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March 2011
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Our Vision
Jesus in Love serves gay, lesbian, bi and trans (glbt) people who have spiritual interests, and our allies. We promote queer spirituality and the arts, with an emphasis on books and images. We believe that God loves all people, including sexual minorities. We believe that the creative process is sacred. We hope that the new visions, especially the gay Jesus and queer saints, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.

A major interview on the erotic Christ with Hunter Flournoy leads this month's newsletter. Find out about spirituality grounded in the sacredness of our bodies. Plus: poetry, books and saints.

We are the erotic body of Christ

Hunter Flournoy
Connection with the erotic Christ can heal the wounds of organized religion and give access to Christian mystical traditions. In a major new interview, teacher Hunter Flournoy discusses the insights behind his "Erotic Body of Christ" workshops.

"We are Christ, the anointed one," Flournoy says, "And His Body is our own, as individuals, as a community, and as a world.... That body, in the eastern traditions of Christianity, is a passionately erotic one."  More info
Wanted: LGBT-positive Christian poetry
NuWine Press logo
An open and affirming Christian poetry contest is being sponsored by NuWine Press. The deadline is March 15 and winners will be featured in an upcoming book.

NuWine Press seeks poems from individuals disenfranchised by the Christian community. The press was founded in 2007 by Aimee Maude Sims. More info
Bible on sex: Unprotected Texts

Unprotected Texts book cover

People are buzzing about a new book that explores the Bible's mixed messages on sex, including homosexuality: "Unprotected Texts: The Bible's Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire" by religion professor Jennifer Wright Knust.

She points out that the heterosexual nuclear family is only one of many options affirmed in the Bible.


Click here for info and links to articles in CNN and USA Today.

Saints were "brothers by affection"

Sts. Polyeuct and Nearchus by Robert Lentz
Saints Polyeuct and Nearchus, Roman soldiers in Armenia, are a primary example of same-sex lovers in the early church. 

The men had a strong desire to spend eternity together.  Shortly before Polyeuct died, he spoke his last words to Nearchus: "Remember our secret vow." More info

(Credit: Saints Polyeuct and Nearchus by Robert Lentz, 
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In memory of Peter Gomes, gay Harvard pastor and author


Ash Wednesday is coming soon on March 9, launching the Lenten season of reflection that leads to Easter.  Visit the Jesus in Love Blog often during Lent for queer ways of understanding Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Kittredge Cherry
NEW and timely books

Unprotected Texts: The Bible's Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire
by Jennifer Wright Knust by HarperOne
Hardcover ~ Release Date: 2011-01-25
List Price: $25.99
Our Price: $13.61
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Keep Your Courage: A Radical Christian Feminist Speaks
by Carter Heyward by Seabury Books
List Price: $32.00
Our Price: $21.10
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Gay Theology Without Apology
by Gary David Comstock by Wipf & Stock Publishers
List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $19.41
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