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November 2009
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Noah's gay cruise
Erotic time with God
Equality March video
Tranny Jesus
Gay saints
Animal blessing
Jesus billboards
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Jesus in Love serves gay, lesbian, bi and trans (glbt) people who have spiritual interests, and our allies. We promote queer spirituality and the arts, with an emphasis on books and images. We believe that God loves all people, including sexual minorities. We believe that the creative process is sacred. We hope that the new visions, especially the gay Jesus, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.

Kitt CherrySurprising stuff fills this issue, starting with a gay parody of Noah's ark.

I hope that all of it makes you smile, makes you think, and brings you closer to God.
Noah's gay wedding cruise pictured

Noah's gay wedding cruise by Paul Richmond
In "Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise," happy gay and lesbian animal couples mingle with today's GLBT celebrities.  This gay version of Noah's ark even has drowning sinners -- opponents of gay rights such as Larry Craig with his toilet!

 "I chose to symbolize our inevitable victory in the fight for marriage equality by painting my own adaptation of the biblical flood," artist Paul Richmond says.  More info

(Credit: "Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise" by Paul Richmond)
An Erotic Encounter With the Divine
young gay kiss photo "...I began silently inviting the Divine Presence to be with us during lovemaking, I noticed that both Scott and I became more aware of each others bodies..."

Eric Hays-Strom, a gay Iowan, tells how he experienced the union of the ecstatic and the erotic. Read his whole story

Equality March starts with prayer

National Equality March video
A powerful invocation prayer launched the speeches at National Equality March in Washington DC on Oct. 11.  Rev. Troy Perry set the spiritual tone for the GLBT-rights march with a rousing invocation of history's great GLBT figures.
See video  More info
Transvestite Jesus appears in photo

Transvestite Jesus by Bill Burch
A transvestite Jesus and a female Jesus appear in a new series of alternative Christ photos by Colorado artist Bill Burch. 

The images explore, expand and maybe even explode the gender of Jesus.  They are part of an ambitious project to create a collage of 100 alternative Jesus images arranged to form a traditional Jesus portrait. More info

(Credit: "Transvestite Jesus" by Bill Burch)
Gay saints: Sergius and Bacchus

Saints Sergius and Bacchus by Robert Lentz Saints Sergius and Bacchus were Roman soldiers, Christian martyrs and gay men who loved each other. The couple was openly gay, but secretly Christian -- the opposite of today's closeted Christians.  The close bond between the two men has been emphasized since the earliest accounts, and recent scholarship has revealed their homosexuality  More info

(Credit: "Saints Sergius and Bacchus"
 by Robert Lentz)

God bless dogs, cats and all animals

dog in gay pride shirt
Animals are important in the lives of many GLBT people.  Some took their pets to animal blessing ceremonies recently with prayers such as this:  

"...May we remember that we human beings are not the only ones created to look at flowers, to taste cool water, to listen to the wind, and to feel the earth beneath our feet..." More info
Billboards show gay-friendly Jesus

Would Jesus discriminate billboard
Gay-positive Jesus images are in the national news lately, thanks to billboards in Texas asking, "Would Jesus discriminate?"

Major news media covered the billboards, which put a traditional portrait of Jesus with a simple statement based on GLBT understanding of the Bible. More info
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Thanksgiving is coming, and I'm grateful that you are reading our newsletter.  A warm thank-you to all Jesus in Love followers, subscribers, contributors, donors and friends.  I see the face of God in you!
Kittredge Cherry
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