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CSI News  |  Issue 7   2008     
Maximize Your Investment
with Preventative Maintenance for your Building or Structure
Maximize your return on investment in your building's masonry or concrete facade/structure elements with proper asset management.
Tips for saving money (and headaches) include:
  • Keep existing waterproofing & coating manufacturer warranty agreements in force by performing and documenting the required preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Extend the life of your structure's masonry/concrete facade elements (and avoid the potential expense of catastrophic damage) with regular repair and preventative maintenance.
  • Anticipate and plan for the expenses of minor and major repairs, and timely emergency repairs.

    In commercial buildings, components of masonry and facade systems often become a forgotten asset.  After years of neglect, minor problems can balloon into major repair issues, and accelerate the need for extensive repairs or complete replacement.

    Regular and proper asset management can help building owners and managers control repair costs, extend the life of facade components and sensibly budget for inevitable maintenance and repair. 
    Comparison Table: Maintenance VS Replacement
    Bottom Line:  Failure to proactively engage in asset management NOW means you're bound to spend MORE (money and time) in the long run.  
    CSI Can Help

    Drawing upon on our years of experience and success with solving clients' repair and maintenance challenges, CSI helps the owners of many types of structures to protect and preserve their investment.  
    For more information about the process, or assistance with performing asset management for your building or structure, please contact me.
    Best regards,
    Mark Johnson
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