CSI News  |  Issue 5 May 2008

Innovative Restoration Techniques for Multi-Level Parking Structures

Restoration of older multi-level parking structures can present many challenges; in particular, the replacement of existing connector plates at Double-T connections with the installation of zinc anodes.  Zinc anodes are designed to retard future erosion of the connector plates, typically with connecting wires that should be tightened around existing rebar.  In the case of Double-T connector plates, however, no rebar is available to wrap the anode to.


To counteract this problem, CSI devised an innovative method of connecting the anodes without the need to further damage the structure in order to expose rebar and still confirm the connectivity of the anode to the steel structure. 

Once installed, CSI then tested the connection using an electrical meter before placing new concrete.   


Pictured:  Newly prepared Double-T connection with zinc anodes ready for installation 
This method not only guaranteed the connection of the anode but it also meant that no additional sound concrete had to be removed in order to expose rebar for the anode to be connected.  
The RESULT: CSI implemented this innovative solution for the City of Bangor, ME, saving the client unnecessary costs while eliminating unnecessary destructive repairs.
Thomas Donnelly, Projects Manager
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