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Spring Bulbs on the Street

Count Down 

The Easter

Egg Hunt   

Saturday, 4/16, 1 to 2 pm 

Easter Bunny shorter


Children will be gathering from far and wide for a chance to see the Easter Bunny and gather special treats hidden amongst the fresh spring growth.  


Gather at the DuBois Fort
81 Huguenot Street

Ages 1-12  


On the Horizon  

Winter Sun Returns One Last Time This Season  

Saturday, 4/9 



Save the Dates

for May  


See how Spring is shaping up

on the Street  

Visitor Center and Museum Shop Open for Weekends in May  

Saturday, 5/7   

10:30am to 5pm


Annual New Paltz Regatta 

Sunday, 5/1

1 to 3pm


History, Huguenots and Hippies: Heritage Weekend in New Paltz  

Saturday and Sunday, 5/14 & 5/15


Home School Day 

Wednesday, 5/18

10am to 2pm


 For more info, visit our calendar of events 


New In the Shop   

Coverlet Note Cards  


Coverlet Note Card Set   

 An HHS exclusive! The intricate and nostalgic beauty of our coverlet collection lends itself perfectly to print in this one of a kind note card set featuring four unique designs. Set of eight 5x7 note-cards with envelopes.


$18 for a set of 8

 Limited Run


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Second Saturdays Lecture Series Continues with Stories of Women Activists

Saturday, April 9, 7pm


HHS presents Harriet David Kram, veteran professor of American History at Queens College (CUNY). Ms. Kram specializes in American Labor History, Immigration, New York History and in American Women's History. We are delighted to welcome her to our site as she brings her talk: Women's Rights, A Struggle of Class, Race and Ethnicity. 


the bigger sibyl


Davis Kram will talk about women's rights from a national perspective.  Women here in New Paltz and the Hudson Valley were involved in and impacted by the events that Davis Kram will discuss.  One such woman was dress reformer and activist Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck of Middletown. Her publication, "The Sibyl" (seen above) was groundbreaking in its time.


This talk serves as a prelude to the reinterpretation of the Abraham Hasbrouck House, coming in the Fall of 2012. A special feature of this upcoming interpretation will be a focus on the history of women in 18th Century New Paltz.   


This program is made possible through Speakers in the Humanities, a program of the New York Council for the Humanities.   


The LeFevre House | 54 Huguenot Street
$5 Suggested Donation 


Register Now for Our Popular Spring Candelight Tour 

Saturday, April 30 | 7:30 pm 

canthis is different

Imagine a walk back through time. Imagine getting the chance to see how people really lived 100, 200, even 300 years ago. Regular people like your own great great great grandparents. How did they keep warm in the winters? How did they light the dark nights? Where did they take their meals? Our museum houses are filled with stories and many original items that help to tell the tales. Now imagine experiencing all of this by candlelight.  Don't miss this chance to experience the same sensations  as our forebears. In the same place, at the same time of day, by the same kind of light. It's much better than reality TV. It's real.   


Meet at the DuBois Fort | 81 Huguenot Street

$14 or $12 for Friends of Huguenot Street


Advance registration strongly suggested

Register Online or call 845.255.1660, extension 103 

What's Going  on  at the DuBois Fort? 

Changes. Renovations. Improvements. Preservation.  


Fort Framing and Nogging

If you've driven down the Street recently, you might have noticed that things look a bit different than usual.  The wood frame part of the building, which dates to the first half of the 19th century, is undergoing some much needed restoration.  Over time, the framing rotted in the corner of the wood frame section where it abuts the porch.  You may recall that for the past several years, a portion of this framing above the Dutch door was exposed from earlier investigation.  In the image above, you can see the revealed southern wall, showing the intact nogging (brick and mortar infill between original 19th century wooden framing members.  Below that is the void where the rotted sill plate has been removed awaiting replacement.  Work on this project is slated to be completed this month. Fort From Southwest Recropped

Historic Huguenot Street

Visitor Center:  81 Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY  12561logo for easter 401  

Mailing:  18 Broadhead Avenue, New Paltz, NY  12561  

845.255.1889 or 1660