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November 2011
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Our Vision
Jesus in Love serves gay, lesbian, bi and trans (glbt) people who have spiritual interests, and our allies. We promote queer spirituality and the arts, with an emphasis on books and images. We believe that God loves all people, including sexual minorities. We believe that the creative process is sacred. We hope that the new visions, especially the gay Jesus and queer saints, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.
Happy All Saints Day! It's a big day here because I have profiled more than 40 LGBT saints over the past two years. I reflect on what I learned and launch a new resource page listing all the LGBT saints.
All Saints Day: Why we need LGBT saints

All Saints by Fra Angelico
LGBT saints are important because people are searching for alternative ways to lead loving lives.  Churches have tried to control people by burying queer history.  The LGBT saints show us not only THEIR place in history, but also OUR place.  

At first I thought that LGBT saints were rare.  Gradually I came to see that they are everywhere.... More info

(Credit: "Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven" by Fra Angelico)
New web pages: LGBT saints, holidays, artists and queer Christ

LGBT Saints page at
Today launches four major new LGBT spirituality resource pages. Click to visit the new web pages:

LGBT saints - 44 traditional & alternative saints

Holidays - 66 LGBT spiritual dates

Queer Christ - 29 artists and writers working with queer Christ

Artists - 33 artists who do LGBT spiritual & religious art

More info
See our All Saints/All Souls memorial now

Candles Visit our LGBT-friendly memorial for All Saints Day and All Souls Day, also known as Day of the Dead. Click here to go to the memorial.

This memorial highlights those who died in the past year. Religion and society have often dishonored LGBT lives. May ALL saints and ALL souls to be restored to wholeness and holiness here.
Author discusses fear, faith and gay Jesus 
Paul Hartman portrait
In a lively interview, author Paul Hartman discusses why he wrote "The Kairos," a new suspense novel in which an archeologist finds proof that Jesus was gay.


"Do I believe Jesus was sexually active?  All I can say is He would still be my God if so, but of course I don't know.  With a man or woman?  Same answer. Two of my favorite chapters in The Kairos explore those questions, all of which hinge on whether we believe He was fully human," says Hartman, a Presbyterian elder and retired PBS/NPR executive. More info 

We'wha of Zuni: Two-spirit Native American

We Wha of Zuni by Robert Lentz We'wha was a two-spirit Native American Zuni who served as a cultural ambassador, including a visit with a U.S. president in 1886.


Almost all Native American traditions recognized 3rd and sometimes even 4th genders. We'wha was the most famous "lhamana," the Zuni term for a male-bodied person who lived in part as a woman. More info 


(Credit: "We'wha of Zuni" by Robert Lentz OFM,

Click for more highlights from the Jesus in Love Blog this month:

Noah's Ark: Queer views of a rainbow story

Matthew Shepard: Modern gay martyr and hate crime victim

Allen Schindler: Gay martyr and military officer

Wear purple for Spirit Day to support LGBT youth

National Coming Out Day

Let us be inspired by the LGBT saints who surround us as a "great cloud of witnesses" and commit ourselves to our own queer paths toward sainthood. Keep reading for Christmas gift ideas and more.
Kittredge Cherry 
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Ad for The Kairos by Paul Hartman
 Louis Strom

In Memory of  


Louis Strom (1925 - 2011) 


Lover of Jesus, Beloved of God


CAN GAYS AND LESBIANS BE TRUE CHRISTIANS? Welcome to the "Gay and Christian" website! It shows that a person can be both a true Christian and a loving, sexually-active gay man or lesbian.

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Alternative saint icons
Christmas gifts at

        Sts. Polyeuct and Nearchus by Robert Lentz    Sts. Brigid & Darlughdach by Robert Lentz    St. Boris and George by Robert Lentz  

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New books on LGBT spirituality and religion

The Kairos
by Paul E. Hartman by CarpeKairos Publishers
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From Sin to Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ
by Patrick S. Cheng by Seabury Books
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Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right Tells Us to Deny Gay Equality
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Queer Religion [2 volumes]
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In this romance novel, a middle-aged minister who lost his wife suddenly finds himself attracted to a young man, despite the church's disapproval.
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