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Jungle News: Conference update & Chi Chi progress report 
Thank You Summer Monkey Buddies!
Jackie and Chi Chi buddy
Thank you Jackie Driscoll for becoming Chi Chi's Summer Monkey Buddy!

Kim Wallace and dogs buddy
Kim Wallace's "Silly Little Monkees" are also Chi Chi Buddies! Is your dog a Summer Monkey Buddy?

Renee Falitz, Udi's Summer Monkey Buddy, at Jungle Friends is volunteering for a few days. Renee was Nim Chimpsky's sign language instructor.

Madison raised over $300 from her "Monkey Party"! She and her father, Danny, also volunteered at the sanctuary for two days.

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August 10, 2012
Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 
Kari and Kuciniches
Kari with Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich at Animal Rights 2012.

I returned from the Animal Rights Conference Monday night and wow! I met so many compassionate animal activists who are making an enormous difference in the lives of so many animals.

It was really great meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. If you have never been to the Animal Rights Conference, I highly recommend you go next year. And if you do, let me know, we can always use help at our booth. We will be carpooling with Animal Warriors again next year.

On the drive home from the conference I got a call from a lab wanting to retire a capuchin monkey to Jungle Friends. I will know more in a few weeks, but we are going to get started on his habitat right now. Animal Warriors will be out to help Claude build the habitat, so please email me and let me know if you would like to help in any way. Thank you to Patricia, our new friend from the conference, for your generous $500 donation to our Laboratory Monkey Retirement Fund! You're the best!

Please become a Summer Monkey Buddy before the end of September so your donation will be included in our matching grant!

If you are more of a party animal, have a "Monkey Party" fundraiser at your home with your friends and family. What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A "Monkey Party!"
Lots of monkey love from Kari

P.S.  A special thank you for all of you who donated, sent cards and came out to the sanctuary for Chi Chi - she sends monkey love!

Monkey Movie: Romance at Jungle Friends

Watch "Romance at Jungle Friends"  It was love at first sight for Fiona...she knew what she wanted and she wanted Goober! Goober was in research and Fio was at a roadside zoo, these two were worlds apart - until they met.

Monkey Movie: Chi Chi and Wendell Playing

We are so happy Chi Chi is getting back to her old self. She is doing really great and we expect a full recovery! Thank you everyone for your donations to cover Chi Chi's medical expenses.
Monkey Movie: Painting is Deliciously Fun

See the magic behind the creation of our acclaimed monkey art! Monkey Art donations raised nearly $4000 at our Animal Rights Conference Booth this year.
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Progress Report on Chi Chi 
Chi Chi with biscuit
Chi Chi is enjoying her monkey biscuits again!

Chi Chi continues to make progress in her recovery from surgery. She's eating regularly now, playing with Puchi and Wendell, and even occasionally doing one of her famous dances. Most important, she has stopped refusing her medication so her antibiotics can do their work!

At more than 50 years old, this dear monkey seems to be beating the cancer odds. Only time will tell whether Dr. Schirmer was able to remove all of the cancerous tissue, but we believe in monkey miracles!

Please give to the Memorial Medical Fund to support ongoing and critical care for our monkeys with health issues.