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August 2008
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August Devotional

The Community Stop

By the Rev. Brad Palmer, Epperson 

Matthew 10:1, 5-7, 40-42 
While in Louisville, Kentucky visiting family, it was announced by their school board that bus stops for public school children would no longer be at private homes. Beginning in the fall of 2008, buses would only pick up children on curbs or in public areas. A school official stated that people should not have to be hospitable to children if they do not choose to be. 
To read the rest of the devotional, click here.

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PET Calendar
2008 Presbytery Meetings:
Tuesday, August 19 @ 10:00am - Northside, Chattanooga 
Saturday, November 15 @ 10:00am - Location TBA
(packet deadline: Oct. 28)

Pastor Gatherings:

Blount Area Pastor Lunch - 8/13, 12:00pm @ Maryville College - House in the Woods
August Mission Team/Committee Meetings:
PWP Coordinating Team - 8/2, 10:00am @ John Knox Center
Support Mission Team - 8/7, 3:00pm @ First, Sweetwater
Committee on Ministry - 8/12, 11:00am @ Mars Hill
Equip Mission Team - 8/14, 10:00am @ Mars Hill
Hispanic Ministry Advisory Committee - 8/18, 7:00pm 
Committee on Representation - 8/19, 12:00pm @ Northside, Chat. 
Committee on Preparation for Ministry - 8/21, 12:00pm @ First, Soddy Daisy
CLP Committee - 8/21, 1:00pm @ Farragut 

Events at John Knox Center:

Dates and online registration  for Summer Camp 2008 are available at the JKC website. Once there, click on Summer Camp.  Scholarships for camp are available.
For the latest meeting and events information,
go to the presbytery website: www.presbyteryeasttn.org

and click on the Calendar of Events link.

Church Info-Pak Deadline:
                  Oct. 17
These Info-Paks include information for pastors and sessions, notices of churchwide events, resources for church educators, and the presbytery calendar.  Info-Paks are mailed to all churches, affiliated colleges and agencies, at-large and retired ministers, and current members of PET mission teams and committees.


PC(USA) News
*Four top leaders of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have sent a letter to all of the denomination's congregations asking them to pray for those affected by the shootings at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN on Sunday (July 27). To read the letter, click here.
*General Assembly Council Executive Director Linda Valentine recently sent an email to all MGBs (Middle Governing Bodies), following up on General Assembly.  To read her message, click here.
*The newly-elected Moderator of the General Assembly,  Bruce Reyes-Chow, is continuing the practice of sending regular "e-newsletters." To read his message, click here.
Disaster Response Network
The Rev. Fritz Schilling (HR), our Coordinator of Disaster Response for PET, has sent all churches and ministers an update on disaster response activities and needs.  To read the letter, click here.
Claiborne Hunger Ministry is experiencing a shortage of resources and an increase in food needs for hungry families in this high-poverty area within our Presbytery. The Presbytery of East Tennessee's Hunger Program would like to send $300.00 to help meet the needs of our hungry neighbors. Any individuals or churches interested in making this immediate grant possible, please contact your Hunger Action Enabler at (865) 335-0342 or email Deborah@presbyteryeasttn.org.
Board of Pensions News
Here's what you'll find in the latest newsletter from Helen Locklear, our regional BOP representative:
*Personal Annual Statement of Benefits
*2009 Median Salaries
*E-Learning expands on Pension.org
*Call for Clergy Colleague Group Proposals
To read the newsletter, click here.
BOP Fall Seminars
Location: First Presbyterian Church, Sweetwater
Growing Into Tomorrow... Today Seminar
Sept. 9 & 10, 2008
Holistic retirement planning for Benefits Plan members age 50 and older.  For more information, click here

Render Unto Caesar Seminar Sept. 11, 2008
Clergy tax and terms of call issues.  For more information, click here.  
For Christian Educators
MSAPCE Fall Retreat
Oct. 27-28, 2008 
The theme of the MidSouth Association of Presbyterian Church Educators Fall Retreat is The Spirituality of Play.  The retreat is being held on Oct. 27-29 at Camp NaCoMe near Nashville, TN.  For more information, click here.
We Want Your News!
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with the information and support you need to keep in touch and connected with your fellow Presbyterians in East Tennessee. This monthly publication features news and events from around the presbytery, resources to assist you in your ministry, and devotionals authored by our members.
We invite you to share your news with us!  All articles and news items must be submitted by the 20th of the month prior to publication. Send your information to Dana Hendrix, preferably in electronic format.  Her e-mail address is Dana@presbyteryeasttn.org.
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Across the Parking Lot 
By Carl Schlich, Interim Executive Presbyter
In the midst of a congregation gathered to hear a musical presentation by their children, the peace was shattered by several blasts from a shotgun as a disgruntled and disturbed man opened fire.  He was subdued by members of the congregation, but not until two persons had lost their lives and six others were wounded.
Members of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church (TVUUC) in Knoxville and children ran next door to Second Presbyterian Church for safety and were gathered in by loving arms of folks in that congregation.
Our appreciation and great gratitude goes out to the saints at Second Presbyterian for stepping up to the challenge of granting quick and lasting pastoral support for their sisters and brothers from "across the parking lot."
I was blessed to be among those gathered in Second Presbyterian Church last Monday evening first to witness the caring the congregation and community was showing for the members of TVUUC with support groups and tables laden with food supplied by members of the church and many others, including members of the Muslim community.  What a great show of solidarity.
To read more, click here.
Presbyterian Campus Ministries
UT-Chattanooga hosts Homecoming events September 19 and 20  
The Presbyterian Campus Ministry at UTC will host two events during Homecoming Weekend.  The first event, on Friday, September 19, is a Reunion Dinner for the First Decade Alumni/ae (1967-1977) at 6pm at the Pres House, 808 Vine Street, Chattanooga. The early campus ministry was known as the Westminster Fellowship and was housed at several locations during this decade.
The second event, Saturday, September 20, is a Homecoming Open House.  Everyone is welcome! It is from 1pm to 4pm at The Pres House, 808 Vine Street, Chattanooga.  The Open House is for students, faculty and staff, members and ministers of area churches and board members.

For more information on these events, click here.
Young Adult Ministries

Through the work of our Equip Mission Team, our Presbytery wants to support young adults (ages 21-40 something) by two new initiatives.  First, we want to create a contact list of young adults in the pews.  To do this, we need pastors, elders, campus ministers or volunteers to share email addresses with Rev. Mark Lampley at the address below, whereby we can send encouragement and program ideas for local churches.  Sending names and emails will enrich your ministry through our church's connectionalism. 
Secondly, in order to support young adults in their personal journeys and ministries within their local churches, we are offering grants to cover the conference registration fees for the October 24-26, 2008 Young Adult Weekend at Montreat. The first 10 completed registration forms to be received in the Presbytery office by mail (P.O. Box 5436, Knoxville, TN 37928-0436) or fax (865-689-3364) will be considered.  To print or download a copy of the retreat flyer and registration form, click here.
Contact Mark Lampley (MLampley@SequoyahChurch.org or 865-522-9804) for more information.
Hunger Action!
By Deborah Phillips, Hunger Action Enabler 
Advent DinnerCharlie May, Director of the Scott County Emergency Food Assistance, and volunteers of the pantry send their thanks for the $1,000.00 grant from the Presbytery's Cents-Ability Program. He wrote: "Thank you for your kindness and for this gift that will assist needy families who come to the Scott County Food Pantry."
The Director of the Marcella Center in Sweetwater, Pat King, wrote: "The Marcella Center would like to thank the Presbytery of East Tennessee for the donations of food at the last presbytery meeting and the monetary gifts for the newly-created pantry. Thank you, thank you!  Come visit us and continue to bring your ideas and suggestions. We appreciate and welcome them!" 
For more information about this community center in Sweetwater (formerly St. Paul Presbyterian Church), email Pat at patsiian@bellsouth.net.  If any group in your church is looking for a service opportunity, Pat has a wish list of things to be done.
Please keep those Cents-Ability offerings coming; the need is greater than ever!
Are you thinking of starting a Cents-Ability offering in your church, but don't know where to begin? I would be happy to help you get started. Deborah@presbyteryeasttn.org.
New Vision News

Advent Dinner

New Vision Banners Celebrate Vitality
New Vision BannersDuring the August 19th Presbytery meeting, the Equip Mission Team will announce the first recipient of the New Vision Banners.  These two colorful banners were created in a workshop, led by Patty Quinn from Maryville's New Providence Church, and were used during the worship services of the 2008 Loaves and Fishes Experience.  Reflecting the event's theme of "A New Vision for a New Day" they serve as a reminder of the wonderfully creative and often surprising ways God's Spirit is at work in our churches and in our world. To recognize and celebrate a congregation that is experiencing new vitality or growth from their New Vision in mission and ministry, the Equip Mission Team recently voted to award these banners to a church at a presbytery meeting. That congregation can then display these banners in their church for the 3 months between presbytery meetings. For more information, click here.
Are You Planning Your Fall Schedule?
Would you like to know more about the marketing and advertising program of the New Vision committee?  How about learning more about what your church can do in your neighborhoods?  Are you interested in learning what other churches are doing with outreach and evangelism?
If the answer is yes to any of these, don't forget that Donna is available to speak to any group, including family night suppers (she loves to EAT!), and her schedule is filling up fast!  Please email her at 2008newvision@gmail.com, or call the PET office for more information and to set up a date.  Remember, Donna's services are FREE to churches, so call today!

Billboards Are Everywhere!!!

Peace Billboard

Don't forget to look up occasionally when you're driving down the road and check out our billboards!  Equip has decided to continue the billboards at least until the fall.  Response has been overwhelmingly positive, and many of our churches have expanded on them by using the artwork for their own local materials.  If you're interested, please let Donna know and she can send you templates for almost any type of printed material.  Television ads are still running, but at a minimal level for now.  As the weather cools and people begin to gather inside, we hope to increase our television frequency.

If you have a story to tell about our new outreach program - how it has affected you, your church, maybe someone in your neighborhood or a stranger in a store - please share!  For example, a woman who has a job in media and who works peripherally with our campaign, wrote me to thank us for the powerful message.  It seems that she is going through a particularly painful divorce, and our boards gave her hope, comfort, and the knowledge that she is not alone.  I suppose this can be called "peripheral evangelism".  We're touching people's lives and sharing the Good News, so let's share those stories with each other.  Please write at 2008newvision@gmail.com.
Did you know...that New Vision is not just about advertising?  They also oversee a grant program for churches to use in their neighborhood outreach efforts.  They are currently forming task forces to research possibilities for New Church Development and Congregational Transformation here in East Tennessee.  The New Vision committee is considering ways to continue our regional and local outreach by offering follow-up meetings with churches who would like to develop a more detailed outreach "vision" for their communities.  New Vision is also working to put together a matching funds program to assist congregations with larger mission efforts.  What an exciting time to be a part of PET!  If you have ideas for future New Vision projects, please let us know!
The Equip Team has voted to have a personalized banner printed for each church (up to $100.00) that will include one of the billboard designs and a message of your choice.  Please come to the New Vision table at the Presbytery meeting to get more information and sign up for your free banner!
News and Events Around the Presbytery
First, Soddy Daisy Hosts Annual Spring Festival
Soddy Daisy FestivalVendors offered wares from booths set up around the parking lot and tucked under the shade of old trees.  Baskets of berries or bags of popped corn, snow cones or sausage biscuits, funnel cakes or fried pies, gospel music or garage sale treasure, almost anything could be found when the First Presbyterian Church of Soddy Daisy held its Annual Spring Festival with Flea Market and Craft Fair on May 31.
To read more about his event, which is one in a series of events celebrating the 180th anniversary of the church, click here
"Middle Kingdom" Picnic on Aug. 17
The churches of the "Middle Kingdom" (those located in the region between Chattanooga and Knoxville) will have a picnic at Epperson Presbyterian Church, Tellico Plains, on Sunday, August 17 at 5:00pm. There will be worship and picnic and fun - Epperson will supply the meat and drinks and everyone else can bring what they want. 
First, Knoxville Lecture Series - Sept. 7 & 8  
Dr. Amy PauwFirst Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, will host a lecture series on September 7 and 8 with Rev. Dr. Amy Plantinga Pauw, theology professor at Louisville Theological Seminary.  The lecture series begins on Sunday with worship, Sunday School and an evening presentation, followed on Monday by lunch and evening presentations.  All interested parties in the Presbytery are invited to attend.
Her lunch topic on Monday will be "African Theology for North American Pastors."  In a day when the church is multiplying by the thousands in Africa and declining in similar numbers in the Western world, this topic will be stimulating and challenging.  Please call the church (865-546-2531) to make a lunch reservation ($5 donation at the door).  Lunch will begin at noon with Dr. Pauw's presentation to follow. 
For more information about the lecture series and Dr. Pauw, click here.
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