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August 24, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 
Kari at ARC2012
Please have a Monkey Party!
Kari loves a party almost as much as she loves monkeys!

My calendar says summer is almost over, but don't tell the monkeys that! They are loving the heat and humidity, and they are too cool for school.

They aren't too cool to be your Summer Monkey Buddy though. Our goal is to have 120 Summer Monkey Buddies by the end of September, so far we have 100, only 20 Buddies to go!

This fall many of our supporters will be helping the monkeys by holding "Monkey Party" fundraisers in their homes. I will attend a Monkey Party at the home of the Connolly's, long-time supporters, the end of September.
Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. It Macyis Macy's birthday tomorrow, August 25th! She will be 11 years old. Macy arrived at Jungle Friends 6 years ago, where she met her main squeeze Christopher.

Macy is looking for some special birthday treats. Click here for Monkey Gifts

Monkey Movie: Building Scoo Town
Video Building Scoo Town
Watch "Building Scoo Town" 
Generously funded by Courtney and Michael Connolly, Scoo Town is the habitat we built for Sammy after he was rescued from a bankrupt zoo.
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Do you love telling friends about the Jungle Friends monkeys? You can get them involved in a fun way, and contribute to Jungle Friends by having a Monkey Party in your home (or anywhere really)! Just download a Monkey Party Kit, then
  • Invite friends & their friends
  • Serve delicious refreshments
  • View the "Almost Wild" 7-minute mini-documentary and other
  • monkey movies
  • Pass the hat
  • Share your party photos and videos with Jungle Friends through email or Facebook 

For more info, visit the Monkey Party page on our website or email us.