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March 2010
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Dr. Caruth, Medical Director
Body Jet Patient Needed
Dr. Caruth
dr. caruth
Dr Caruth was the first
physician in the United States to use Body Jet. 

He has developed the
standard technique to use and trains other physicians in the process.

He has done more than 250 cases since the development of Body Jet.
Learn more about Dr. Caruth.
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Body Jet Patients Needed - Tuesday, April 6
Dr. Caruth, who regularly trains physicians all over the world, will be hosting a  physician event on Tuesday, April 6.

Plano Aesthetics is looking for two patients who are interested in receiving Body Jet at a generously reduced rate of $2,500. (Regularly $5,000)

Rate includes all pre-op, blood work, procedure and post-op.

Each candidate will need two areas of contouring, preferably upper/lower abs or inner/outer thighs.

The Body-Jet, also referred to as Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL) uses a thin, fan-shaped water jet that is channeled into the fat tissue.  As a result the fat easily loses its structure and is released. The suction cannula removes the fat simultaneously as opposed to traditional liposuction.

Dr. Caruth will be supervising the hands-on training.

mikeA good candidate would be a male or female with a BMI under 28 and in good health.

Patient can expect to resume normal activities within 2 days.

Calculate your BMI at here.  
Body Jet is by far the most gentle type of liposuction that will transform your body and leave you with an amazing new shape.

Learn more and see our amazing before and after photos!

Our goal at Plano Aesthetics is to provide our patients with the best treatments available for skin care, body contouring, and other cosmetic procedures. Our practice is on the cutting edge of new technological advances in body contouring and skin rejuvenation, including most recently BodyJet, SmartLipo MPX and SmartXide DOT
Additionally, Dr. Caruth is the only physician in North Texas licensed to provide the Dr. TED Diet. 
Dr. Jeffrey Caruth
Plano Aesthetics