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Scarecrow and monkeys
Coming Soon - videos of the monkeys "Tricks or Treats"!

Unwatch Animal Practice
Kari protesting with PETA at NBC Studios in Burbank. Please don't watch Animal Practice! You can help - sign the petition!

Animal Warriors
Our loyal Animal Warriors volunteers are back building habitats! Animal Warriors also put on a successful fundraiser, "Wild Nights"!

Angel and Blondie
Angel & Blondie have been spending a lot of time in the hammock lately. Watch them make sweet monkey love!
(Rated R for Realistic)

Charlotte's 19th birthday is October 11. If your birthday is this month, sponsor Charlotte as a birthday present to yourself!

arien and matt
Arien Tujague and Matt Steele have completed their internships. Sanctuary Manager Nicole Villella presented them with their certificates of accomplishment.

Become a Jungle Friends Intern!

October 2, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 

Now that it's cooler, the monks are starting to trick or treat -- with the emphasis on tricks. Yesterday we got too close carrying a scarecrow and his hat instantly disappeared! Please remind the monkeys about the treat part by sending a care package from nuts.com. And watch for our Halloween videos featuring monkeys, pumpkins-- and a poor bald scarecrow.
monkeys steal scarecrow hat
What happens when a scarecrow gets too close to a monkey?
He loses his hat!

I made it safely home after PETA flew me out to support their "Unwatch Animal Practice" protest in Burbank. Whenever a monkey is featured on TV, like he was on the "Friends" show in the 90's, pet monkey purchases skyrocket. Shortly after, sanctuaries are flooded with unwanted monkeys who started -- surprise! -- behaving like wild animals. Trust me, Crystal, the brown capuchin who "stars" in this show, isn't really smiling for the camera.

On a happier note, the Animal Warriors fundraiser, where our monkeys' artwork helped raise money for this worthy group, was a big success. Check out my photos of the creative ways everyone came up with to celebrate our wild animal friends.
Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. Don 't forget to send an early Halloween surprise. The monkeys love nuts.com treat bags!
Dylan & Timmy reach puberty
Dylan and Timmy the Rehabilitation
Dylan and Timmy came to us as babies who had been taken from their mothers and sold illegally. Now Timmy and Dylan are reaching puberty.

That means vasectomies are in order, but they don't mind. The surgery means they will be ready to monkey around without the risk of more monkeys born into captivity. (Photos of Timmy and Dylan's procedures - Rated R for Realistic)

Thanks to Susan Schneider, Claude Leasure, Helene Goldson, Larry Coyne and Elizabeth Hess for donating the funds to pay for Timmy and Dylan's surgery. Won't you give to the Gizmo Memorial Medical Fund to help support the monks' medical care?
Andy gets a visit from his "humans"
Angelle and Andy
Angelle Sampey, who brought Andy to Jungle Friends in 2008 when he was 7 years old, paid a visit to this brown capuchin .

Angelle realized early on that life as a pet was unsuitable for a monkey. Andy was lonely, and taking it out on humans by biting. Watch the ABC's Primetime The Outsiders and see Andy's first day at Jungle Friends.

Now Andy has a monkey soulmate, Carli -- even though he has to share her affection with her favorite rescue dog, Potter.
Thumbs up for Summer Monkey Buddies!
Thumbs up for SMB
THANK YOU from Bev, Lindsay, Arien, Matt, Nicole, and Celeste

Our Summer Monkey Buddy campaign officially ended last month, however, if you missed out, no worries.

We have extended our campaign for one more week so you can still become a Summer Monkey Buddy!

The Jungle Friends team wants to say thank you to all 140 of the special people who donated $84 each to help us earn a $10,000 matching donation.

We exceeded our goal for the monks, thanks to YOU! 

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