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Party Like It's 5773- Shanah Tova!
Tips for Starting the Year off Right
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September 2012Elul-Tishrei 5772-3

Welcome to the first issue of Hakesher: The E-newsletter for USY and Kadima advisors and youth directors. Hakesher is your link to leadership ideas, Jewish holiday resources, educational material available online, fun and games, teen issues, and more. If this is your first time receiving Hakesher- welcome! This newsletter will be published approximately every six weeks. If you have any ideas or tips for topics or resources you think would be relevant or useful to include in Hakesher, please email Amy Dorsch. Amy is also available to assist you with challenges specific to your chapter as a human resource. B'hatzlacha on a fantastic year, building relationships and impacting young Jewish lives.
Welcome- Bruchim Ha'ba'im! 
USY Website homepage
Using the USY Website as a Resource
Looking for a board training activity? Want to start your first program with some awesome mixers? Are you running a teen service every Shabbat?

Use this guide from last year, to help you naviagate through the plethora of resources available on the USY website.

Advisor Page (includes archives of Hakesher): usykadima
Program Bank (includes Pinat Chinuch or Educator's Corner with sample lessons for Hebrew High schools): usykadima613
The program bank will provide you with ready-to-use mixers for your first program, helpful holiday programming tips, leadership training activities and more. Check it out! 
Party Like It's 5773! Shana Tova
Shanah  tova
Rosh Hashanah Program Ideas

Rosh Hashanah- it's like the World Series of Jewish holidays. You'll see prospective members on Rosh Hashanah that you may never see again. Grab them while you got 'em!

Click here for direct access (use program bank password if prompted) to the High Holiday Programming page including programs for S'lichot and fantastic marketing tips for creating a youth hype during the High Holidays. On this page, you wiull also find information regarding a brand new initiative- USY Speaks.


USY SPEAKS! (A program of the 2012 International Board).  There is no better time to market USY than the High Holidays. Share the magic of USY experiences with your community by asking a board member, Summer Programs or Nativ alum to share his/her transformational experiences from the Bima. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to share with the entire community how USY changes lives.  *You will obviously need permission from the clergy.


On both the High Holiday program page as well as the Membership/Kadima of the Program Bank, you will find:

  • A letter explaining USY Speaks to youth advisors and directors
  • A flier for USYers
  • A letter requesting support from clergy

*Don't miss this- Supplemental Readings for the Machazor- Excellent quotes and stories on holiday themes and T'filot for Teen High Holiday discssions.

Tips for Starting the Year Off on the Right Foot
check list 
Build the Foundations of Great Year with These Tips!

Check out the programming section of the USY program bank for Hanegev USY's great tips for starting the year off right, including USY lingo for new members and Kadima lingo for parents (membership section).

Click here for Hakesher archives. 
2013 USY Experiences Now Open for Regsitration!
Missed the plane/bus this summer? Register NOW for 2013 Prorgams
"A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."

Is one of your USY Summer Programs participants going to share stories from the bima? Hopefully, he/she will inspire your USYers to be tansformed by a USY travel experience.

Register for USY on Wheels or USY Israel Pilgrimage
Register for Nativ, USY's gap-year Israel leadership program
*If you would like Program brochures to display at High Holiday services, please email Amy Dorsch.
Please share! If you like what you see on USY.org and want to see more, share your stuff! If you don't find what you need, please make suggestions and recommendations for how we can improve our resources to better engage your teens and help you build a stronger chapter. L'shana Tova - to a happy and sweet new year of relationship building, experience-making and life changing moments.  

Amy Dorsch
212-533-7800 x 1109 USCJ logo
Recommended Jewish Books of the Month: 

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Contemporary Issues...Conservative Jewish Viewpoints
Cyberbullying, body image, same sex relationships...discuss hot topics with your teens through a Jewish lens

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