill out the comeptition entry form here  

3. Upload your competition photos to our secure contest folder here.  

Enter today! The contest ends April 30, 2010; winner will be announced in May 2010.


We are proud to have on our 2nd Installation Comeptition panel the following pioneers and thought leaders:

Rick Cook, Principal, Cook + Fox

Rick Fedrizzi, President, United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

Eric Corey Freed, Founder, OrganicArchitect

Lisa Foster, Founder, One Bag at a Time

Sven Lindblad, President, Lindblad Expeditions

Tish Tablan, Environmental Manager, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)

Any questions please call 732-764-0777 or email [email protected]
FREE STAINLESS STEEL SINK w/ the purchase of 25 sq ft or more of Quartz Countertop (Zodiaq/Caesarstone/Viatera) Lansen Sink model #5050E (double bowl) / #2321D (rounded bowl) / #2317S (square bowl)


"The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the world's largest international trade show event dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry. It is the ultimate destination for viewing the latest and greatest products, designs, trends and education that the industry has to offer. Owned by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), KBIS is sponsored by Kitchen and Bath Business (K+BB) and produced by Nielsen Business Media. Year after year KBIS continues to showcase more products than ever, bring you star-studded celebrity guests, provide the most informative educational sessions and deliver the best networking opportunities. Don't miss it!"

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