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Talks this Weekend 

Saturday, 7pm 

Dutch Vermin:

Ethnic Tensions in Early New York 

In 1666, an English commentator remarked that "a right Dutchman can never be a true friend, a loyal subject, or a good neighbor; for his trade carries away his heart; riches his allegiance, and thriving his soul." Nearly 100 years later, another Englishman living and writing in New York was even less generous, referring to Dutch-Americans in Albany simply as "reptiles" and "vermin." Join Dr. Kenneth Shefsiek, the Executive Director of the Geneva Historical Society, as he explores the ways in which the English viewed the Dutch in the Old World and the New and how these perspectives impacted the cultural terrain of the eighteenth-century descendants of the New Paltz patentees.


The DuBois Fort Visitor Center

81 Huguenot Street


$10 | $8 for Friends of Huguenot Street 


Sunday, 1pm 

A Feminine Presence:

Women's Correspondence and Contracts from the Archives 

The archives at Historic Huguenot Street house a wealth of primary source material about the lives of many who lived in the Hudson Valley, and those who corresponded with them. Volunteer Laura Rose has spent hours over the past several months sifting through these documents.  The result is an interesting glimpse into the lives of women in the 18th and 19th centuries.


The DuBois Fort Visitor Center

81 Huguenot Street   


Donation Requested


Save the Dates:

Programs for Kids and Families 


Sunday, 6/5

Mad Hatter Tea Party


Friday, 6/24

Colonial Overnight 

Monday, 7/11 

What Lies Beneath:

Archaeology Camps Begin 


For more information


 Colonial Kids 


Heritage Weekend In New Paltz 

Special tours and programs this Saturday and Sunday 


In celebration of New York's rich and unique history, this weekend has been declared New York State Heritage Weekend.  Here in New Paltz, Historic Huguenot Street has partnered with the Downtown Business Association and the Elting Memorial Library to offer "History, Huguenots and Hippies," two days of special tours and programs on 5/14 and 5/15.

On Saturday:

9:30 | Burying Ground Tour
11:00 |Commerce on the Street
3:00 | Calling on Mrs. Broadhead:  Tour of the Deyo House
4:30 | Downtown Walking Tour
7:00 | Second Saturdays: Dutch Vermin (see description at left)

On Sunday:

9:30 | Harcourt Preserve Walk
11:30 | Commerce on Huguenot Street
12:30 | Downtown Walking Tour
1:00 | A Feminine Perspective (see description at left)
2:00 | Treasures from the Past: A Peak Into the "Town Archives"
3:00 | Downtown Walking Tour

Many activities are offered for free.  For others, a donation is requested.  Saturday evening's talk is $10 per person.  All those who participate receive a special 20% discount card good on purchases at participating downtown retailers including the Museum Shop at Historic Huguenot Street.


For more information about this weekend's activities, click here or on the image above to visit our online calendar.

Huguenots Featured In Daily Freeman 

Part of an Ongoing Series about Ethnicity in the Hudson Valley


President and Descendant Mary Etta Schneider in Bevier-Elting House DoorSince its settlement by the Dutch in the 1600s, the Hudson Valley has been a rich mix of many ethnicities.  The Dutch started this trend out of a need to populate their new colony along the river, then known as the North or Deer River.  It continues today.  Celebrating this, the Kingston-based Daily Freeman has been featuring a continuing series focusing on the many peoples that make up the Valley.  A recent story focused on the Huguenots and their enduring role in the region.  Click on the Freeman link above to read the article or click on the image at right to view the video that accompanied the story.
Reminder: Scholarships Available

August 31st Application Deadline 

The semester may be coming to a close, but don't put all thoughts of school aside.  August 31st is the deadline to submit applications for scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year. 

Scholarship decisions are made in November.  Awards are disbursed in January. 

Historic Huguenot Street, working in partnership with the Hasbrouck Family Association, administers four scholarship funds, each with distinct criteria.  Some funds require a particular area of study or school.  Others require documented Huguenot lineage.

Complete applications, including transcripts and letters of recommendation, must be received by 8/31.  For more information, visit our Scholarships website page.
Online Registration for House Tour Now Live

Village Historic House Tour on Sunday, 6/12 

Registration for the New Paltz Village Historic House Tour is now live!  Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 on the day of.  Get your tickets early!  Click here for more information or to register.
in the Shop

Huguenot Cross Ornament by Tom PollardHuguenot Cross

In our Museum Shop, we're always on the hunt for things unusual, interesting and custom.  Thanks to Tom Pollard Designs, were pleased to bring you this electroplated hanging Huguenot Cross.  Highly detailed and rendered in a lustrous gold, this 3" cross is perfect for hanging in a window or anywhere that you want to show off your Huguenot heritage.  Buy now and we'll be happy to offer free shipping.




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