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June 2009
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PET Calendar
2009 Presbytery Meetings:
Saturday, August 22 @ 10:00am - Fountain City Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN.  (Packet deadline: July 31)
Tuesday, November 10 @ 10:00am -Rivermont Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN  (Packet deadline: Oct. 20) 

June Mission Team/ Committee Meetings:

Support Mission Team - 6/4, 3:00pm @ Highland
Outdoor Ministry Team - 6/7, 4:00pm @ John Knox Center
Committee on Ministry - 6/9, 11:00am @ Mars Hill
Coordinating Council - 6/10, 4:30pm video conference
Finance & Stewardship Committee - 6/15, 6:00pm video conference
Equip Mission Team - 6/18, 10:00am video conference
New Vision Committee - 6/18, 10:00am @ TBA
Committee on Preparation for Ministry - 6/18, 12:00 noon @ TBA
Serve Mission Team - 6/23, 11:00am @ UT-K Presbyterian Center.

Events at John Knox Center:

Information on events and activities at John Knox are available on the JKC website.
For the latest meeting and events information,
go to the presbytery website: www.presbyteryeasttn.org

and click on the Calendar of Events link.

Church Info-Pak Deadlines for 2009:
                   July 10
                   Oct. 9
These Info-Paks include information for pastors and sessions, notices of churchwide events, resources for church educators, and the presbytery calendar.  Info-Paks are mailed to all churches, affiliated colleges and agencies, at-large and retired ministers, and current members of PET mission teams and committees.
2010 Mission Yearbook
Order by July 10 for Bulk Discount 
The Presbytery office is now collecting orders for the 2010 Mission Yearbook.  The price is $5.60 each. (The regular price from PDS is $9.25 plus shipping.)  The order form and payment must be received by the Presbytery office by July 10 to be included in the bulk order
To download or print the order form, click here.
Please Note: The books will be delivered to the Presbytery office in Knoxville and must be picked up there. 
From the Stated Clerk
By James McTyre
Join the PET social network. 

At the last Stated Meeting of presbytery, the group gave consent to set up a social network for the presbytery. If you're familiar with Facebook, it's very similar. If you're not familiar with Facebook, consider a social network as a combination bulletin board, party line (remember those?), and meeting space. To join, go to


and follow the directions to set up your ning.com account and join the presbytery's network. Once you get your account, when you log in to presbyteryeasttn.ning.com, you'll be taken to the Main page.

Upload a profile picture, play with your page, write a blog post, set up a group, start a discussion, post an event you're organizing... this place is for you. And, feel free to use the "invite" feature of the site to invite others in the presbytery that you're connected with. The posts are self-moderated, so please follow the golden rule of posting: Post unto others as you would have them post unto you.

Go ahead and play with the site. If you do something you really want to erase, you can either erase it yourself, or contact me to help you. If you get stuck and are really getting frustrated, just call me and I can do some over the phone help sessions.

Above all, have fun. Don't let yourself get frustrated with the site. If you do get frustrated, take a break and call me. My Clerk's Office line is 865-245-4400. Enjoy.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
Be a far-sighted Presbyterian. Visit the Stated Clerk's blogsite at http://presbyopia.blogspot.com  for resources and assorted news. 
PC(USA) News
2009 Mission Resources 
Recently the General Assembly Council sent out copies of "2009 Mission Resources for Presbyterians" to every congregation and middle governing body. This flier featured information about the Mission Yearbook, Children's Mission Yearbook, the Presbyterian Planning Calendar, the "Who are We Presbyterians" family of resources, and Presbyterians Today. Additional copies of this promotional flier are limited, so a printable PDF version may be accessed by clicking here.
Member Referral Service Website
A website has been created for the PC(USA) Member Referral Service.  Member Referral Service is a tool designed to assist recently relocated church members, greeting them as they enter new communities and welcoming them to a new congregation of faith. Churches can now submit this information directly online instead of mailing cards in. To go to the online service, click here.
Young Adults Called to Service at the Big Tent
Even as the members of the Youth Ministries Task Force - the sixth and final special committee named by the moderator of the 218th General Assembly - gather at the Big Tent, June 11-13, in Atlanta, Ga., to convene their first meeting, Presbyterian young adults from across the region and nation will already be making a significant contribution to the PC(USA)by demonstrating a new model for service and active engagement.

On Saturday, June 13, young adults ages 18-35 will be joining together for a morning of service at several mission sites in Atlanta, followed by an afternoon of discernment and sharing. 

Young adults who are not registered for the Big Tent may participate in the Young Adult Mission Experience for a $25 Saturday-only fee, which includes a light breakfast, lunch and transportation. There is no additional cost for those registered for the three-day Big Tent event.
For additional information and a link to online registration, click here
Board of Pensions News
Helen Locklear, our regional BOP representative, sends monthly e-newsletters. The latest newsletter features the following information:
**  New Maximum for Seminary Debt Assistance Grants Effective June 1
** Employee Assistance Program Continues to Support Members Free-of-Charge
**  MGB Grants Application Deadline is Aug. 15
To read the newsletter, click here.
2009 Christian Life Conference
Montreat Conference Center, July 4-7
Theme: The Father's Love
1 John 3:1
Sponsored by Presbyterians for Renewal
For more information, click here.
Faith & Environment: Embracing God's Call to be Green
The National Conference for Presbyterians for Restoring Creation at Montreat Conference Center, July 7-11.  For more information and to register online, click here or call the registrar at 800.572.2257, ext. 335.
Scholarships are available for this conference - click here for more information.
Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network
2009 Annual Conference, Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 in Tucson, AZ.  For more information, go to the POAMN website, www.poamn.org
Elderhostel Experiences at Montreat
Elderhostel programs are offered at Montreat from early spring until December each year. 

Elderhostel participants come to Montreat Conference Center from every walk of life to learn together, to exchange ideas, and to explore the world.  From politics to poetry, fitness to mountain folklore, the Elderhostel program at Montreat touches on topics and activities that open minds and enrich lives.  Learn more at www.elderhostel.org   Type "Montreat" in the search field to bring up current programming.

Casa Del Sol Retreat Schedule for 2009
Check out the offerings at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico by clicking here
News from UT-Knoxville Presbyterian Center
UT logoAre you a UT Vol Football fan?  Do you drive around and around on game days looking for a place to park?  Consider parking right on campus at the Presbyterian Center in your own reserved parking space with use of a full kitchen and bathrooms.  Starting in July, the PC will be accepting bids for reserved parking spaces for UT football games.  All proceeds go directly to the ministry at the Presbyterian Center.  If you are interested in being on the mailing list for this great opportunity, please email Kally at pcutk@utk.edu.
We Want Your News!
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with the information and support you need to keep in touch and connected with your fellow Presbyterians in East Tennessee. This monthly publication features news and events from around the Presbytery, resources to assist you in your ministry, and devotionals authored by our members.
We invite you to share your news with us!  All articles and news items must be submitted by the 20th of the month prior to publication. Send your information to Dana Hendrix, preferably in electronic format.  Her e-mail address is Dana@presbyteryeasttn.org.
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Shared Discomfort
By Carl Schlich, Interim General Presbyter
Following the Stated Meeting at Maryville College a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to gather with a half dozen colleagues for a bit of  fellowship at a Mexican place in Maryville, (Cinco de Mayo, you know). In the ensuing conversation, I was asked if the Synod and General Assembly knew yet that the contributions from our Presbytery to those parts of our Church were going to be markedly smaller as a result of our Presbytery's decision that day. Ouch!
I think, with my sinking feeling, I perhaps identified with where many pastors are during these times.  When asked if the Presbytery of East Tennessee knew yet that the contributions from their congregation to the work of the Church through their Presbytery were going to be significantly smaller this year, they too must have had a similar feeling.  We're all having to adjust to our financial times.
Certainly, most of us who are in pastoral leadership positions cannot take either the credit or the blame for most of what occurs in our part of the Church. But often it takes a lot of personal differentiation for the latter not to happen.  It becomes personal for some of us when all does not go as well as we would like to see it go, and we tend to blame ourselves for the lack of success. 
Then I have to remember what I have been told numerous times, God has not asked us to be successful, God has asked us to be faithful.  And Micah would describe faithfulness by asking, "...what does God require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"  (6:8)
Of course, that can become a cop out for us, if we don't ask ourselves what it is to do justice.  That can be a way to shrug off our responsibilities if we don't picture kindness.  It can give us a way of turning our backs on our own commitment if we don't ask what it is to walk humbly with our God.
Grace and Peace to you and yours,
PET Meeting Highlights
The Presbytery of East Tennessee held its Ninety-Ninth Stated Meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at Maryville College. 
To read highlights of the actions taken at this meeting, click here
During worship, an offering was taken up for a scholarship fund at Maryville College.  We received the following note of appreciation:
We would like to thank the Presbytery for being so generous in its offering at yesterday's meeting.  The amount of the offering was $558.63, which will go to support a Church and College Scholar at Maryville College, a scholarship for PC(USA) students, who in return for scholarship assistance, commit to working at least 3 hours each week in a local church.  We, and the students, are very grateful for the support!
Blessings, Anne McKee, Campus Minister and Kathleen Farnham, Director of Church Relations
The next Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of East Tennessee will be held on Saturday, August 22 at Fountain City Presbyterian Church in Knoxville.
Hunger Action!
Cents-Ability Summer Wish List
Please keep your Cents-Ability offerings coming! The immediate goal is to be able to send $1,000 grants this summer to:
  • Cents-Ability logoScott County Emergency Food Assistance
  • Good Shepherd Center in Madisonville

Deborah Phillips
Presbytery of East Tennessee Hunger Program
"Feed my lambs."  John 21:15

Foreign Mission in Your Own Backyard!
By Tim Myrick, Living Waters for the World, Appalachian Network
Churches across the Presbytery are always looking for mission projects that ignite the congregation, provide a great service to those in need, and provide Living Water to those who seek comfort in their hard lives.  Usually, that involves looking across a border or across a large body of water to some far-off land with great needs.  But, with personal and church finances now in short supply, often those expensive foreign mission trips are no longer possible.  So, how about a foreign mission trip right in your own backyard?
Appalachian homeThe Living Waters for the World (LWW) clean water ministry of our Synod has expanded its programs significantly in the past few years.  The LWW work is now ongoing in 20 countries, with over 280 installations worldwide.  One of those countries and 40 of those water treatment installations are right here in the USA.  Did you know that?  Beginning in 2005, LWW began looking at the Appalachian region of the US and the overwhelming need for clean water sources for individual families in that 10 state area.  You know some of those families, you have driven through the hills of East Tennessee and have seen the poverty and the substandard living conditions of our neighbors.  Now you can do something about it - and stay close to home for your foreign mission trip.

To read more about the Appalachian Network of Living Waters for the World and how you can become involved, click here.
John Knox Center News
50 Years of Ministry - 1960-2010
50th Anniversary 
2010 is a year of celebration of 50 years of ministry at the John Knox Center.  Lives have been changed on the shores of Watts Bar Lake over the past 50 Years. 
If your life has been touched by the ministry at John Knox, whether as a camper, camp parent, staff, guests, or volunteer, we would like to hear from you!  Stories, pictures, anything about your John Knox experience.
We are also looking for volunteers to serve on the committee planning the 50th Celebration.  Please contact Bri Payne, Interim Executive Director at (865) 376-2236 or programdirector@johnknoxcenter.org.
What's in your garage?
The John Knox Center maintenance staff has been hard at work getting camp ready for summer!  There are a few common items we need that you may have collecting dust in your garage.  Check out the list below.
  • Lawn mower2 Lawnmowers (push or riding, but smaller than a tractor!) 
  • 3 Yard Rakes
  • 2 Shovels
  • 3 Pruners (Loppers)
  • Ladders (various sizes)
  • Landscaping Tools
Have one of these items?  Give us a call to arrange drop off at camp!  Thanks for supporting the ministry at the John Knox Center.

John Knox Center Summer Camp 2009
Cross at John Knox Center
Summer camp at Camp John Knox has been a favorite of kids all over the Southeast for more than 45 years.  CJK provides a safe, fun environment for campers of all ages to grow in faith, develop a positive self-image, and create relationships that last forever.  Camp John Knox is accredited by the American Camp Association whose intense standards ensure each camper's safety is of the highest priority.  Give your child a lasting, meaningful summer at your camp and conference center. 
It isn't too late to register for summer camp at Camp John Knox.  There are still spaces available.  If you have any questions about their program or which camp is best for your child, call Chris Ford at (865) 376-2236.

Summer 2009 Schedule
4- 10 Years
Day Camp                           June 8 - 12            
Pioneer Day Camp               July 22 - 31            
2nd - 4th Grade
Mini Critter Camp NEW          June 16 - 19
Mini Camp                          June 29 - July 1
4th- 6th Grade
Critter Camp                       June 14 - 19
Native Ways Camp              July 5 - 10
Elementary Marathon           July 15 - 24
"Game On" Camp NEW        July 26 - 31
7th- 10th Grade
Night Owl Camp                  June 21 - 26
Jr. High Adventure              July 5 - 14
Jr. High Marathon               July 12 - 24
9th - Graduates
Sr. High Adventure             June 21 - July 1
Covenant Partners             May 31 - June 1

Camp John Knox

New Vision News

New Vision Logo

It's summer, and your communities and neighborhoods will soon be buzzing with festivals, picnics, and other outdoor activities.  Are you prepared to represent your church at those events?
There doesn't have to be a lot of preparation involved - just wear a teeshirt with your church name on it, hand out invitation cards, or strike up conversations - you never know who may be searching.  Make sure that your Presbyterian cross "cling-on" is on your windshield, your banner is up OUTSIDE of your church, and keep up with all the latest events so that you can easily answer any questions people may have about your worship times, your VBS schedule, and all of the other activities and missions they may be interested in.
IF YOU HAVE NOT ORDERED YOUR FREE PERSONALIZED BANNER, PLEASE DO SO TODAY.  Here is a partial list of churches that can still take advantage of this unique opportunity:
Brown Hill, Caledonia, Clover Hill, Concord, Cross Roads, Eastminster, Emmanuel, Erin, First - Spring City, First - Greenback, First - Etowah, First United - Athens, Fountain City, Highland, Houston Memorial, Korean - Chattanooga, Mars Hill, Mowbray, New Covenant, New Hope - Knoxville, Northminster, Renaissance, Rocky Springs, Second - Chattanooga, Shannondale, Shiloh, Washington, Westminster.
Email me right away so that I can send you the brief instructions you need to fill out in order to get your FREE PERSONALIZED BANNER.  You'll be glad you have it!
If you'd like for me to come to your church to discuss further ideas for outreach and marketing (evangelism), please email me at 2009newvision@gmail.com.
Donna Hoppestad, marketing consultant 
MissionInsite logoMissionInsite is now being accessed by dozens in the Presbytery of East TN, but hundreds of you can still learn volumes from this free, interactive, map-driven, web-based resource, called The MI System. MissionInsite provides over 50 variables of current demographic information. This information is provided on the MissionInsite website www.missioninsite.com
The MI System provides you with a new way to access community information. It moves beyond static reports you order to neighborhoods you explore. If you have used MapQuest or Google Maps, you will find yourself at home in the MI System.
The system also provides the ability for local churches to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on your map. This is referred to as Congregant Plot. So, while there are a few things you need to learn, the system is designed to be user friendly and provides you with additional services not available from other systems. Have fun exploring your mission context and remember there is no possibility of accidentally harming the system or data.
On the MissionInsite Home page under Local Churches click on Resources to help you get started.  Specifically, by reading through the MI Local Church User Guide and using our Presbytery Agency number 40L6R, you can register free today.  Call Laura Tappan in the presbytery's office if you have any questions - 865-688-5581 / 800-542-4246 (TN only)
Inspirational Kids Column
Teen of the Year 
Maggie Rust and FamilyMaggie Rust, daughter of Laura and Les Rust (pastor of Mars Hill in Athens) was honored recently as part of the Athens Elks Lodge's Youth Government Day.  She and another area high school student, Joseph Riley, were named Teens of the Year.
The two honorees were chosen from among the Teens of the Month announced during the 2008-2009 school year. As Teens of the Year, each were awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Elks Lodge. 
A member of the National Honor Society, Maggie Rust has earned numerous academic awards, particularly in the area of math.  She also has a strong interest in music, playing the clarinet in the marching and concert bands, as well as singing in her church choir and in her school's show choir.  During her junior year, she studied abroad in Spain. Maggie has participated in several mission trips, including one to Senegal, West Africa, where she worked with deaf children and on a team providing medical aid.
Maggie will be attending King College in the fall and she is the recipient of a scholaship from the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Do you know of a youth in the Presbytery whose service to others is inspiring?  Please email Dana@presbyteryeasttn.org with information and a picture, along with permission of a parent.
Disaster Response Network News
New Providence to be Volunteer Processing Center 
In the event of a disaster, New Providence Presbyterian Church in Maryville has agreed to be a volunteer processing center.     
On Sunday afternoon, June 14, 2009 at 2 PM, representatives of PET's Disaster Response Network and the Red Cross will conduct a training session so that members from the congregation will learn how to operate a volunteer processing center.   The training will consist of a brief discussion about the nature of disasters and the role of volunteer processing, and then will proceed with the actual processing of the people who attend using the same procedure previously used at Erin Presbyterian Church in Knoxville to process the community volunteers who became shelter workers.
The leadership at New Providence has been most helpful and supportive of our efforts to develop the capacity to process volunteers.  In addition to members of New Providence, it is hoped that other PC(USA) churches in Blount County will send individuals to the training on June 14.  For additional information, please contact Charles Montgomery, co-coordinator of the Disaster Response Network, at montymontgomery@comcast.net.
Once More to The Gulf, Once More
A team of volunteers from the Presbytery of East Tennessee worked on home restoration projects in Gulfport and Long Beach, MS during the week of May 2-9.  Fritz Schilling, co-coordinator of PET's Disaster Response Network, was a member of the team and has written a report of their latest adventures on The Gulf.    To read his report, click here.

Disaster Response work group

Resources for the Road
By Lina R. Hart, Associate Presbyter
In our day of a rapidly changing culture, shifting allegiances and daily struggles to make sense out of what God is doing around us, it may be helpful to take a look at some resources that are offered to help.  There's really more information out there than is humanly possible to absorb, but let me suggest a few that I'm exploring.

http://www.thecolumbiapartnership.org - a site devoted to "Transforming the capacity of the North American Church to pursue and sustain vital Christ-centered ministry."  Preventing Unhealthy Congregational Conflict, Americans are No Longer Joiners, Maintenance Versus Mission in Congregations - titles of just a few books they are currently reviewing.

https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/767777376 - the site to register for a webinar - First Steps in Church Transformation [PC-USA], Tuesday, June 16, 2009 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

http://www.friendofmissional.org and http://missionalchurchnetwork.com - sites to help us better understand what it means to be the missional church. At the Friends of Missional site it mentions, "At its core, missional is a shift in thinking. This shift in thinking is expressed by Ed Stetzer and David Putman in their book, "Breaking the Missional Code" (Broadman & Holman, 2006) like this: From programs to processes, From demographics to discernment, From models to missions, From attractional to incarnational, From uniformity to diversity, From professional to passionate, From seating to sending, From decisions to disciples, From additional to exponential, From monuments to movements..."

To read the entire list of recommended resources, click here.
News and Events Around the Presbytery
Erin Youth Players Present Godspell, June 25-28
Godspell logoThe Youth Players at Erin Presbyterian Church in Knoxville will present Godspell, June 25-28.  Based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew, and featuring a sparkling score by Stephen Schwartz, Godspell boasts a string of well-loved songs, led by the international hit, "Day By Day." As the cast performs "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord," "Learn Your Lessons Well," "All For The Best," "All Good Gifts," "Turn Back, O Man" and "By My Side," the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and hearteningly to life.
Drawing from various theatrical traditions, such as clowning, pantomime, charades, acrobatics and vaudeville, Godspell is a groundbreaking and unique reflection on the life of Jesus, with a message of kindness, tolerance and love.  For information about performances and to purchase tickets online, go to www.erinpresbyterian.org 
New Hope Community Garden Project Update
The Community Garden Project at New Hope Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, is considered a huge success!  They have 22 beds that are 4'x8'.  Only about a half dozen beds are being gardened by church members, with the majority of gardeners coming from the wider community. One of the beds is being planted by the children of the church. Many church members volunteered their help in installing this garden, but the church also had help from UT and the Extension Service, from ladies in the local chapter of National Association of Women in Construction, and from students at McCallie School helping a classmate who had taken this on as an Eagle Scout Project.
Lawren Coltrin, who designed the irrigation system and supports for the elevated beds, and supervised the construction, was able to secure a donation of the Green Tech Modules from Michigan State University. He arranged for their delivery to the Chattanooga area, which saved a great deal of money. New Hope feels this Community Garden is a blessing, and they appreciate the support of the Equip Mission Team that helped make it possible.
Quick Links

PET Website

Position openings and items available around the presbytery

Mission Team Blogs: 

The Tool Box - Equip

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