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May 2010
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Dr. Caruth

Dr Caruth was the first
physician in the United States to use Body Jet

He has developed the
standard technique to use and trains other physicians in the process.

He has done more than 250 cases since the development of Body Jet.

Patients are still needed for upcoming training dates in 2010,
Call for availability. (All trainings held on Saturdays)

Learn more about Dr. Caruth.
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Happy Mother's Day! 
"To the world you may be one person,
But to one person you may be the world."
Author Unknown
In honor of our moms we are having a contest for the most unique "momism". 

Some sample "momisms" are:
-Money doesn't grow on trees.
-Don't make that face or it'll freeze in that position.
-If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?

Submit your entries to info@planoaesthetics by May 6th to enter to win dinner
for two at the Keg Restaurant. Drawing for (1) prize will be held on Friday, May 7th.

Additionally, we want photos of you and your mom for our Facebook page! 

Please submit a photo for an additional chance to win a gift card to Keg Restaurant.  Send your photos to  
May Specials at Plano Aesthetics
breast aug
10% Off All Breast Augmentations (Saline or Silicone)
The AWAKE Breast Augmentation procedure is done under LOCAL ANESTHESIA IN OUR OFFICE. The patient, as well as a guest, can view immediate results and give approval before the closing is done.

See the Awake Breast Augmentation photo gallery.

15% SmartLipo Body Contouring
smart lipo
Through a special laser similar to that used in cataract surgery, fat cells are targeted and the sound energy literally dissolves the cells on contact. A gentle suction then massages the dissolved fat out of the body.

Click here to watch the SmartLipo Hot On! Health video.

10% Off All New HCG Diet Starts (AKA Dr. TED Diet)
Got Fat?  Lose It!

dr. ted diet

Learn more about the HCG Based Dr. TED Diet.

See before and after photos and read patient success stories with the Dr. TED Diet here

"This diet changed how I view food and how I eat. I no longer use food as a comfort source but rather an energy source."

Attention All Diet Patients!
Every pound that is lost through the Diet Program is good for a $25 credit towards any body contouring service (s).

For example: 25 pounds X $25 =$625 credit toward services! 
Call Plano Aesthetics to sign up! 972-985-8080

hands20% Off All Fat Transfer To The Face, Hands, Breast and/or Buttocks
Got Fat? Use It!
Dr. Caruth uses PureGraft technology to streamline the graft preparation process.  Use your unwanted fat and re-implant it into areas where it's most needed.
Learn more.

Botox $198 Each Area
Plano Aesthetics is accepting the $50 rebate promotion from Botox.  See below for details.
View the Botox photo gallery.

Specials do not apply to any previously scheduled procedures.  Procedures must be scheduled and paid prior to the end of May.

Become a Fan of Plano Aesthetics - Enter to Win the New iPad! Drawing is May 14! 
We welcome you to become a fan of the new Plano Aesthetics Fan Page!

We post weight loss tips, recipes, patient diaries, and news about the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. 

Become a fan and you'll be entered into a drawing to win the all-new iPad! Please encourage your friends to become a fan as well. 

The new iPad is the best way to experience the web. View whole pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen. And let your fingers do the surfing. Details.

Drawing will be held on May 14.

Click hereto become a fan.

Awake for Breast Implants?  Dr. Caruth responds to a New York Times Article about Awake Breast Augmentation

Patients share their experience
Recently, Dr. Caruth was interviewed by the Beauty Editor of the New York Times for an article about the Awake Breast Augmentation.awake breast aug

The AWAKE Breast Augmentation procedure is done under local anesthesia in the Plano Aesthetics office. The patient, as well as a guest, can view immediate results and give approval before the closing is done.

As quoted in the article, "If you talk to 99 percent of women, they want input into what they are going to look like," said Dr. Jeffrey Caruth, an obstetrician and gynecologist by training who now offers awake cosmetic surgery at his office in Plano, Tex. "People are not coming to me because it's cheaper. They don't want to be put to sleep."

As Amber, 34, of Frisco shares, "Dr. Caruth put one size in one breast and another size implant in the other. He sat me to look in the mirror to let me choose which size I liked best. After I made my decision, he laid me back down to complete the procedure."

Kacie, 24 shares, "I had Dr. Caruth adjust my size twice before I reached the one I liked the best. I remember all of the surgery, my memory wasn't cloudy; instead I was able to carry on conversation during the procedure. I went to other consultations and the cc amount I chose at other surgeons' offices were 50cc smaller than the size I chose once the implant was in my body. I love the way I look now, I am more confident, and I feel great."

Keep reading...

Click here to see the Awake Breast Augmentation photo gallery.

Use fat from your derriere to plump up your face? Yuk or a marvel?  Stem Cell Face Lift patient shares her experience
stem cell patientThere is a wonderful article about the "No-scalpel face lift: A new anti-aging treatment that involves injecting stem cells taken from your own body fat. (Dr. Caruth of Plano Aesthetics provides this procedure here in Dallas. Learn more.)

The article on the Daily Mail news website follows a 46 year old woman who "had become disillusioned with bulky fillers, which made her husband refer to her as 'Joan Rivers'. Her fear was that if she carried on having fillers, she would become fake looking.

From the article:
"Not so long ago, the idea that our aged, adult bodies contained huge numbers of stem cells which could regenerate our bodies and grow young tissue seemed like science fiction.

Keep reading.

$50 Botox Rebate 
botox lady
Plano Aesthetics is accepting the rebate for $50 off a treatment of Botox Cosmetic.

This promotion was sent to nearly 1 million consumers recently through Brilliant Distinctions Consumer Loyalty Program or to those who have registered on the Botox or Juvederm product websites. 

The offer is valid through 5/31 and all rebates must be postmarked by 6/19.

Combine the rebate with Plano Aesthetics current Botox special of $12/unit for additional savings!

Call Plano Aesthetics at 972-985-8080 for your appointment.

Please bring the rebate form to your appointment!

Click here to learn more about Botox.

Dr. Caruth Uses PureGraft An Innovative New System for Safe, Fast and Reliable Fat Grafting

Cytori announces the product launch of PureGraft 250, a revolutionary fat grafting technology that standardizes the graft preparation process for use in aesthetic body contouring.cytori

As always, Dr. Caruth is on top of the latest advancements in cosmetic procedures and uses the PureGraft technology in his fat grafting procedures.

The PureGraft technology enables the physician to purify a fat graft and remove excess 'graft fluid' in a controllable manner on the sterile field. This is accomplished without centrifugation or other motorized methods. The fat is added to the system and 15 minutes later, free lipid, blood cells, infusion chemicals and excess fluid are removed. PureGraft technology 'dialyzes' off everything but the pure fat tissue.

Learn more.

Plano Aesthetics 972-985-8080.

Well Woman Exams 

Well woman exam with Janet Mida for $175.00 cash price. 

Make your appointment by calling 972.985.8290.

Learn more about Janet Mida, Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner.
Over at the Plano Aesthetics Blog 
Physician interview about Natural Breast Augmentation on Connecticut Style TV.

Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery enhances your beauty naturally.

Happy Earth Day!  Fat Grafting - Just one more way to recycle.

What recession?  Bring on the cosmetic procedures.

Because it's more than just about weight loss. 

Botox Cosmetic launches "My Expressions of Kindness" campaign.

Stem cells used to remove under eye circles.

Our goal at Plano Aesthetics is to provide our patients with the best treatments available for skin care, body contouring, and other cosmetic procedures. Our practice is on the cutting edge of new technological advances in body contouring and skin rejuvenation, including most recently BodyJet, SmartLipo MPX and SmartXide DOT
Additionally, Dr. Caruth is the only physician in North Texas licensed to provide the Dr. TED Diet. 
Dr. Jeffrey Caruth
Plano Aesthetics