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February 2011
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Dr. Caruth, Medical Director
February Specials
Fat Transfer Patients Needed
Hot Aesthetic Trends for 2011
Dr. Caruth Speaks
Gifts of Cosmetic Surgery
Continue the HCG Diet
Hormone Testing
Free Stem Cell Face Lift
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Dr. Caruth

Dr Caruth was the first
physician in the United States to use Body Jet

He has developed the
standard technique to use and trains other physicians in the process.

He has done more than 250 cases since the development of Body Jet.

Patients are still needed for upcoming training dates in 2010,
Call for availability. (All trainings held on Saturdays)

Learn more about Dr. Caruth.

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February Specials

The Sweetheart Special
Valentine Kisskiss 

Lip Enhancement using Juvederm XC Ultra Plus for $375.00.

(Our lowest price ever offered.)


The Juvederm XC Ultra Plus contains a numbing agent making the treatment easy to tolerate.

Learn more.

Save on
botox Botox - Lowest Price Ever

Botox Cosmetic at $10.00 a unit. 

The average  female will use 15 units an area, males use 20 units, on average.

Learn more.

Breast Augmentation
awake breast aug
Due to an overwhelming response, our Breast Augmentation special will continue through February.

Saline - $3,950 (Regularly $5,000)
Silicone - $5,000 (Regularly $6,000)

Dr. Caruth performs the Awake Breast Augmentation, allowing patients to participate in size selection, as well as avoid general anesthesia.
Learn more.

Laser Skin ResurfacingSmart Xide

We only have 1 appointment left for our fractionated  CO2 event to be held on Friday, February 18th.


This treatment dramatically reduces sun damage but does require several days downtime.


The special is $1,500 for face and is only good on the event day.


Learn more.


*These specials cannot be combined with any other offers and do not apply to previously scheduled procedures.*

Fat Transfer Patients Needed 

We still need two candidates for our fat transfer course on February 19th.hands

The ideal candidate is between 40-60 years of age and has lost volume in their face and hands. 

The procedure is performed by harvesting fat from one area of the body and re-injecting it to add volume and restore a youthful appearance to the face and hands.


Learn more.

 See the Fat Transfer photo gallery.

7 Aesthetic Trends That Will Be Hot in 2011  

More Stem Cells Please

stem cell facelift

The industry has been buzzing about stem cells from fat  for fat transfers for quite some time now,but their effectiveness will be made known even more this year.

Stem cell enriched fat improves the survival rate of the fat that is being transferred.


Dr. Caruth uses patients' own fat cells from Aqualipo™ and then injects them into the face, hands or breasts in a new fat-grafting procedure called Naturalfill™.


Additionally, he uses PureGraft which allows him to clean the patient's fat quickly, filter out blood and other unwanted debris, leaving it sterile and pure.

Learn more.



A Shapelier Rear


Curves are back in a big way and augmentation is heading south to the buttock region.

A popular buttock augmentation procedure, The Brazilian Butt Lift has gotten plenty of

press as the procedure uses the patients' own fat to contour and shape the rear.

Click here to see the Plano Aesthet
ics photo gallery for hips and thighs.


Life After Lap Band Surgery


As lap band surgeries increase, the demand for skin tightening will continue to grow.


Dr. Caruth uses SmartLipo Triplex™ for laser contouring and tissue tightening.


Learn more.  


Plano Aesthetics 972-985-8080

Click here to read about the other trends for 2011.

Dr. Caruth Presents At The Gleneagles Country Club   
Dr. Caruth was recently invited to speak to the Prestonwood Newcomers Club at the Gleneagles Country Club.
dr. caruth speaking

There were about 85 women in attendance. He spoke for an hour and a half on all the services available at Plano Aesthetics.

Have an event you'd like Dr. Caruth to speak at? Email dr. caruth speaking


Call Plano Aesthetics at 972-985-8080.

Gifts of Cosmetic Surgery In Vogue - Either For Yourself Or A Loved One
We found a great article about giving the gift of cosmetic surgery.

Key points:gift
  • As the New Year brings vows of a "new you,'' patients are treating themselves to gifts of cosmetic enhancements to jump-start their fitness and beauty resolutions.
  • Some clients turn to liposuction in January, after a frustrating year of not losing weight.
  • Some women come into the office in January already have their eyes on June.
  • They want liposuction and they want to look good for the summertime.
  • Plastic surgeons and spa owners said that men are increasingly giving the gift of a cosmetic procedure for their wives or girlfriends who want to start off the New Year with a fresh face or body.
What's on your wish list?

Visit our website.

Plano Aesthetics 972-985-8080.


Continue the HCG Diet/Slim Shots at Plano Aesthetics 
dr. ted diet

Have you had amazing success with the HCG Diet? Congrats!

If you've experienced the quick and wonderful weight loss results from an HCG diet at a different facility (I.E. our competitors in the area!) we would love to offer you weekly weigh-ins and slim shot injections at $10.00 a visit.

Discounts are also available to those patients wanting to continue the HCG diet.


Hormone and Vitamin D Tests Available
salavia kit

Plano Aesthetics offers the ZRT Saliva Test for hormone imbalance in men and women.

The initial consult with Dr. Caruth is $250, the kit is $250 and the results follow up appointment is $75. 

The testing is done in the privacy of your home.  The cost savings in testing Is substantial compared to blood tests.


Click here to read the symptoms that may signal a hormone imbalance.


Additionally, we provide Vitamin D testing.  Studies performed over the

past few years show that individuals with reduced levels of Vitamin D suffer more often

with being overweight that those with normal Vitamin D levels. 

Cost is $30.00.

Free Stem Cell Face Lift!   

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth of Plano Aesthetics seeks a high profile/celebrity patient to interview for a complimentary Stem Cell Facelift. ($7,000 retail value) fat transformers

The ideal patient should be between 50 - 60 years of age and have noticeable loss of volume in the facial area. Male or female.

In exchange for the complimentary Stem Cell Facelift, the patient must be willing to allow Dr. Caruth to use their before/after photos, surgery video footage and testimony on all Plano Aesthetics marketing materials.

Learn more.

Plano Aesthetics 972-985-8080.

Over at the Plano Aesthetics Blog 
Fat grafting safety review published: Clinical experience shows no increased risk of Breast Cancer in Fat Grafting patients.

Choosing the right wrinkle filler.

Now the groom wants Botox.

New Frontiers: Stem Cells and cosmetic surgery.

New year, new face: Looking younger in 2011.

New year, new you! Lose that weight, get healthy!
Our goal at Plano Aesthetics is to provide our patients with the best treatments available for skin care, body contouring, and other cosmetic procedures. Our practice is on the cutting edge of new technological advances in body contouring and skin rejuvenation, including Awake Breast Augmentation, BodyJet, SmartLipo MPX and SmartXide DOT

Additionally, Dr. Caruth was the first physician in North Texas licensed to provide the Dr. TED Diet. 

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth
Plano Aesthetics