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June 2009
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We are excited about Pride season and our work around the state and nationally. Keep reading for ways to get involved, CAVP updates, LGBTQ news, and community events.

Welcome to Michelle Tijerina, Board Member

Michelle Tijerina
Michelle Tijerina proudly identifies as a strong "ism-fighting" Queer Chicana.  Born and raised in rural south Texas, just forty-five minutes from the birthplace of Queer Radical-Writer, Gloria Anzaldua, Michelle learned how to survive and fight against the varied effects of mainstream oppression.  Michelle continues the fight today, through her work as the Bilingual Clinical Case Manager for West Denver's Child & Family Center, a division of Mental Health Center of Denver.  Michelle is also currently earning her Master of Nonprofit Management Degree from Regis University, which she hopes will ensure a life-long career of working with and for marginalized and vulnerable communities.  Outside of work and school, Michelle serves our community as a CAVP Crisis Hotline Advocate, Board Member for the East High School Student Attendance Review Board and volunteer for Voz y Corazon, a Latina-Youth Suicide Prevention and Mentoring Group.  
CAVP Staff Participate in NCAVP Annual Round Table
Anti-violence programs from across the country gather in Columbus, OH

On May 27th, CAVP staff traveled to Columbus, OH to participate in the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs Annual Round Table and Regional Training Academy. The Round Table is a opportunity for LGBTQ-focused anti-violence programs from around the country to share ideas, network, build skills and set the priorities of the national coalition. About 13 programs attended this year's gathering. CAVP staff member, Crystal Middlestadt, co-facilitated two workshops described below. In addition to campaign planning meetings, members participated in workshops on the history of LGBTQ anti-violence organizing, immigration, LGBT incarcerated people, as well as a media training.

Eneri RodriguezNo on 48

Loretta Ross provided a moving keynote address on "LGBT Liberation: Moving Toward a Human Rights Framework." Loretta Ross is the National Coordinator of Sister Song, Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.

No on 48The Round Table concluded with a "Train the Trainer for AVP's: Safer dating, cruising, safety skills for LGBTQ youth" facilitated by Crystal Middlestadt of CAVP and Avy Skolnik of NCAVP. Crystal and Avy first began collaborating in 2005 to create a LGBTQ safety skills curriculum and are excited to continue to work together to empower queer youth.

The Regional Training Academy hosted by Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization provided free training to service providers, organizational staff and community activists on topics including hate violence, sexual assault, LGBT elders and working with LGBT youth. Crystal Middlestadt collaborated with two local providers, Erin Martin of Friends of the Homeless and Alyson Poirer of Capital Crossroads, to facilitate "Shelter Safety for LGBT Clients." Participants were eager to hear about Denver's Transgender Shelter Access Project and the steps we've taken to ensures trans people have a safe place to stay.

NCAVP 2008 Hate Violence Report to be Released June 16th
Each year, CAVP contributes to the Hate Violence report released by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. The 2008 report is scheduled to be released on June 16. More information will be provided about an upcoming press conference as well as statistics regarding incidents of bias-motivated and hate violence in the state of Colorado.
Trial Update & News on the Murder of Angie Zapata
Continued commitment to addressing the root causes of hate violence

No on 48The end of April brought the conclusion of a landmark murder trial in Greeley, Colorado. For the murder of Angie Zapata, Allen Andrade was found guilty on four charges, including first degree murder and a bias-motivated crime. We believe that this is the first time, nationally, that a state's hate crime statute has been used in the prosecution in a murder of a transgender person. There was much media attention on this case, both locally and nationally, bringing attention to an example of transphobic violence that, unfortunately, is much more common than many people realize (for more information, see the soon to be released NCAVP Hate Violence Report). While the trial for Angie Zapata's murder is over, CAVP remains committed to examining the root causes of hate violence. As a community, we have had many discussions about accountability and the fact that legal, criminal and prison systems are continually perpetrating violence against LGBTQ communities and communities of color. We hope to move forward in loving and intentional ways in creating systems of accountability and methods of prevention, while maintaining the humanity of both the victim and perpetrator.

A landmark case against bias
Op-ed by Crystal Middlestadt of CAVP and Avy Skolnik of NCAVP.
...We call on people to stand up, speak out, and organize to create safer communities where we are all free to live our lives without the fear of violence.
Also available at The Progressive

Restorative Justice Helps Repair Damage Caused by Violence
At a university in Colorado, Alana McCoy has repeatedly been the subject of hateful actions due to homophobia. Despite the obstacles, Alana has taken action to protect herself, and has hopes for a safer campus climate.

Teaching Social Tolerance at Regis
The murder trial of Angie Zapata started yesterday. A jury will decide if the killing of the 18 year old transgender Greeley resident is a hate crime. Advocates for young people who are gay, lesbian, or transgender, say the trial raises important questions about how to protect these young adults outside of the legal system. Sarah Hughes reports on one effort to create social protections at Regis University in Denver.

Angie Zapata verdict video: Sandeen and Signorile on TruTV

The Denver Chapter of INCITE! and Denver On Fire Respond to Verdict in Angie Zapata Case

Colorado responds to Angie Zapata verdict

Denver Public Library Health Radio -
Interview with Crystal Middlestadt from the Colorado Anti-Violence Program Listen now
Donate your old cell phones
An easy way to support CAVP that costs you nothing! You can also contact us if you think your school, workplace, gym, community center, grocery store, etc. would be open to being a cellphone collection site. E-mail Jerrilyn.

Become a CAVP Sustainer

Donors Make the Difference

Last month, CAVP sent out our annual report for 2008 and included an appeal for our sustainer program. Through the  leadership of board and volunteers, we followed this effort up with a phonebank which garnered a tremendous response. Thanks to everyone that gave so generously to support the liberation of LGBTQ communities in Colorado and beyond!

If we missed you during the phonebank, it's not too late to support this work by becoming a sustainer or with a one-time gift. Every dollar helps us do the work of:
  • Organizing Know-Your-Rights trainings for transfolks that access homeless and DV shelters
  • Offering restorative justice options for perpetrators of violence
  • Hosting statewide and national "train-the-trainer" programs around various lgbtq issues like safer dating and hooking up
Consider giving $50, $18, or $10 a month. Monthly donations come in many sizes and all donations are warmly received.

Check the box to make a recurring donation and we will charge your credit card monthly for 1 year. Don't forget to designate your donation to CAVP!
You can also set up a monthly donation by calling (303) 839-5204 or e-mailing Jerrilyn.
Our deep gratitude goes out to our sustainers, and everyone that contributed during our spring appeal and phonebank:

Sherry Biskup
Norman Brisson
Dara Burwell
Jill Sabin Carel*
C Carter*
Michelle Castor*
Michelle Chavis*
Riley Cockrell*
Kelly Costello*
Gino Cragen
Eleanor Dewey*
Seth Donovan*
Hillary Estner
Jordan T. Garcia*
Emily Graves*
Richard and Linda Graves
Chad Hagedorn*
Dan Hanley
Patrica Hewett
Linda Hsieh*
Emily Hunter
Hillary Jorgensen*
Zia Klamm*
Jude LaFollette
Sonya J. Lewis
Indra Lusero
Nielle McCammon (in memory of Angie Zapata)
David McClanahan
Linda Meric
Crystal Middlestadt*
Chris Nelson*
Jerrilyn Page*
Jessi Quizar
Regis University
Matthew Riederer
Paul Riederer
Eneri Rodriguez
Thomas Roth
Bernard and Gertrude Sabin
Sparrow Saighman
Ashley Seymour
Jamie Sims
Lynne Sprague*
M. Patrick Steadman
Anna Sun
Tara Tinnin*
Christopher Turner*
N. Eugene Walls*
Causten Wollerman
Join a CAVP Committee!

No on 48
The Development Committee works closely with the staff to implement the board's fundraising plan.  Members of this committee will assist in oversight and completion of the overall development and fundraising goals of the Colorado Anti-Violence Program.  They will be responsible for coordinating special events and direct mail appeals as outlined in the fundraising plan.  Additional tasks may include brainstorming creative new directions, motivating volunteers & board to be involved in fundraising efforts, and participating in direct asks and materials development.  For more info or to join, please contact Kyle Harris by e-mail or Eleanor Dewey by e-mail.
TABS Committee
Help keep CAVP organized!! This committee will play a crucial role in documenting the new staffing structure/model as it unfolds. By tracking the strengths of this model and the challenges of implementing it, CAVP could serve as an example for other agencies considering a similar structure. The role of the committee will also be to house the administrative and operations work of the board including supervision, budget reviews, and staff evaluations. For more info contact Mercy Salazar by e-mail

Each committee meets monthly and includes board, staff, volunteers and community members.
Colorado Pride Schedule
CAVP will reach out across the state

Audrey, Mercy and Jordan

CAVP will be present at five Pridefests around the state this summer and fall. Please come and say hello. We're still looking for volunteers to staff the table. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact Kelly at 303-839-5204 or e-mail
June 6, Fort Collins

June 27 and 28, Denver

July 19, Colorado Springs
August 15, Pueblo

September 12, Boulder

Unfortunately, CAVP won't be able to make it to Grand Junction on June 13
but hope everyone has a great time!
CAVP Trainings Around the State

The Colorado Anti-Violence Program continues its efforts to provide training around the state.

Grand Junction
On April 30th, CAVP presented two workshops on Domestic Violence in LGBTQ Communities for the Domestic Violence Academy attended by local service providers, victim advocates and law enforcement.

On May 13th, CAVP was invited to train Pueblo County Sheriff's Department and staff from Colorado Legal Services on Domestic Violence in LGBTQ Communities. That afternoon Crystal Middlestadt was invited to meet with staff at the local YWCA shelter, the only women's shelter in Pueblo. The following day we trained victim advocates with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Department.

On June 2, CAVP staff and both current and former board members facilitated two well-received workshops at The Pedagogy of Privilege Conference held on the University of Denver's campus.

Revolution from Within: People of Color, Healing, and Movement Building was a two part workshop open to self-identified people of color and was facilitated by Crystal Middlestadt, Jerrilyn Page and Mercy Salazar. Participants explored the ways in which racism and internalized oppression impact our abilities to fully participate and engage in social justice movement work, learned about the psychology of racism, the physiology of emotional triggers, and practiced techniques for managing triggers and healing from racism. CAVP is excited to continuing to center healing into our work.DU Workshop - Mercy Salazar

Survival Through Liberation: Trans & Gender Nonconformity
was facilitated by Kelly Costello, Eleanor Dewey and Jordan Garcia. In this workshop, participants explored how transphobia plays out through ideological, institutional, interpersonal and internalized oppression as well as making connections to issues of poverty, homelessness, incarceration and immigration.
Volunteer Appreciation

Every day, CAVP is very appreciative of the amazing work and commitment of our volunteers. On April 11th, we honored this work by hosting a game afternoon at the CAVP office. Volunteers and community members came together to spend time relaxing and getting to know each other over lunch and board games. We hope to have many more opportunities to continue getting to know each other socially and building community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with CAVP, please check out the information about the upcoming training dates below.

2009 Volunteer Training Schedule
Get involved!

Currently, CAVP is looking for new volunteers to become a valuable part of the organization.  There are many ways you can get involved, including joining a committee, completing administrative tasks, community outreach, building referral databases, and staffing the 24-hour crisis hotline. 
General Orientation
The general orientation will provide you with all of the tools you'll need to be an amazing volunteer with CAVP. This is also a great way to see if the CAVP crisis hotline is right for you.
The next general orientations will take place in July & October.

July training:
Two weeknights, July 13 and 15 from 6-9pm. You must attend both of these dates.
October training:
One full-day training, October 3 from 8:30am-5pm.
Crisis Hotline Training
Because the crisis hotline training is about 30 hours long, you will be making a considerable time-commitment to both the training and to the hotline itself. Hotline shifts are a half week long, and you will carry a pager for 24-hours a day. When people call the hotline, they will leave a message and the pager will then go off. You must have access to returning that phone call within 20 minutes of the call. If you have any questions about how the hotline can fit into your schedule, please let us know.
The next crisis hotline training will take place in October.

You must attend all of the dates below.

Saturday, October 3, 8:30am-5pm
Thursday, October 8, 6-9pm
Saturday, October 10, 8:30am-5pm
Sunday, October 11, 8:30am-5pm
Thursday, October 15, 6-9pm
Thursday, October 22, 6-9pm
For additional information about the Colorado Anti-Violence Program or to sign up for the volunteer training, please contact Kelly Costello at e-mail or 303-839-5204. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in volunteering.
Self-Defense Instructors' Conference July 7-9, 2009 in Oberlin, OH
CAVP to facilitate workshops on hate violence and creating trans inclusive programs

This is a 2-day conference for self-defense teachers, prior to the National Women's Martial Arts Federation annual Special Training summer camp. This stimulating retreat is full of networking, skill sharing, and professional development opportunities. Whether you are just starting out or have been teaching self-defense for years, plan to join us! Highly accomplished leaders have volunteered to facilitate workshops and to mentor women who are working towards NWMAF Self-Defense Instructor Certification. All are welcome!

Click here for the complete schedule and presenter biographies.

"Powerful Responses to the Increased Attacks on LGBTQ Communities"
with Mamie Chow, and a panel including Brenda Jones, Crystal Middlestadt, Sonya Richardson, and Lauren Taylor
In recent years, we have witnessed a disturbing increase in violent attacks on LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) people, and particularly on younger LGBTQ people of color. Too often the stories are ignored or misrepresented by media. This panel will offer insight and data on what's happening nationally and why younger LGBTQ people of color are becoming prime targets.

"Transgender 101"
with Crystal Middlestadt
More and more women's self-defense programs are recognizing the importance of creating transgender inclusive programs. Transgender people experience alarmingly high levels of violence, ranging from domestic violence to hate motivated, transphobic violence. Participants will learn concrete tips for creating trans inclusive workshops, materials, and environments.

"Reframing Self-Defense as a Human Rights Issue"
with Ellen Snortland
How do we as compassionate, ethical, and responsible self-defense providers reframe the idea of self-defense so that learning to protect yourself becomes "mainstream" and common sense? Don't we dream of the day when our classes fill gracefully and easily and not in a climate of fear? Indeed, how do we avoid using fear to motivate women and girls into taking a self-defense class? Ellen Snortland will speak about her experiences in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and her stand that all self-defense providers are actually human rights activists and educators.
Job Openings

Chinook Fund, Director of Business and Finance, Collective Leadership Model
Deadline for Submissions: June 15, 2009. 
The Director of Business and Finance is responsible for the management of office and business operations as well as financial management for the global health of the organization. This individual will be committed to developing and implementing a collaborative model of leadership rooted in strong communication, community-wide involvement, shared investment, and attention to Chinook's mission and values. This position requires a strongly motivated and high-functioning individual who can: multi-task, display accountability to self and peers, and provide creativity and resourcefulness to a new organizational direction. 

Director of Rainbow Alley 
Deadline for Submissions: June 23, 2009
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Colorado is seeking a Director of Rainbow Alley, responsible for all programs and operations of Rainbow Alley. The Director supervises the Program Manager, short-term employees, and interns. This position requires skills and knowledge in managing staff and volunteers, grant management, evaluation, research, public policy, advocacy, and training.  This position also requires extensive clinical experience with youth age 21 and younger dealing with issues such as suicide, safe sex, homelessness, juvenile justice, drug/alcohol abuse, and family conflict.

National and Statewide Programs Coordinator,
NYC Anti-Violence Program
The job will be posted soon. Call 212-714-1184 or go to the NYCAVP website for more info.
The National and Statewide Programs Coordinator's role is to maintain and grow the work of two coalitions: The NY State LGTBQ Domestic Violence Network and the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. The National and Statewide Programs Coordinator provides technical assistance, training, and vision to both groups and is a liaison between the groups and the NYC Anti-Violence Project staff. Periodic travel (statewide and national) required.

Community Events

FACETS!- OASOS Annual Queer Youth Cabaret- June 10th (Boulder)
7 p.m. at the Old Main Theater on CU Boulder's Campus. 
This yearly event features performances (such as youth made films, dance performances, poetry, comedy, and more) by local LGBTIQ youth.  Be ready to laugh, cry, be entertained and inspired by these heart-felt creative performances.

Summer Latinas of Vision - Tues. June 9th (Denver)

Reproductive Justice Gets SexEd Forum - Wed. June 10th @ 5:30 pm (Denver)
COLOR's second reproductive justice forum of the year focuses on sexuality education. Youth and parents, school administrators and school board members are all encouraged to attend for a roundtable discussion. 

United Families tour - Sun. June 13th at 1:00 pm (Northglenn)
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Parish Center, 11385 Grant St., Northglenn, CO
United Families is a nationwide tour led by Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez to encourage Congress to pass just & humane immigration reform in 2009!  In over 20 cities, families that suffer under our broken immigration policies have told their stories to thousands of onlookers, the media, and elected officials. Please save the date for this historic event as faith leaders, community members and Congressional champions for immigration reform join to demonstrate the urgency of fixing our broken immigration system.
RSVP to the Office of Congressman Polis @ 303-484-9596!

"Swift Justice" Film on ICE Raids at Swift & Co. June 13th at 3:00 pm (Colorado Springs)
At the Gay and Lesbian Fund (315 E Costilla St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903) Film will be followed by discussions with special guests Fernando Rodriquez, Greeley's Director of United Food and Commercial Workers' Union, Local 7; Mateos Alvarez, Community Organizer and Co-Producer; and Julie Speer Hunniford, Co-Producer, Little Voice Productions. For more info contact Megumi Esperanza Nakamura at (719) 866.6510 or 

EMBRACE An evening for gay men, friendship, and community - June 19th (Denver)
5:30 to 8:30 pm at 950 Logan St. For more info, please e-mail Deryk.
Denver's Gay Men's Movement, EMBRACE is Committed to the experience of belonging for all gay men. We celebrate our lives and gifts by creating spaces in which we learn, grow, build resilience, and know we are loved. Over the last year, several gay men across Denver have come together to develop a social network: EMBRACE.  Please join us for an evening to share our vision, and hear your feedback.

4th ANNUAL AILA Colorado IMMIGRANT LIBERTY AWARDS-  June 19th (Denver)
5:30pm to 10pm At Turnhalle in the Tivoli Center on the Auraria Campus, Denver
Hosted by University of Colorado at Denver, Office of International Affairs International Student Scholar Services. Featuring Mistress of Ceremonies Christine Chang, 7NEWS. Complimentary Beer and Wine thanks to Beverage Distributors. Great International Cuisine by Spice of Life
International Music & Dancing

The Immigrant Worker Project - June 19th (Denver)

(A Centro Humanitario's Campaign)
At the Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue. Doors Open @ 7pm
Proceeds benefit El Centro's Community-Based Film/Organizing Project.  Our amazing and talented friends at Paper Bird and Des Tours have graciously agreed to play their unique and wonderful music for us all!  We will begin the evening by screening a short film about the lives of local Immigrant Workers followed by a discussion panel.  Also joining us, Jason Bosch from ArgusFest will provide video art, Cafe Cultura will enlighten us with their poetry and DJ Sarah Slater will spin records before the film and between sets. A Silent Auction** will be held as well as a raffle for prizes. Tickets: $10 prepaid (contact Mu Son or RaulRaul to buy tickets). $15-20 sliding scale at the door

GLBT ELDERS are invited to a free roundtable discussion on June 22

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the GLBT Community Center located at 1050 Broadway
At the event, GLBT elders will discuss how the GLBT rights movement has affected their lives over the past 40 years. If you are able to do so, please bring a snack or dish to share with other attendees. For information or to RSVP, please contact Ken Helander via e-mail

At the Grand Hyatt Denver, 1750 Welton Street, Downtown Denver, Colorado
REGISTER NOW for the reduced conference registration rate!
This first-of-its kind conference will bring together the immigrant integration field, convening key leaders at the national, state and local levels, including policymakers, practitioners, funders, researchers, business representatives and others. This unique opportunity will explore best practices, assess the current environment and develop priorities that will chart the course for a growing national movement. For more information, contact Lisa Thakkar or (312) 344-2228.

NASCO Action Camp: Racial Justice for Sustainable Communities(Kerrville, TX)
August 13-16, 2009

2009 LGBTI Health Summit(Chicago, IL)
August 14 - 18, 2009 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers
The 2009 National LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex,) Health Summit - in collaboration with the Bi Health Summit (August 14, 2009) will focus on "Health Through the Life Course" and is dedicated to preserving and improving the emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, environmental, and social health and wellness of LGBTI people; a diverse range of communities who each experience significant health disparities because of our sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

SAVE THE DATE! A Benefit for AMISTAD & Compaņeras Program- August 22nd (Boulder)
7:00 pm-12:00 am  Millennium Harvest House Boulder, 1345 Twenty-Eighth Street
PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW! $50 Individual Tickets, $80 Couple Tickets includes: Dinner, Closing Ceremony and Salsa Dance with Conjunto Colores, Colorado's Hottest Salsa & Latin Jazz Band! *Tickets will be mail to your address! *If you can not attend our event, please consider donating to our programs. For more information please call: 303.443.9899 or by e-mail.

SAVE THE DATE- Latina Health Summit - Sat. October 10th(Denver)
Mark your calendar for the fourth annual Latina Health Summit on October 10th, location TBA. This one-day gathering of young Latinas and their families includes workshops on reproductive justice, political involvement, education, self-care, artistic expression and more!

SAVE THE DATE- Domestic Violence Conference - October 14th - Pueblo  
Teresa's Place, the O.V.W. funded Supervised Visitation Center which was created by a collaboration between the 10th Judicial District, Pueblo County, 10th Judicial District Attorney's Officeand the YWCA is holding a conference on Domestic Violence on October 14, 2009 commencing at 8:30 a.m. There will be several tracks available to participants.  This conference is open to Judges, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers, Probation Officers, Case Workers, D.V. Treatment Providers, Substance Abuse Treatment providers, Supervised Visitation Centers, Advocates, School Administrators, Teachers and any other professional or group that works with victims and perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Participate in Woman-to-Woman Intimate Partner Abuse Study
I am looking for women who have been romantically and/or sexually involved with other women, have felt that at least one of these relationships was abusive (physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally, financially, etc), and would like to be part of an interview concerning this experience. I am interested in hearing your experiences whether you believe you were the victim or the abuser. All participants' identities will be kept confidential and the findings will not be reported in any way that others would be able to identify you.  If you would like to learn more about participating in this study, please contact me at: or 303-775-8502.

A GAY DADS STUDY is currently being conducted, and researchers are seeking gay fathers nationwide to take part. Graduate student Samantha Tornello is working on the research project with her faculty advisor Dr. Charlotte Patterson. The study consists of an online survey that takes approximately 25- 35 minutes of each participant's time. To qualify for the study, the participant must identify as male, a father, and gay, and have at least one child of any age. The gay father's child can be biological, adopted, foster, or a stepchild. A man does not need to be the child's legal parent to participate. To participate, send an email to:

2009 report on State-sponsored homophobia
80 countries around the world consider homosexuality illegal, five of them punish homosexual acts with death. The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association is a world-wide network of national and local groups dedicated to achieving equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people everywhere.
California Supreme Court rules school can expel students for being gay

Hate Crime Surivivor in San Diego Speaks Out A lesbian musician was beaten in a homophobic attack in San Diego.

Homophobia and gender norms a real drag

Homophobia Is Killing Our Youth

Markey to House: Shepard, Zapata 'two victims of hate crimes in my district'

NYC immigrant beaten in suspected homophobic attack dies

Pa. jury: Immigrant's beating death no hate crime

Poverty in the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community
This report undertakes the first analysis of the poor and low-income lesbian, gay, and bisexual population. We find clear evidence that poverty is at least as common in the LGB population as among heterosexual people and their families.

President Obama proclaims June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

Report: US Hate Groups Up 34% Since 2000

TSA Moves to Secure Flights- Concern for LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming People
This article is an update on new TSA security measures that may lead to potential abuse, racial and gender profiling.  
Secure Flight, the long-delayed computerized screening program, has begun requiring passengers to submit their full name when making airline reservations. Passengers will have to enter their names as they appear on the government-issued identification with which they will travel.

Second anti-trans murder in U.S. history charged as hate crime

SRLP announces non-support of the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act!
We write to you today because we are deeply concerned with the version of the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) that was recently introduced in the New York State Assembly. We are members of transgender and gender non-conforming communities of color, allies to these communities, and representatives of organizations that work to advocate for and increase the political voice of these communities. ....

'They Kill People Like Us,' says gay Iraqi

Young Boy To Publicly Live Life As Girl
More here- CNN Video
No on 48
Join a Workplace Giving Campaign

Each fall, many Colorado workplaces offer employee giving campaigns.  Employees are able to donate a dollar amount per paycheck to the charity of their choice.  Payroll contribution is a simple and efficient way to support the issues you care about most.
CAVP is a member of Community Shares of Colorado.  Community Shares supports us and over 100 other Colorado nonprofits through paycheck contribution campaigns.  Community Shares believes in choice in giving and that everyone can make a difference.  Last year, Colorado donors pledged over $1.57 million dollars through Community Shares paycheck contribution campaigns.
Please look for CAVP in the giving campaign at your workplace.  We are an option in the Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC), Denver Employees Combined Campaign (DECC) and take part in local Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC). Also, if your company runs a United Way campaign, you are able to write in CAVP as a "donor choice" option on the pledge card.  While we are not a United Way partner agency, they will direct the donation to us.  However, the best way to support CAVP through workplace giving is to include Community Shares of Colorado in your workplace giving campaign.
When we work together, incremental giving creates a monumental difference.  Please contact the Community Shares of Colorado office for more information about how to bring a paycheck deduction campaign to your company. Contact: Alyssa Kopf,, 303-861-7507
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Crystal Middlestadt
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