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CSI News  |  Issue 10     May 2009
Form & Pump Repair Method
Concrete repair and rehabilitation projects differ in size and scope. Several modified mortar and concrete products are available today, each involving unique practices. Once the limits of a repair have been acknowledged, the proper repair materials are usually specified based on these practices.

One practice or method of concrete repair is the Form and Pump Method. Typical applications involve large-volume repairs including structural elements with depths ranging from 2 inches to full-depth.  Forming and shoring applications can be extensive with this type of repair. CSI's comprehensive experience and our investment in the appropriate equipment and proper training of our personnel provide assurance that each form and pump project will be a success.

Our team's solid understanding of the use of modified mortar and concrete has enabled CSI to complete numerous projects using the form and pump method with exceptional results.
Before form & pump     Successful form & pump concrete placement
     LEFT:  Staging for overhead product placement using Form & Pump method
     RIGHT:  Successful overhead placement of product
Let CSI Support Your Projects
CSI's reputation as an innovative company that provides consistent value is testament to our team's success in helping the owners of many types of structures to protect and preserve their investment.  For more information about our processes or equipment, or for assistance with your project, please contact me. 
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