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February 2008
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Jesus in Love serves gay, lesbian, bi and trans (glbt) people who have spiritual interests, and our allies. We promote queer spirituality and the arts, with an emphasis on books and images. We believe that God loves all people, including sexual minorities. We believe that the creative process is sacred. We hope that the new visions, especially the gay Jesus, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.

I'm excited that my new novel Jesus in Love: At the Cross is out now.  A queer Christ lives the Easter story of death and resurrection in the book.

It was published just in time for Ash Wednesday (Feb. 6) for those who want to reflect on Christ's Passion during the Lenten season.

Meanwhile, some conservatives are still battling over an inclusive Christmas card!  Read on...

New novel tells Passion of queer Christ 
At the Cross book cover

A queer Christ lives out the Easter story in the new novel Jesus in Love: At the Cross by Kittredge Cherry.

Jesus commits the ultimate act of love in At the Cross, a fictional autobiography of a bisexual Christ.  The dramatic events of Christ's Passion unfold along with a gay love story between Jesus and his disciple John.  The novel covers Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and Jesus' arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection, ending on Pentecost. 

At the Cross is the sequel to the popular Jesus in Love: A Novel, but there's no need to read the other book first.

More info

Click here to buy "At the Cross" now - autographed!

 Conservatives blast Christmas card
Epiphany by Janet McKenzie
A Conservative Christians are raising a big stink over a Christmas card that shows a multi-racial trio of female Magi visiting the baby Jesus and his mother.

Instead of the traditional three kings or three wise men, artist Janet McKenzie re-interprets the Magi as wise women from around the world in a painting titled Epiphany.  The Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, used the Epiphany image for her Christmas cards this year.
The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth, Texas, sent a notice to clergy and 2007 convention delegates condemning Jefferts Schori for her choice of art.  More info

(Image: Epiphany, copyright 2003 by Janet McKenzie)

See video of progressive spiritual fest
Janet McKenzie at Fest of Prog Spiritual Art

A video captures the excitement and meaning of the 2007 Festival of Spiritual  Progressive Art.  Produced by the Taos News, it presents gospel music and artwork from opening night, plus an interview with artist Janet McKenzie.  She talks about why she painted a black female Jesus of the People. More info

Click here for the Art Fest video

This newsletter is a way to foster two-way communication, so please contact us with your comments, ideas and suggestions.

May you connect with God during this wintry season, warmed by the hope of springtime and new life to come.

Lenten blessings,

Kittredge Cherry