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CSI News  |  Issue 6 June 2008

Proper Materials Selection for Your Project

In any concrete restoration and preventative maintenance project, the selection of the correct materials and the means / methods utilized are critical to the longevity and durability of the repairs.


Generally the Owner's Representative identifies the root cause of the problem, which typically involves defects manifesting as a result of carbonation, the presence of chlorides or alkali silica reaction. Once the extent of the repair is determined, the materials adopted will depend largely on the means and methods to be used.


CSI has extensive experience with this type of situation analysis, and our teams incorporate a variety of repair methods in several types of concrete repair projects. Techniques range from hand-patching of small localized areas to shotcreting and/or form and pump of larger areas. Unfortunately, no single material has the characteristics required to be appropriate for all of these scenarios.

CSI Can Help

Based on our years of field experience, CSI works closely with all parties in the materials selection process. The evolution of the concrete restoration industry over the last 30 years and the ongoing development of standards, materials and methods make close coordination between the Owner's Representative, Specialty Contractor and Materials Manufacturer even more essential to ensure the success of each project.


Deferring this cooperation and input can result in the repetition of failures where lessons have been learned - but ignored - thus leading to additional expense and inconvenience.


CSI welcomes the opportunity to be an integral part of the selection process on your current or upcoming projects - at no cost to you.  Give us a call today! 

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