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March 30, 2011
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Mary Scalco to Lead DLI
TURI Non-Filers Being Cited!
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Thank you for your membership!  We here at NEFA are dedicated to helping you to improve your business.  Whether it is through programs like Fall Fest or our endorsed vendor services, we strive to provide you the best. You are important to us, and we appreciate your comments, suggestions and any concerns.  Please feel free to contact us at anytime for all your industry needs: 800-442-6848.
Mary Scalco slated to Become DLI CEO!

mary scalcoThe DLI Board of Directors announced that Chief Executive officer Bill Fisher is leaving his position at the association.  The Board also announced the appointment of Scalco as the new leader.  This change will ensure a seamless transition for the staff and membership.


DLI President Rick Kasperbauer thanked Bill for his years of service and dedication to the industry, and noted that his contributions have been enormous over the last four decades."


The Officers and Directors of DLI have expressed their complete confidence in Scalco and her exceptional staff to continue DLI's tradition of excellence. 


For more information, please contact David Machesney, DLI Director, District 1: 

DEP Non- Compliance Notices On The Rise!
The DEP has begun issuing Notices of Non-compliance for cleaners that failed to submit TURI Reporting Forms in 2009.  All cleaners who have over 10 full-time equivalent employees AND use over 1,000 pounds (75 gallons) of perc are mandated to report under the act.  Forms for these cleaners were due in July of 2010.  This reporting comes with a $3,000 annual fee, and for those who did not report, there may be a fee and/or penalty of an additional $1,000. 


All Perc cleaners who have been notified by the DEP or who feel they have not reported in error -- are urged to call Peter Blake at 800-442-6848 for more information.  NEFA will help these cleaners back into compliance.

Easy to Do Ideas That Work -- Try Them!


care label

Actual Label:  Do Not Dryclean

Do Not Wash, Do Not Use Alcohol,

Spot Clean Only with Cold Water. Help!

Use DLI Bulletins and Information to Educate Customers!
NEFA and DLI are committed to helping you educated your customers.  How many times have you had a garment fail or get ruined and had to explain the situation to the customer?  Have the DLI CD-Rom on hand to print out explanations.  You can even give your customers the association number to call and have us provide the needed information.  In the last week alone, we have had 2 members possibly heading to small claims court call for Bulletins and we may have been able to help avoid the process!  Use the information -- it works!
Have an idea?  A helpful Suggestion?  Send them to us and we may publish them in an upcoming Headlines & More: Online or on our website.  This is a new regular feature of both this e-mail update and  The idea was first published in a DLI publication of the same title.

Back in the Office after a great trip to Florida.  Met with the representatives of the DLI and South Eastern Fabricare Association, and can't express enough my gratitude for their hospitality.  Their is tremendous excitement over the possibilities for DLI, NEFA and the entire Industry!  I strongly belive DLI and NEFA are well positioned to make a tremendous positive impact on the industry and our membership.
I will be in Southern Massachusetts at the end of this week, and I will be at the Boiler License class on Sunday in Middleboro.  There is still time to register so don't miss out!  Next week I hope to be heading wet to the Springfield and Hartford areas. 
All members are encouraged to call and set up an appointment, it would be great to visit!  We are always looking for ways to better serve our members and the industry as a whole, so please let us know if there are areas you feel we could assist you in.  Please either call us at 800-442-6848 or e-mail me at


Peter Blake,
NEFA Executive Vice President