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CSI News  |  Issue 8   2008     
Aside from scheduling and budgeting issues, a leading concern of many contractors regarding residential sites is the potential for collateral damage to the properties, or injuries to the residents.  We've all heard horror stories involving repair areas that were not correctly secured and protected, leading to injuries and/or property damage. 
Dealing with injuries and property damage is one issue, but it often doesn't stop there as many cases end up in lengthy lawsuits that can threaten a firm's very existence, or at the very least, tarnish its reputation.
CSI takes a pro-active approach to protecting and securing projects by individually evaluating each repair area to assess potential exposures to building occupants and our team.  
Below are a few examples of how CSI secures and protects repair areas.
Containment PhotoDust & Debris Containment
When repairing occupied parking garages, the CSI team protects all work areas to prevent dust and debris from escaping, which safeguards against human injury and vehicular damage.
Overhead Protection PhotoOverhead Protection 
When performing overhead repairs adjacent to walkways or driveways, the CSI team installs overhead protection to safeguard against falling debris.
Horizontal Protection PhotoHorizontal Protection
When performing horizontal repairs the CSI team often prohibits access to repair areas by locking exit doors, placing barricades, or a combination of both protective measures in order to safeguard building occupants or residents. 
Storage Area ProtectionStorage Area Protection
On residential jobsites it's essential to secure the area where equipment and materials are stored in order to safeguard residents' safety and maintain an orderly environment.   
CSI accomplishes this by fencing in the storage area and locking it whenever team members are not present.
Let CSI Support Your Projects
CSI's reputation as an experienced, safety-driven company that provides consistent value is testament to our team's continued success in helping the owners of many types of structures to protect and preserve their investment.  
For more information about our processes, or assistance for your building or structure, please contact me. 
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Jeff Blain 
Project Coordinator
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